how to get more likes on facebook page free

how to get more likes on facebook page free

I know for me, on average, I send out about each day. One way that you can get more likes on your page is by simply adding a link to your FB page within your email signature.

My preferred method is to use Wisestamp. Captivating, relevant and even funny pictures make it easier for people to want to share your images.

You can create these for free directly on their site and then save them and use them in your social media posts. Alternatively, you could use Canva — they have a boatload of awesome templates you can use for free. In most cases, the person moderating that page is the very influencer that you would want to make a connection with. Connecting and fostering relationships with influencers in your niche is vital to your online efforts.

Commenting on their page, liking their posts, and engaging with their other followers will get you noticed. And if you do this while you are using Facebook as your page, then you raise the chances of getting clicks over to your page and thus, likes. It will get their attention and the attention of their followers — which is a good thing for you.

Lest we not forget the other social media platforms out there. You can watch the webinar in full here. Anyway, to make a long story short This tip is similar to 1 but with an emphasis on re-designing and re-using content.

For example, take a look at this post that performed well on our fan page:. Can you guess where I got the quote on this image? Do you think I thought it up one day will meditating on my coffee break??

Notice the insane engagement numbers! The image post on the Lessons Learned in Life page has , shares! With that massive number, it must have reached tens of millions of people. That made the quote on the image a perfect candidate for re-design and re-use. You can see the full webinar video here. Yes, I created this image live on a video webinar too! But don't worry. If you don't have time to watch the video, I can sum up the process in 3 simple steps:.

And once I did these 3 steps and created the image, I then simply posted it to Facebook and reaped thousands of Likes! This process can be used for any content type. You can do it with images as done above , but also videos, gifs, and even articles.

And it works on any platform! In fact, you can probably stop reading now and just go put them into practice and reap thousands and thousands of new Likes on your posts and page. This should really come as no surprise. Facebook wants people to enjoy browsing their News Feeds, which means it wants to surface the best content to the top.

Facebook specifically highlights authentic posts that inform and entertain as having value recognized by the algorithm. One additional way to take advantage of the Facebook algorithm is to try live video. The algorithm prioritizes live broadcasts, bumping them higher in the News Feed.

If you have an event or presentation that would work live, give it a try. Check out our complete guide to Facebook live video for important tips before your first broadcast. Facebook offers very detailed ad targeting, so you can laser-focus your advertising efforts and make the most of your ad spend.

Putting your brand in front of your ideal audience is a great way to pick up more Facebook Likes. There are two different types of Facebook advertising: boosted posts and ad campaigns. By boosting a post, you can extend the audience beyond people who already like your Page. Consider your dimensions. Make sure your story is told well on a small screen.

Thanks a lot and have a great day. I was really looking for a detailed step by step guide to do this because I was really confused about doing this. Amazing Articles! I will recommend everyone to use Alwaysviral website to boost their profiles. I Purchased 2k Facebook Page Likes from them and got pretty good appreciation. Hi — I might have missed this, but what kind of ad were you running? Just boosting content? Thank you for such a great post.

Your post will help me to grow my career in social media marketing field. As I am continuing my digital marketing training under Entercerebrum. So some post like yours very useful to increase my knowledge. Thank you for such a nice and informative blog. The tips given will surely help in increasing facebook likes. Keep writing such Great blog and keep sharing the information. Also, what I'll be discussing isn't the invite option Facebook has given us for years "Invite friends to like this page".

With that option you're limited to only inviting your friends. No, the hidden Invite button I've found is completely different. It opens you up to reach a new and much bigger audience beyond the people who have already Liked your page. To find out if your account has access to this Invite button, go to your Facebook Page or the Facebook app only the regular Facebook app, not the Facebook Pages Manager App, which doesn't appear to have this feature.

By no means should you should go on a keyword-stuffing spree -- but you should spend time optimizing each section of your page with keywords appropriate for your business. Making your Facebook Page as discoverable as possible includes promoting your Facebook presence using the marketing channels you already have, and removing any barriers for existing contacts to like your page. While Facebook's Like Button allows users to like individual pieces of content on the web and share them on Facebook, the Like Box is designed only for Facebook Pages.

The Like Box is a great way to leverage social proof to amplify your page. It displays your page's number of Likes along with the faces of some of your Facebook fans. To implement it, visit this link and customize your button. Then, generate the code and embed it on your website, blog, and wherever else you'd like it to appear.

Want to see it in action? Go ahead and like HubSpot's Facebook Page by clicking the button below. Chances are, you already have friends, family, and existing customers who would be more than willing to connect with your business on Facebook. All you need to do is ask. Whether in person, via email, or via Facebook, try asking for Likes and positive reviews. I wanted to quickly touch on some thoughts and ideas about Facebook in order to help you really make the most of that platform so that you can build an owned audience.

However, you kind of need one if you ever want to advertise. Sales — Sales are directly tied to the leads you produce. An increase in leads often means an increase in sales as well.

For B2C companies where the purchase size is smaller than B2B companies, these companies can make sales offers directly to their Facebook fans.

How do you know whether Facebook is the right marketing channel for you right now? As you decide if growing your Facebook page is the right marketing avenue for your business right now, ask yourself these additional questions: Can you think of content that is educational, inspiring or entertaining while still related to your core business?

