how to get tumblr themes for free

how to get tumblr themes for free

Express yourself. Post text, photos, GIFs, videos, live videos, audio, anything. We made it really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it. Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, fashion, art, deep stuff.

Tumblr is million different blogs, filled with literally whatever. Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins. Best Image Optimizer Plugins. Other Basic by other-themes. Our most basic theme. Basic is simple but effective, like a microwave. Observer by zacksultan. As usual, our themes are totally free!

Also, cheers to my fellow Filipinos in Tumblr! Columns: 1 or 2 Infinite Scroll 4 links customizables Search bar keywords Dark tumblr control. Features: For people who like Optica but want a sidebar and more customization Tumblr controls that match your custom theme colors Plenty of options for fonts, colors, imagery, etc.

Tweet Share Email. The only trick is finding them. Here are a few sites to check out:. These free Tumblr themes are a collection of almost every hot trend out there, to give your website anything from a cute, minimalist or a simple black and white makeover! So, grab yourself a cookie and start reading through the list below now! Before you dive into the interesting list, we would highly recommend our own website , where many perfect Tumblr themes for making your dream Tumblr accounts await you.

We have all styles and color schemes to choose from, and all of them are free to install and use! It has such a diverse range of tools, and details that you can pick from, that this can serve perfectly for the most robust websites.

The theme is most suited for reading and writing content online, so the fonts and the color palettes complement them both. It works smoothly on all browsers, and readers can filter content by seeing post tags. Then try the free of cost, Wicked Theme to dramatize and present all your photos stunningly. The theme allows you to post pictures in single or multiple column grids, and you can choose to make the posts with or without any captions. Its infinite scroll option and complete compatibility with most internet browsers make it a highly efficient and optimized theme to plug in on your personal website.

It works the best with black and white styled accounts and has a smart lightbox effect in the latest updates. You can reblog, and add the Disqus comments section so your website feels engaging to an audience. With all the photography themes out there, Wicked certainly stands out due to its all-around great performance. It is minimal, elegant and just the right theme to try if you are a beginner!

A great reason why you should try this out is that it is mobile friendly! Post pictures, videos, text and much more to use this unique Tumblr theme for a stylish and elegant website to match your own perfect style!

This is the hottest theme for the perfect photo gallery Tumblr blogs! The pictures you post will speak a thousand words as they shall boldly occupy the main space of your website, with a grid that allows for all sized photos to arrange in feisty mosaics. The sidebar is highly minimalistic, with only single lines that expand on tapping.

It even has an exclusive video banner, to show a video from youtube directly, which adds a stunning visual to your website.

There is a separate version for mobiles and you can change the picture quality from high to low or vice versa, in this minimalistic theme. This aesthetic theme is the perfect choice to make for your impressive and gorgeous photography websites.

Designed especially for sharing pictures, its layout has the most organized and smooth grid line designs to apply to your account. The main page is as minimalistic as it could be, showing only the pictures without their captions or any other distractions on the screen. You can open each picture separately, to view its details such as captions.

Its simple white backdrop gives great focus and attention to the pictures you post on it, so the website will look extremely eye-catching and mesmerizing. Perfect for indie, hipster bizarre art. You can use this clean Tumblr theme to make your page look unique! A responsive, multi-column grid layout married with a sleek, minimal design.

Simple, Clean grid theme. It comes with a variety of turnkey features such as integrated Google Analytics support, Disqus comments, and a beautiful, customizable design. Classic has a beautiful Responsive Layout. Low clutter and ideal for photography, this theme draws attention to the content of the post and supports in a lightweight and elegant fashion.

Salvia is one of the best Tumblr themes to share with the world your passion. Customizable elements are thoughtfully chosen to give maximum flexibility while still maintaining its design integrity at all times. Revolve Imagery Focused for the Modernist. Quality Coding Our templates are built with meaningful motives and the best coding practices, which guarantees a premium quality that's unmatchable and ensures your blog to be beautifully designed inside and out.

Thank you how to get tumblr themes for free your support and following Olle Ota Themes! Introducing Mass. Mass has a beautifully minimal theme design, with a strong splash of color in the masthead. On our blog Updates on Twitter Follow how to get tumblr themes for free Tumblr. Hoq themes will be archived, allowing you to access and share them our themes are no longer updated no new themes will be published Support support articles will stay online our support articles are no longer updated email support is not available Thank you Thank you for your support and following Olle Ota Themes! Introducing Co. A full height header with a minimal grid. Get Co. As usual, our themes are totally free! Get Mass. how to get tumblr themes for free We have many, what are also described as the best free Tumblr themes, here for you. And Basic is one of them, no doubt. With a name like that. How to Migrate Tumblr Blog to WordPress. If you'll face the necessity to relocate your blog, you'll have to follow several basic actions. Overall. Beautiful and highly-customizable free Tumblr themes, used on + Tumblr blogs. Over 50 beautiful Tumblr themes exclusive to Olle Ota Themes. minimal grid. Get Co. Introducing Co. A full height header with a minimal grid. Get Co. Tumblr posts are based on grid layout where you have infinite scroll through your posts and repost others. Tumblr themes are perfect for portfolios, photographers,​. This Tumblr theme knows how to be beautifully and supreme. It is free to install and easy to get accustomed to. You will not need to perform a lot of customization​. Laser is a clean and beautiful free Tumblr theme. You don't have to customize much on Eclipse, your photos will determine all the mood on your blog. If you're really dedicated to growing a popular Tumblr blog or already have a loyal following, then you might consider hiring a web designer to. Your #1 source for themes and theme making! is very buggy and when you first install the theme, you have to toggle the options on and off to get them to work. We make free minimalistic Tumblr themes & layouts, enjoy! assembling a showcase gallery on beautiful sites that our users have created using Zen Themes. The theme supports infinite scrolling, Disqus comments, and much more. The design is kept minimal and responsiveness is also intact right within to ensure mobile friendliness. This is where we come to help. The theme can be easily customized to change colors, backgrounds, and set unique intro effects. For those who appreciate beauty. The Atlantic by petervidani. The toughest part of creating an online presence is acquiring new visitors and with Tumblr, you get a great start. Clicking a photo, shows the viewer a larger, pixel wide view along with the image tags and notes. Showcase some visually stunning pop art, paintings, photography, portfolio with this smooth pop gallery theme made for tumblr. The Free Tumblr Themes we discuss offers the right mix of features and customizability. Other Basic by other-themes. It also comes with infinite scrolling, social feed widgets, and Disqus comments. You can also choose the column layout and customize different aspects of the theme such as links, fonts, colors and other tons of options. For free. how to get tumblr themes for free