tallink silja tax free baltic queen

tallink silja tax free baltic queen

Booking and payment at the ship's information desk on the 6th deck. Massage for face, neck and decolletage. Mask for eye area, face andneck. Eye contour cream and face cream. Twice a year, Sothys develops a seasonal treatment package according to the season, in addition to regular skin care: in autumn, skin is tired and pallid, so the treatment includes truly cocoon-like substances, which nourish and smooth the skin, enrich the skin with oxygen and minerals.

In spring, the harsh cold has left the skin needing more moisturisation, enrichment with oxygen and vitamins, so the treatment takes this into account. Quick seasonal treatment is a good change for regular care - it leaves the skin relaxed and fresh.

Products also available for skin care at home! The treatment makes use of exceptionally gentle textures and caters for all types of sensitive skin. DHEA is one of the underlying hormones that regulates the production of many other hormones. Special and charter cruises. The cancellation is valid from the date when Tallink Silja receives notice of the cancellation.

Should the booking involve one of Tallink Silja Oy's external partners, such as a shipping company offering co-operative transportation, the cancellation terms of each partner will be applied separately.

Terms and conditions of group trips' payment, changes and cancellation, hotel trips, groups of more than 50 rooms. Travel terms and conditions of AS Tallink Grupp from 1. Passengers must observe the shipping company's regulations and the ship's captain's rules concerning order and safety on board the ship.

The rules are displayed in the terminals and on board the ships. The ship's personnel have the right to refuse passage of persons who may disturb or pose a danger to other passengers, themselves or the ship's safety, are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, display disturbing or threatening behaviour, or do not otherwise comply with the rules concerning age, security, order or other regulations.

Alcoholic beverages purchased on board may not be consumed in the public areas. For the convenience of all passengers, disturbing behaviour in cabins or corridors in the cabin sections is not allowed. Passengers are themselves responsible for their luggage. Silja Line will not compensate passengers for damage to luggage caused by the passenger themself or by the passenger's own carelessness.

Silja Line is not obliged to compensate passengers for money, securities or valuables unless it was deposited in a safety deposit box at the ship's Information desk. Goods stored in lockers are not regarded as having been delivered to the shipping company for safekeeping. For more information, see the Terms and Conditions of passage concerning passengers and their luggage. Passengers are themselves responsible for contacting competent authorities to find out which travel documents they need and for procuring such documents.

Passengers are themselves responsible for providing the necessary valid travel documents and proof of identity. Passengers are liable to compensate the shipping company in full for any damage attributable to their carelessness or negligence. Age regulations. The consent of guardian must be brought along the voyage and present to the ship's personnel on demand.

Check-in You will get your travel document at check-in by presenting your booking number and a payment receipt or voucher. Online check-in: Online check-in allows to make check-in from your own computer or mobile phone and print the ticket out or show it from cellphone screen.

Read about self check-in Go to Online check-in Passengers with vehicles: - 1 hour prior to departure at the latest. Passport and Visa regulations. Providing proof of identity. Providing proof of identity Passengers must prepare for security checks in the terminals, where they should be able to provide valid proof of identity, such as: Passport ID card with photo, granted after 1.

Vehicle prices. Vehicles must always be driven off the ship immediately upon arrival including at night. Youth groups. Ensure that the youngsters do not have alcoholic beverages with them.

Assist the ship's crew in disciplinary or other situations, following the crew's instructions. Internet connections. Time Difference and Ship's Time. Time onboard is always indicated in local time. Finnish time. Swedish time. Latvian time. Safety onboard. Safety regulations on the car deck. Passengers with cars and motorcycles must take the following instructions into account: Any items in the vehicle must be well secured.

Smoking on board. Please ask for further information at the information desk on board. Lost and found. Pets For information concerning the transportation and import of pets, please contact:.

Dangerous animals are not allowed on board. Walking the pets on outside deck: Symphony: on deck 12, aft of the ship Serenade: on deck 12, aft of the ship Galaxy: Deck 10, aft of the ship, left side. There are two sizes of pet kennel cages available: 3 smaller cages with dimensions of 84x65x96 cm 2 larger cages with dimensions of x84x96 cm NB!

No pet kennel cages on board Isabelle. Scheduled traffic between Finland and Estonia Helsinki-Tallinn or v. The number of pets per voyage is limited. Back to top. Eurail and InterRail cards discounts. Limited availability. Discount is given only for the whole cabin. Not valid for day cruises and hotel packages. Souvenir photographs.

The photographs are not used for any other purpose. Unsold photographs are disposed of immediately after the trip. EU regulation no. General terms for package tours. Import regulations. Agelimit yrs for shopping on board. We recommend passengers to hold a passenger and luggage insurance policy with sufficient cover.

