how to see how much traffic a website gets free

how to see how much traffic a website gets free

The traffic source let you find out which all are the top traffic source for a website. An advertiser can quickly discover websites that are using low-quality tricks to inflate their traffic. At the same time, marketers and bloggers can find new untapped traffic source. With Geo distribution, you can discover from which country a website is driving traffic from. This information would help in crafting better marketing and SEO strategy. Learn: How to target Country specific website traffic. This tab will help you understand which is the next website the audience visit after browsing your competitor website.

Here are few benefits of estimating traffic or unique monthly visitors of a website. Here is the ultimate list of tools that you can use to check website traffic of your competitors or any website of your choice for completely free. SEMrush is the first tool I use to get the website traffic report of any site including my competitor site. It is accurate and provides a nearest level of visitor count of the website you want to spy,. If you want to estimate the accurate traffic of any website, use SEMrush.

It not only helps you view website traffic but it gives you a list of all the keywords that are helping your competitors to grow their search traffic. If you have a SEMrush account just log in to the dashboard and enter the website URL of the site whose visitor count you want to know.

Then you get the result like something shown below which not only tells you other website traffic but also gives you a breakdown of any paid traffic they are driving to their site via programs like adwords. You can also use SEMrush to find the right kind of affiliate products to promote to increase your income, come up with the high performing keywords to boost your overall website organic traffic, check and analyze the backlinks of any site and many more.

If you want to read a detailed and unbiased review of SEMrush, please click on this link. You will find a lot of information on how to use SEMrush to overtake your competitors no matter what your niche is. How to take advantage of this deal: Since I am offering you a 30 days of Free SEMrush usage, you can now check website traffic online for free and know how much traffic which website is getting.

Apart from that, if you yourself have a website, you can spy on your competitor traffic, see what backlinks they make, what profitable keywords they rank for and use them for your advantage. You can do that repeatedly for 30 days and get enough data to work on for free! As you can see above, we took an example of Backlinko. The above website traffic report is more than enough for anyone to easily estimate traffic of any website in the world.

SpyFu is a powerful SEO tool which is not only useful for website traffic analysis but also for finding the most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search.

It exposes the search marketing secret formula of your competitors with ease. It is a well designed SEO tool packed with metrics and features specifically geared toward sales, online marketing and digital advertising.

All in all, SpyFu is one of the best tools to check website traffic with ease. It is also useful for growing your search traffic and tracking your keyword positions on Google search results.

Similar web is the fantastic way of checking any website traffic for free. You just have to go to their website and type in your desired website name to find out the traffic levels of the site. It not only provides you the most competitive insights about any site but also gives you ranking insights for any website. You will not only get the traffic stats of any website, but you will also get the details of how many pageviews it is getting, how much time every visitor is spending, referrals, bounce rate, social influence etc.

The above screenshot gives you a detailed list of the monthly visits a site gets along with the estimated monthly site visits and the average time a user spends, total number of pageviews and the bounce rate of a site. Ubersuggest is the 1 free keyword research tool. The best part about using Ubersuggest is, you can estimate traffic of any website.

Just visit their site, go to Site Audit section and enter any domain name that you want to find traffic. If you want, you can enter your own website and check the result! It also provides accurate not exactly though traffic data. One of the best website traffic checker sites is Alexa. You may already have an idea of your competitors, especially if you serve a specific area for example, as a contractor, you likely have an idea of the competition residing close to you.

Otherwise, Google is a good place to start when seeking to identify online competitors, and you may even come across competitors that are based elsewhere but service your location. If you sell products to consumers, Facebook and Instagram will likely be large priorities, while service-based and B2B businesses may get more out of Twitter and LinkedIn.

Search key terms, trending topics, news stories and any relevant industry hashtags to identify potential competitors. There are many free and paid tools that can help businesses identify their competitors. These can be especially useful for finding startups that may not be on your radar yet but have the potential to scale or are doing something innovative that could make waves in your industry.

