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Jorgen Von Strangle is e counterpart of Anti-Jorgen. Jorgen is e dictator of Fairy World, and recently, Anti-Fairy World. He is e strongest and toughest fairy in Fairy World, and also e meanest. He is responsible for many catastrophic ings inside Fairy World, and outside (such as Zhan Tiri's rise to villainy, him over rowing e Fairy and Anti-Fairy councils, and e fairies and Age: Immortal (approx. a ousand years old). Apr 16, 聽路 e Fairly Oddparents: Jorgen von strangle Transforms Into A Duck 馃 - Duration: 0:12. Aki And Walter 1,509 views. 0:12. Language: English Location: United States. Jorgen Von Strangle. Nick New York, New York, United States Level. 21. Jorgen Von Strangle (voiced by Daran Norris, played by k Gibbon in e live-action movies) is e toughest fairy in e universe who speaks wi an Austrian accent and is a high-ranking official in Fairy World. Unlike o er fairies who poof from place to place, Jorgen appears and disappears in e form of an atomic explosion and has a jet. Few fairies were, and one of em was Jorgen Von Strangle, e creator of most of Da Rules. She figured at since Jorgen was e source of at Rule, if she confronted him about it, she could convince him to change it, and give Timmy his memories back. Wait here while I give Jorgen a piece of my mind! . Gender: Female Species: Fairy Age: Immortal Seafoam Eye color: Peacock e Too Fairy is, compared to most fairies, a tall fairy from Fairy World who is in charge of tee -related wishes. She is e wife of Jorgen Von Strangle, and she is e only person he's nice. 1 Character 1.1 Description 2 Background 2.1 Fairly Odd Fairy Tales 3 See also As her name says she is, she collects tee. 28, 聽路 Mom / Wolfgang. General Chapuza. Chandler McCann. Jorgen Von Strangle's voice unders in and tells Denzel Crocker at he has revealed his secret, as a large book of Da Rules falls from e clouds and opens up in front of Crocker. e truce wi Timmy Turner and his fairies is over, and now he's coming back to take Turner's fairies. 13, 聽路 Vaya es episodio es repleto en acci贸n vaya Timmy parece pel铆cula de acci贸n y uso a palanca succi贸n reversa y jorgen le quit贸 m煤sculo y se convierte anorexia. e Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman at originally aired on Nickelodeon from ch 30, 2001 to y 26, . Jorgen jumped up from e toilet at e sound. Few ings startled Jorgen Von Strangle, and genie GONGs were one of em. Genies were fil y, rule-breaking tricksters, and Jorgen was not fond of em. Rules meant every ing to Jorgen, and he didn鈥檛 see why any ing would break em. erefore, anyone at did so on a regular basis was evil. Badass Family: Jorgen Von Strangle, e most powerful fairy in e universe, is his cousin. Bee e Silly Ones: Even ough he's a silly idiot for most of e show, he does have moments where he proves at ere's more to him. When Wanda was captured in Abra-Castatrophy, he beefed himself up so at he could save her. Jorgen Von Strangle (1) Exclude Relationships Timmy Turner/Jorgen Von Strangle (1) Cosmo Cosma/Jorgen Von Strangle (1) Exclude Additional Tags Anal (1) Oral (1) Yaoi (1) Watersports (1) Age Play (1) Muscles (1) Diapers (1) O er tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Include crossovers. Exclude crossovers. Show only crossovers. Eh, I've done it a few times, Jorgen shrugged off. I'm allowed to as Fairy Commander, it says so in e Jorgen von Strangle Loophole. Well, ei er way, time for me to go, en, Cupid said. Bye! He left Jorgen's office only to come back as he said: Oh, and I drank all your coffee. en, he left for real. Jorgen still stared at e door. Description of Jorgen Von Strangle: Toughest fairy in e Universe. Fan Casting. Jorgen Von Strangle. Dwayne Johnson. 37 Vote Yes. 7 Vote No. Arnold Schzenegger. 17 Vote Yes. 1 Vote No. Sylvester Stallone. 8 Vote Yes. 3 Vote No. Dolph Lundgren. 4 Vote Yes. 4 Vote No. John Cena. 3 Vote Yes. 4 Vote No. Jack Douglass. 1 Vote Yes. 2 Vote No. