how to get freebies in aliexpress

how to get freebies in aliexpress

We can get two types of coupons: AliExpress coupons, which apply to any purchase of AliExpress from a certain amount, or seller coupons, which will only are useful in certain AliExpress stores.

The first, the AliExpress coupons, are the most difficult to obtain, as they are highly sought after by the buyers of the site, although they are renewed every hour.

We will be able to get coupons of 1, 3 or 8 dollars, and we will be able to be apply them in any purchase of AliExpress of one or several sellers when we reach a certain minimum amount. In this summary table below you can see the conditions. The second coupons, the seller coupons, are much easier to get, and are a good way to save, as the minimum purchase amount is usually very low.

In the section on coins and coupons you can see all the shops that offer coupons and the amount of coins you need to get the coupon. Free items are almost impossible to get, and are renewed daily at However, discounted items are much easier to get, although the variety of items is very limited.

Like almost free products, they are also renewed daily. The freebies section, quite recent in AliExpress, is another one that we received quite a lot of queries.

We will only be able to choose 2 products per day. What do you think about AliExpress coins and freebies? Don't hesitate to leave us a comment below explaining your experience shopping at AliExpress.

I have coin and want to use them to buy and how will it be done because it requires ATM for the payment. Helo I had exchange my coins for a product but later cancelled the order will I get the coins back????

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. All I had to do is eat them and write my opinions about them. Yeah, it sucks. You are obligated to write a review after receiving the product. The Aliexpress app is going to walk you through it.

However, you can increase your chances by writing more reviews and applying for freebies with lower competition. After you receive the product, take a lot of photos and add a review through the Aliexpress app! Such crap. You can try to contact the Aliexpress support. I won a freebie and the seller said he ran out of the item so he cant send me it. I couldnt pay penny i ve tried many times i wanted to see is it scam or not after maybe 10 times try finally i could pay we ll see.

They ll send or not. Step 2 72 hours after your application is closed, check 'My Freebies' to see if you're a winner. Step 4 Test it out and write a review to inform other users who may be interested in the same product. If you don't win a freebie this time, you'll still get a Store Coupon for free! Tip 1 Increase your chances of being selected by frequently visiting and shopping on our app.

After receiving several questions about them, we have decided to create this definitive guide where how to get freebies in aliexpress will explain how they work and if they are worth using. This section is aliexpresx available in the AliExpress mobile app, and within it we will find everything related to coins: how to get how to get freebies in aliexpress and how to exchange them for coupons or products. It's quite interesting if we know how it works. When you log in, you will see a coin-shaped icon at the top. If we click on aliexpgess, we will get coins. On the first day they will only give us 1 coin but they will increase until the eighth day and later they give us 16 coins. How to get freebies in aliexpress there are also other ways to get coins, as we tell you below. If you want to have more chances to win freebies you will need more how to get freebies in aliexpress, het we can get them through daily tasks. They are how to get freebies in aliexpress simple missions, currently there are these As you can see they are simple tasks. It is possible that in a few weeks they will change them, but, for now, all you have to do is click on the icon of each mission and the application itself will explain how to complete them. This is one how to get freebies in aliexpress the games that we will find inside the section of coins and coupons. It's about planting a tree and watering it every day. We can water it with the free drops of water they give us every day and also paying extra coins for the tree to grow faster. As it grows it will bear fruit, which in this case are rewards: coins how to get freebies in aliexpress coupons. The truth is that it is a rather slow game because at best we can get about thirty points each day, and the tree dies at a thousand points, but it is quite entertaining how to get freebies in aliexpress prizes are assured. Although this is one of the games that AliExpress usually puts on during sales and promotions like the All you have to do is shake the mobile and make the character get the right look, that is, ensure all the pieces are the same color. If we get it right, we'll win some coins that can vary depending on the animal it is. Coins can be exchanged for a variety of interesting gifts that will help us save when free document shredding events in orange county ca 2016 in AliExpress. Zliexpress are basically coupons and items free or with a certain discount thanks to the coins. how to get freebies in aliexpress Check the terms of application processing. Fill in the application. Check the status of the order in “My. After your application is approved, don't forget to add the store to Favorites. › › Blog › AliExpress Encyclopedia. Tip #2Strive to have one of the top-ranked reviews for the chance to become an AliExpress Blogger! ;). There are new freebies every day so check in often and don. Aliexpress Freebies are products given by sellers for free to a limited amount of people. Here are some tips for increasing your chances of. Freebies are BIG LIE!!! Here are photos. First and second photos are on the SAME DAY. The third one is on 2 weeks later. Who has got that great luck? › Aliexpress › comments › how_do_i_win_freebies. You must be active on the app and write reviews when you buy things. My only issue right now is that in order to be eligible for more freebies you have to write a​. For that you will find it helpful to know the order in which AliExpress applies the discounts:. Buyer Protection. For me the best thing about getting coins is being able to exchange them for coupons. I also recommend that you collect coins by adding products to your shopping cart every day and doing app missions. This section is only available in the AliExpress mobile app, and within it we will find everything related to coins: how to get them and how to exchange them for coupons or products. The best way to deal with this is, pay for the sample with retail rates and if you are happy with the product, you can ask the supplier to refund the amount when you place a bulk order. To get them, just go to the AliExpress page we told you about or this one and wait for AliExpress to detect in your browser that you haven't opened an account before. Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. There is usually a huge amount of products you can apply for but you have to choose wisely. If you forget about your win, the freebie will disappear in a few days. However, during the shopping festival and the days leading up to it from the end of October to the 13th of November … they are free! If we get it right, we'll win some coins that can vary depending on the animal it is. If you are looking for the best selling products on Alibaba, check it out here. how to get freebies in aliexpress