Check out the sections below on using free and paid tools to monitor competitor traffic. Even a cursory Google search of a niched-down area of your industry will probably return a long list of potential competitors. To make competitor analysis manageable and worthwhile, categorise any businesses identified in terms of the level of competition they represent.

Are they a direct competitor with a similar offer to you and targeting the same audience, or do they have just one or two products that overlap and a very different target audience? Are these small-scale businesses with a modest budget for marketing or renowned industry giants running million-dollar campaigns? Categorising your competitors will allow you to effectively prioritise your research time.

It will also put your results in context and help you effectively glean insights from your findings while ultimately helping you to set realistic targets to outperform them. Take a look around competitor websites to gauge their performance and get some new ideas. All of them were relatively small sites from Flippa.

This is admittedly rather small. You can see that ahrefs. Because of this, traffic estimates can vary slightly from day to day. This number includes both desktop and mobile traffic. Just paste any subdomain or subfolder e. For example, if you enter ahrefs. It will show a list of pages sorted by traffic from high to low. These are really great tools to gauge where your website ranks and need to improve.

Thanks for the article! Yeah, that one is new to me as well. Additionally, I would add Quantcast analytics. But that depends on the site, and if the owner decides to make it public or private. I try to drop little, implementable internet tips in the posts I write to make it easier for people to take my advice.

Thanks for your answer Nicholas. I even have it on my Smartphone. About Quantcast, the tool might give you interesting information if the owner of the website makes everything public. Otherwise, it shows close to no data at all. Another tool I can recommend you, specially if you use to travel or go out a lot, is woopra.

Are there any extensions or add-ons that you use to make it easier? Great post Nick. One thing I did spot was Complete. Which of these tools would you say is most accurate? Thanks, Michael. I remember you talking about the Alexa Ranking and how inaccurate it is as well.

Thanks for clearing these up, Syed. Download Now. With these paid plans you get: Recurring site audits , which provide an action plan to keep your site optimized for search. Advanced competitive analysis , which allows you to benchmark a set of up to 10 sites at once.

Keyword research tools , which uncover content opportunities to help reach your audience. Audience analysis tools , which identify sites and topics your audience cares about most. Action item: Go to the Traffic Sources tab and enter the top 3 traffic channels for each website into the Global Overview section of the template:.

Action item: Enter the Audience Overlap percentages for each of your competitors:. For example: If you see an ecommerce competitor selling products on a shop subdomain, prioritize your traffic analysis on that subdomain to find commercial intent keyword opportunities:. Featured snippets grab a lot of valuable SERP real estate. Check the number of featured snippets for each competitor and enter it into the template:.

Keywords - the total number of keywords where the domain was found with a PPC ad ranking in the Top 7 Google Ads positions. Traffic - the estimated traffic coming from these paid keywords based on keyword search volume and CTR averages per position. Traffic Cost - the estimated price of paying for the PPC ads to rank in the top positions. Below the headline numbers are the trend graphs:. Action item:. Ads History The Ads History report allows you to see all the keywords that a domain purchased over the past year.

Similar to SEMrush, traffic can be analyzed with a top-down approach: All organic traffic - viewed as a whole or broken down by countries. Keyword - use the Organic Keywords report to see which keywords drove most traffic. Try this Google search: site:website.

GeekWire claims to get 1. Healthline says they scale to 71 million users a month. Comments Hello Robbie, You have explained a great list of seo tools here but I am only using Ahrefs from the past 2 years and it is one of the best tools to check keywords traffic. What is the accuracy? Anyway Thanks. Thanks a lot! Hello Robbie, Analyzing your website traffic can help to understand how users interact with your website.

Regards, Vishwajeet. Thanks for weighing in, Leonardo! Hi Robbie, Thanks for sharing this article. Thank you so much for sharing and looking forward to learning more from this blog.