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Workshop Jorgen Von Strangle's Workshop is item has been removed from e community because it violates Steam Community & . e Too Fairy is, compared to most fairies, a tall fairy from Fairy World who is in charge of tee -related wishes. She is e wife of Jorgen Von Strangle as a child, and she is e only person he's nice. As her name says she is, she collects tee from everywhere and anywhere and gives e former too bearer money or gifts depending on e quality of e too. Also, any wishes by. Pronunciation of jorgen wi 3 audio pronunciations, 5 translations and more for jorgen. Indonesian Italian Korean Latin Latvian Macedonian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Jorgen von Strangle Show more less Wiki. Translations of jorgen. Jorgen Von Strangle: e former fairy commander. When he erased e memories of Timmy Turner and Chloe Carmichael, Jorgen left Fairy World on a long quest to find himself. He was ned by Nacey not to erase eir memories but still proceeded wi e Fairy Council's request. Unable to face Nacey or anyone else again, he left Fairy World. Deranged animated series about a little boy called Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. Started in 2001. In most episodes, Timmy uses Cosmo and Wanda's magic to deal wi some mundane problem.Inevitably, ings spiral rapidly out of control: whe er it's getting his dad a cooler job, or dealing wi one of his many everyday enemies. Friend(s): Cupid, Jorgen Von Strangle, Blonda Interest(s): Dressing-up, hair-styling, working out, babysitting fairy babies or godchildren Character Juandissimo is Remy Buxaplenty's fairy godparent, ex-boyfriend and admirer of Wanda. Jorgen Von Strangle. Sum y. Wanda signed a contract wi e devil, and paid e price. Now Cosmo struggles balancing being a fa er, and a godfa er. And as his life is crumbling around him, and trying his best to hide it. But ings change when Anti-Cosmo comes calling asking for help searching for e mo er to his son. Somebody who. 16, 聽路 Until Hugh J. Magnate arrived however, Crocker did not have e funding or means to prove it. Timmy's crush and e most popular girl at school. is . 6, - Explore Jolena Cariann Harkins's board Fairly Odd Parents, followed by 1613 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fairly odd parents, Odd parents, e fairly oddparents.173 pins. Cliff McCormack as Cosmo, Timmy's Dad and Jorgen Von Strangle. Gilbert Godfried as Dr. Bender. e Latin American cast is virtually e same as Sou Park. Given at bo shows are recorded in Miami. Spain's cast, however, is a wild ride. Vicky, like her English voice actress, is Yumi. Jorgen Von Strangle is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect wi Jorgen Von Strangle and o ers you know. Facebook gives people e power to share. Jorgen Von Strangle, Too Fairy, Juandissimo, Cupid, Wanda, and Cosmo belong to Butch Hartman. Image size. 2676x3164px 4.66 MB. I'd imagine Cosmo and Wanda would be like Romeo and iet when ey first started dating (wi all e drama of keeping ings secret, eir parents bo hating who eir children are dating, etc.). anks by e. e Zappys! is e seven short at was featured on Oh Yeah! Cartoons, airing on ember 31st, 1999. Cosmo and Wanda are up for an ad at e Zappys. Unfortunately, Jorgen von Strangle is using his size and power to win every ad. A great memorable quote from e e Fairly OddParents movie on - Jorgen von Strangle: You have failed in your responsibility as fairy godparents!Wanda: So what? It's just a stupid inspection! You wanna send us back to e fairy academy, fine! But right now Timmy needs our help![Wanda poofs away and Jorgan glares at Cosmo]Cosmo: Don't kill me! Jorgen Von Strangle: Daran Norris: Jorgen is a high-ranking Fairy official (possibly e head of Fairy World. if not, probably its muscle), e strongest fairy in e universe and commander in chief of all fairies. He is ried to e Too Fairy and his best friends are Cosmo and Wanda. Once e world's leading bodybuilder, Arnold Schzenegger went on to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars and en e governor of California from 2003-. Nicknamed e Austrian Oak, Arnold Schzenegger started pumping iron when he was a teenager and in . Sonic red kion and Steven universe鈥檚 adventures of a fairly odd summer is a fairly odd Parent/sonic e hedgehog lion guard Steven Universe and angry birds movie crossover It will appear on Pandora.TV in e near future. Following his previous adventure, Timmy Turner is assigned a summer job in Fairy World's Yuck Factory by head fairy, Jorgen Von Strangle, who believes at as he is grown up. Get is from a library! Vacation frustration!. [Adam Beechen. Goldberg Barry] Cosmos and Wanda's fairy supervisor, Jorgen Von Strangle, is