Can you sustain an ongoing effort of regularly posting fresh, relevant content every week? Do you need leads right now, or are you willing and able to invest for the long haul plant seeds and harvest in the spring? Is your brand offering something people can personally identify with? Is it related to who they are as individuals? Fourth , and this one is especially relevant to Facebook users… Perry Marshall pointed this out in an interview from a few years ago.

Again: People can deeply and emotionally identify with the Great Black Speakers brand because racial identity is physically part of who someone is. For a local B2B call center service: Post funny cartoons and memes about bad customer service or something relatable about working in an office twice per week.

Post a daily customer service tip with a photo of a professional, friendly-looking call center representative with your brand overlaid on top. Post about local news or events with a compelling photo once a week. You will also be positioned as a preferred provider. For a B2C online reading software company : Once or twice a week, post positive statistics or researched facts about how improving reading ability and comprehension impacts a child later in life.

Overlay this stat on top of an image such as a teen graduating from high school and include your logo in the corner. I included a simple example below to further illustrate this point. Post a testimonial from a satisfied customer twice per month. A person who has liked your content will be interested in liking your page. Click To Tweet. Building an engaged audience means value. It means solving problems, entertaining, educating, becoming a resource. Video is red hot at the moment and Facebook knows it.

Our page currently has just over 50k followers, and every time we post links to external blogs it averages an organic reach of 3,, But, when we post videos it reaches loads more.

The most recent video we ran on our page reached 18, people organically. Facebook do this because it keeps people on their network longer and has high levels of engagement. I use Statista whenever I want to prove a point or reach more people and get more Facebook Page Likes. Just make sure that your images appeal to your target audience. The best way to do this is to revert back to your research!

The first thing somebody will see when they scroll down your page is your top post. So, it goes without saying that you should pin your most engaging and valuable piece at the top of your page. But never leave the same piece pinned for too long.

Rotate your top performing pieces every few days. Nothing draws people to your page like a good story. Whatever you decide to create stories about, make sure it relates to your audience and humanises your brand , this will make visitors feel a lot more connected.

Their updated algorithm favours posts from friends, which pushes business page content like yours out of sight. As an tree we how to get more likes on facebook page free some top talent in the world of Facebook marketing just ask any of our clients! Our blog is the ultimate proof, we only started sharing our valuable marketing insights with lukes how to get more likes on facebook page free in Januaryand planned to prime Facebook as a key tool to distribute this information. In the first six months of running this blog, we went from 0 Facebook page likes how to get more likes on facebook page free more than 50, on the Einstein Marketer Facebook Business Page. Hiw ads will do seriously cool things for your numbers. To which, I always respond, do you care about your business? I mean, how much do you spend on your morning coffee? On a glass of wine in the evening? How much do you spend on gym membership? Phone apps? Digital tools that you barely use? Facebook business pages are the exact same. This step is ilkes overlooked or viewed as a non-essential. Please, make sure that these are filled out. If your photos are smaller than these dimensions, they will be stretched. Next, make sure your images represent who you are and why your llkes exists. Give visitors a reason to care. Do how to get more likes on facebook page free use the images to show what you do, show them why you do it! Images immediately catch the eye, this is the perfect place to start telling your brand story. Even hoow photo of you or your staff enjoying their work, tells a thousand stories. You must believe in your business, that means having the cojones to ask friends, family and other contacts to like drum and bass loop pack free page. Invite them to support you. how to get more likes on facebook page free Post relevant, high-quality content. Engage consistently and at the right times. Engage with other brands and communities on. › how-to-get-more-likes-on-facebook. If you manage a Facebook business page, check it out: I've stumbled across a weird hack that allows you to invite real people who have. FOR FREE! And even better, thousands of the people who liked the post became new fans of our Facebook page!. So. How to Get ,+ Organic Facebook Likes Without Spending Money on Ads fans from Facebook to landing page offers that result in more email signups. This is the lowest hanging fruit that Facebook gives you to grow your page's audience for free. Which is why you should start using this method on how to get more. You have to first build an audience on Facebook, then drive inbound traffic to your website, then turn that traffic into qualified leads, and then. Do you need to generate more page likes? This in-depth guide walks you through tactics that won't cost you a penny! Fire up your Facebook. I hope this helps! If you can find the ads and comment on them too, even better. If that number is quite low, it may put them off from liking your page. Doing so, your group members will see and notice it at each post you make and might like it! Just 1 percent of that traffic funneled into your side would be enough to make your servers explode… … and your wallet, too, hopefully. Started this after we loved a tour with him three years ago. It means solving problems, entertaining, educating, becoming a resource. This plugin places a lock on content on posts and pages using a shortcode that requires people to either like you on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus in order to unlock the rest of the content or to download something particular from your site. Make it big, make it prominent. As long as it provides value, people will come! Put some thought into how you can convey what your business is all about in one compelling image. Offensive — Promotes racism, profanity, crime, illicit drugs etc. A share also indicates that someone felt strongly enough about your content that they were motivated to share it with their personal network, giving you additional credibility with an audience that may not already be familiar with your brand. After you create your Facebook page, you have the option to always invite your FB friends to like your page. You can create these for free directly on their site and then save them and use them in your social media posts. how to get more likes on facebook page free