Awesome Guide! Always love reading your content. Hi Robbie, As a blogger one of the biggest hurdle that i face is traffic generation. Regards, Ejaz. Hey Robbie! The template is awesome! Great content. This will help a lot. SEMrush is a great tool, I use it for 2 years and it gives detailed information about websites.

Glad you enjoyed the post. This is such a good article to learn how to analyze our competitor. Thanks, really cool article. It seems like a great tool for traffic observation. Good stuff Robbie. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

See what articles people are publicly sharing on Twitter and Reddit, and how they are reacting to the latest news of the coronavirus pandemic. We have analyzed COVID articles in the last 24 hours and are measuring social interactions with the content in real gwts. Learn more about this data. This is the fastest way to see what's working for them and not for you. Even at a glance, I've found actions I can take to get better results. Yes, the Site Overview tool is free. It provides a limited preview of some results available in a paid plan. With these paid plans you get:. Most of our metrics are estimates that are based on our global data panel which represents a sample of all Internet users. To generate our metrics, we count visits and pageviews for each site and apply data science to estimate what the total traffic and engagement for each site might be. We also show directly measured metrics for sites that are Certified and that have chosen to publicly display their Certified Metrics. If these metrics how to see how much traffic a website gets free public they will replace the estimates. You how to see how much traffic a website gets free certify your own site with a subscription to any Alexa plan. You can learn more about how specific information on the Site Overview tool is determined by clicking on the bubble next to any metric or insight. SEO keyword opportunitiesincluding keywords that are driving traffic to competing sites, but trafffic yours. Find your next how to see how much traffic a website gets free idea and incorporate it into your strategy. Website traffic statisticsincluding How to see how much traffic a website gets free Rank, engagement metrics, referral sources, dust in the wind download free more for any site in our database. Audience insightsincluding sites that share an audience with your site, topics your audience cares most about, and keywords they search for. Competing or industry-leading sites. Download your free Competitive Analysis Template See how the competitive insights from Site Overview and other Trafflc tools can help you discover new ways to grow your business. Download Now. how to see how much traffic a website gets free Google Alerts. It's quick and easy to sign up to receive Google Alerts with an existing Google account. Google Keyword Planner. If you own the website, there's no need to estimate. You can install Google Analytics (for free) and see close to exact traffic numbers. ahrefs blog. How to discover how much traffic someone else's website gets. SEO with SEMrush tools and get tips from practicing experts in a series of free video lessons. SEMrush + Traffic Analytics (free day trial) for traffic and engagement insights across all channels. ​; Free traffic analysis template (below). Compare any website traffic statistics & analytics with SimilarWeb's digital market intelligence platform. Grow your market Free Sign Up Research. Understand your market, your competitors and your customers Get our free extension. Get a free, automated website analysis to quickly gain insights into a site's strengths, weaknesses, and digital marketing opportunities. Run Analysis. Input a site. Alexa ranks websites based on how much traffic they get from users who have However, basic Alexa data is free to the public and easy to obtain, and it does. If I have a list of websites, how could I find out which website gets the most If you take the angle of how much traffic they get from their ads on Google and their is good place to find competitor and see their free and paid​. There is a free trial of the SEMRush traffic estimation tool (worth $) available for. Using advanced filters in SEMrush, you can find specific types of keywords. For example: If you see an ecommerce competitor selling products on a shop subdomain, prioritize your traffic analysis on that subdomain to find commercial intent keyword opportunities:. If you are using a CMS platform such as WordPress, then you can access its web stats page and comments page. See the screenshot below. Share Quantcast is a digital advertising company, founded in , that specializes in audience measurement and real-time advertising. David Englund says:. The Traffic Analytics report gave us a global view of all traffic sources over time. Check them with our website traffic checker. Go to the Traffic Sources tab and enter the top 3 traffic channels for each website into the Global Overview section of the template:. Thanks for sharing valuable information. how to see how much traffic a website gets free