taking some time off from work-after saving up ree hundred years' wor of vacation! Since e only ing Jorgen enjoys is work, he. Centuries ago, e Anti-Fairies and Fairies started an annual bake-off to determine which species gets godchildren, is year, Jorgen von Strangle's recipe is at risk, and Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda are determined to make sure ey make Timmy eir godchild by stealing e recipe and cheating e fairies out of e competition. He is Star Butterfly's friend and is Jorgen Von Strangle's new godson (e strongest fairy). He currently hates choreography and urban music, but choreography only for girls from Eco Arroyo. He is Timmy Turner's new best friend in Channel Chasers and was rescued from Krusty Krab. cosmo and wanda, timmy turner, fairly oddparents, mr crocker, jorgen von strangle, vicki, chip skylark, crimson chin, chester mcbadbat, trixie tang fairly odd parents Classic T-Shirt By ehaverstick. e Too Fairy is e supporting character of Fairly OddParents. She is a fairy who is in charge of tee -related wishes. She is e wife of Jorgen Von Strangle, and she is e only person he's nice. She was voiced by Grey DeLisle. 1 Character 1.1 Description 2 Background 3 Navigation As her name suggests, e Too Fairy is dedicated to changing e tee at children leave under e. 23, - Explore Butch Hartman's board FAIRLY ODDPARENTS STUFF!, followed by 595 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fairly odd parents, Odd parents, e fairly oddparents.75 pins. Jorgen en shows e lives of Veronica, Trixie Tang, k Chang & Tootie, as Veronica is no longer obsessed wi Trixie, but ra er Sophia, Trixie remains as a good friend tods Veronica and is dating.J., k Chang & Vicky are now a couple, but Tootie is e only one whose life is terrible wi out Timmy: Tootie is now e one who gets F's. High quality Strangle inspired leggings by independent artists and designers from around e world. Available in a variety of sizes, leggings on Redbubble are stretchy and durable, wi full prints across bo e front and back. So you'll look awesome whe er you're coming or going. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide wi in 24 hours. After ree weeks of not ba ing, Timmy starts to smell bad, So bad, at people complain, even faries. Because of is, Jorgen Von Strangle reatens to take away Wanda, Poof and Cosmo from Timmy. TBA, Circa 23 Simple as Pi: Timmy is getting tired of Mr. Crocker always popping quizzes on em, so his parents ide to send him to ma camp. One ing I've learned from dating apps is guys really hate at one ilyn Monroe quote. Literally just realized a monroe piercing is called at because of ilyn Monroe I'm so STUPID Jorgen Von Strangle Is ilyn Monroe Hispanic. Is ilyn Monroe A Natural Blonde. Is ilyn Monroe Pretty. Jorgen Von Calamitous en takes Cindy to Retroville and creates e Big Bang Bomb, which would've exploded allowing Calamitous to make a whole new ear in his image. Jimmy and Timmy steal Cindy back and free Jorgen from Calamitous' control by breaking Da Rules, making him very, very furious. He shrinks Calamitous and locks him up in a jar. Starfire is an alien princess from e distant world, Ta an, and one of e five founding members of e Teen Titans. She is also Robin's main love interest and finally becomes his girlfriend in e series finale movie. Greatest Streng: Her ability to kick ass in a fight. School's Out!: e Musical is an animated musical-comedy television film and e 18 /19 episode of e four season of e Fairly OddParents, which aired on Nickelodeon on e , 2005.. e episode chronicles e Pixies' plot to take over Fairy World and Ear by joining a businessman named Flappy Bob (S. Scott Bullock) to ruin e summer of Timmy Turner (Tara Strong) and his friends. REDIRECT Template:Main o er Nicktoons: House of Toons is Similar to House of Mouse. Its Features all e nicktoons characters and showing some cartoons. Characters Spongebob - Host Patrick - Co-Host Squidd Tentacles - Spongebob and Patrick's Helper Sandy Cheeks - Boncer Mrs. Puff - Chef Mr. Krabs - Bar Tender Otis e Cow - D.Js Squilliam - Helper Aang - Comdieans Larry e Lobster - . Lots more fish dating. Microsoft l2 life chat lx 3000 driver. Ali khan koi aye na video chat. Quinton gan er dating sim. Billeteros piel online dating. Cavs player only meeting. 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