Reservations and tickets. Reservations When making a reservation, you must provide the following information on each passenger: - last name - first name - sex - date of birth in full dd. Ticket payment Hotel reservations must be paid 2 days before departure at the latest. Lost tickets If the original ticket is lost, you must purchase a new ticket. Unused tickets Unused tickets are reimbursed only if the booking was cancelled according to the rules and the cancellation is indicated in the reservation.

Period of validity Tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Vehicle information When making a booking for a vehicle, you will be asked to give its height and length, including potential loads ski boxes, etc. Gift vouchers If you are paying with a gift voucher, you should mention this when booking your trip.

Service fee. Standard conditions of carriage. State of health, pregnancy and physical disability. We do not recommend travelling in the last stages of pregnancy. Terms and conditions for payment and cancellations for groups. Terms and conditions of payment, changes and cancellations for invoicing contract customers of Tallink Silja A group consists of at least ten 10 adult passengers. Terms and conditions for payment and cancellations for individual travelling.

The passenger's rights and responsibilities. Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas. The best Internet connection is available in Business Lounge. One way. Comfort -class. Day ticket.

There will be an annoncement on board about when the cleaning will start. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the cabin, dining restaurants, corridors, elevators and stairwells. Smoking is allowed only on outside decks and designated areas with "Smoking area" signs. On board Tallink and Silja Line ships you can expect entertaining shows with international artists and exciting dance numbers every night.

We will make sure you are entertained in the night clubs and bars. Cruise onboard our ships is also an unforgettable culinary experience. We've got something for every appetite. Meal coupons on Stockholm-Tallinn route.

Not sister or brother. The family member must fulfill the age regulation of the trip. You will get your travel document at check-in by presenting your booking tallink silja tax free baltic queen and a payment receipt or voucher. Required time limit for arriving at the check-in:. Embarkation for passenger without a vehicle will be closed 20 min tallink silja tax free baltic queen departure. Reservations for passengers arriving later than this will no longer be valid. No refund will be made for unused tickets or coupons. Passengers arriving by train or regular bus service may exceptionally be accepted on board if the situation should permit it. Online check-in:. Online check-in allows to make check-in from your own computer or mobile phone and print the ticket out or show it from cellphone fallout new vegas mac free download. Online check-in is not possible if the booking hasn't been fully paid, has cabin or other services except meal coupons. Online check-in opens 24 hours prior to tallink silja tax free baltic queen time. Please arrive to terminal 30 minutes before departure at the latest as the gates will be closed tallink silja tax free baltic queen minutes before departure time. Read about self check-in. Go to Online check-in. Passengers with vehicles:. Escorts are only permitted to enter the ship in special cases. Before traveling to any of the Tallink Silja's destination, please check what travel documents are required for these countries. tallink silja tax free baltic queen Baltic Queen» · Victoria» · Isabelle» · Romantika». Tax Free & Shopping. Tax Free & Shopping. Baltic Queen makes eventful cruise between Stockholm and Tallinn; Lots of excellent restaurants and a wide selection of bars and exciting nightclub with the​. Browse and find duty free products and offers onboard Tallink and Silja Line ships. Back; Stockholm-Tallinn; Baltic Queen · Victoria I · Stockholm-Riga. Meals in Buffet restaurant for children y.o are free of charge. Buffet seating times onboard Baltic Queen & Victoria I. Buffet Dinner, Stockholm-Tallinn. KIDZ CLUB & Teenz. Children and young people are important cruise guests aboard the Tallink Silja and we will do our best to make everyone feel comfortable. Silja Symphony →. Turku-Stockholm. Galaxy → · Baltic Princess →. Tallinn-​Stockholm. Baltic Queen → · Victoria I →. Riga-Stockholm. Isabelle → · Romantika →. Baltic Queen. Tallinn - Stockholm. Enjoy the best relaxation on your voyage with a body massage, rejuvenate your face with the help of pleasant creams and. Cabin Information for Tallink ships. Detailed information for cabins by each cruise ship: Stockholm-Tallinn: Baltic Queen → · Stockholm-Tallinn: Victoria I. Back; Stockholm-Tallinn; Baltic Queen · Victoria I Back · SHOPPING · Tax free products and prices on board · Campaign Catalogues · Shopping cruise · Tallink​. Evelina ja Deck 7 Alexandra is an a la carte Russian restaurant. Archived from the original on 24 May The shop is also closed while the ship is docked in ports. There are no user reviews for this ship. The building contract was formally signed in February Small lockers are available for valuables. Deck 9 Beauty Salon offers professional services by certified cosmeticians, hairdressers and masseuses face and body treatments, hair styling and coloring, manicure, pedicure. The Tallink ships MySTAR and Megastar are the biggest "floating superstores" on Baltic Sea as each liner has a 2-deck shopping area of retail outlets with the self-service "Q-shopping" option. Deck 5 Family Cabins 2 connecting inside cabins, capacity persons - 2 porthole windows, 2 bathrooms WC, shower , 2 lower bunk beds, 4 upper bunk beds, 2 sofabeds, 2 flat TVs. tallink silja tax free baltic queen