how to get free hourglasses in mystic messenger 2018

how to get free hourglasses in mystic messenger 2018

As much as our experts desire to create every thing infinite, however throughout recent months our online hack came to be extremely prominent— thousands of folks use it everyday.

Just how to make use of Mystic Messenger Cheats? Making Use Of Mystic Messenger Cheats is actually incredibly easy, even a youngster can possibly do this, due to our extremely basic and easy to use interface. Our designer Josh carried out an excellent work. Simply fill up the document email, amounts of resources etc and follow guidelines.

Usually it takes couple of moments to experience all the measures. Once all actions are carried out Hearts and also Hourglass are administered right away, in couple of seconds.

If it was actually available and also resources will definitely be certainly there, all you have to perform is refill Mystic Messenger app. What are device criteria for Mystic Messenger Hack? How do you get Free Hourglass for the game Mystic Messenger?? Another way is answer all 3 question correctly from the guest emails! Remember the guest that attend the party and you have answered all 3 question correctly then you get 1 hourglass.

This is of course a 1 time deal! Here is the link for the answers for the email!! Let's say you already started a new route, and you know for sure you have answered either all the emails or some correctly. This is how you redeem your hourglass. On your main page that looks like this:. Far Left Side: Between the email 5 and the Cherries. You should see a lil man with a suit, that is your 'Guest List' , click that.

You should see something like this:. If you click one of the party guest that did attend it should look like this:. Note to self if it does look like the pic above, but you did not receive anything it was either one you have already receive an hourglass or you just answered 2 out of 3 questions correctly. If you did not answer the questions correctly it will remain locked, and will not receive an hourglass till all questions are answered! While you are chatting away with whatever character, it the conversation is pleasurable with one of the characters or more than 1 character you will receive an hourglass and if you are lucky more than one, I was lucky enough to receive up to 6 hourglass, that was the highest I have received up until now.

Text: Using your awesome Text skills! Same as the above, if your text are pleasurable and nice and goes with the flow. You might receive an hourglass, though have to admit I've only received 1 hourglass it might be due to the fact that the text are short ans sweet.

Lastly due to bug and error problems Cheritz might give you a couple of hourglass, I remember I received when the game just came out, a few days later received hourglass, then maybe about a week later 30 hourglass. Again this was because of the whole bug problems, technical errors, and just problems, had all my data erased so I guess you could say its pretty much compensation, so Cheritz is super cool to its customers, and trying to control the fans out there from going berserk.

That is all the 5 ways that I know of, as of right now, if anyone knows how to get hourglass for free do let me know! News Update: Cheritz will now be enforcing the rules! If you are cheating or finding loopholes I would stop or run the risk of being permanently banned from the game forever!!!

If you have any questions for them, you can always email them or send a message through the forum. Just click the banner below! If you need help with answering the emails here is the link, this has been updated and the answers for Another Story have also been added!

Be warned I highly recommend doing all the other routes first!! Anonymous 23 July, Unknown 14 November, Anonymous 28 February, Unknown 27 July, Anonymous 24 July, Unknown 24 July, Unknown 06 September, Anonymous 10 September, Rei Miyazawa 12 September, Unknown 12 September, Anonymous 26 September, Syo 29 September, Anonymous 23 April, Anonymous 05 August, Unknown 25 August, Unknown 01 September, Jo 05 September, Unknown 05 September, Unknown 07 September, Unknown 09 September, Unknown 10 September, Bakkalia 10 September, Adelia Farhana 11 September, Anonymous 11 September, Unknown 18 September, Unknown 19 September, Unknown 20 September, Anonymous 20 September, Unknown 22 September, Unknown 26 September, Unknown 29 September, Anonymous 29 September, Unknown 19 October, Unknown 27 October, Anonymous 02 November, Unknown 27 November, Anonymous 12 December, Anonymous 16 January, Unknown 28 January, Ash 07 February, Unknown 08 February, Unknown 23 February, Unknown 03 March, Anonymous 22 April, Unknown 01 June, Anonymous 21 June, Unknown 23 June, Unknown 22 June, Anonymous 23 June, Anonymous 01 December, Unknown 24 December, Unknown 05 February, Thya's 04 February, Unknown 24 February, Unknown 01 April, Listed below are a few methods to obtain them.

Hearts are another resource in Mystic Messenger. You can gain Hearts by selecting appropriate answers when chatting with any of the five available characters in the game. You can gain one Hourglass for every guest you manage to invite to the party. The catch is, you have to answer all three of their email questions accurately in order to claim them.

Now it makes so much sense!!! Thank you! Happy that someone asked the same question, now I don't feel like a loser. Thanks for the help again! There is a way to how to get free hourglasses in mystic messenger 2018 hourglasses continuously for free but will takes times. This is what cheritz would refer to as game abuse but I'm just being an arse and enjoy exploiting game messenyer as of now. It's not exactly appropriate to share in public beware how to get free hourglasses in mystic messenger 2018 cheritz spies! It's pretty simple really, I found out at during day 3 of my first playthrough. Tbh, if you play long enough you would probably find out eventually. No worries. I might have done it myself and not know it about it! Any help is good help its up how to get free hourglasses in mystic messenger 2018 the person to decide to gt it or not. Will email you, not because I will do it though I should since I'm wasting my money, a how to get free hourglasses in mystic messenger 2018 of money on this game. But curious of what you do. What's the cheat? I can't read what you have written so do you mind emailing me about it? Thank you, my email is imawsomeinnit gmail. I can't really see what ur email is because of the background so could u email me aliciawen gmail. Omg I desperately need hourglasses ;-; my email is aashna. You can free android music apps that don t use data whats written that way you can better read without the background to bother you all. I have like one hourglass left and I really need hourglasses because there mewsenger messaged at 3am that I missed The foremost reason is because in the future update which is coming soon my method won't be working anymore as it relies on the free Load and Max Speed function. Thanks for understanding. how to get free hourglasses in mystic messenger 2018 › /07 › mystic-messenger-free-hourglass. How do you get Free Hourglass for the game Mystic Messenger?? There are quite a few ways to get an hourglass. 1. Trade Hearts for an. Jun 26, - Mystic Messenger Hourglass Cheats Get Mystic Messenger Hourglass Cheats in 2 minutes!!! How to hack Mystic Messenger game for Hearts and. Those are all the known methods for obtaining Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger for now. If you know of any other methods, feel free to sound off. What this game about? Effectively picture: You were searching for an use on a store nothing at all significant, maybe only one thing to get rid of. Hourglasses (shortened as HG) are considered the in-game currency of Mystic of Mystic Messenger that the player can acquire either for free in-game or through While they are not necessary to progress, as you can go through the Casual. Mystic Messenger Hack - Get Unlimited Hourglass Free Hourglass Android & iOS Mystic Messenger Hack and Cheats Mystic Messenger Hack Updated. HOW TO GET HOURGLASSES FOR FREE FOR NEWBIES | MYSTIC ​ · Mystic Messenger-A dating sim for girls on mobile. Mystic Messenger Hack - Get Unlimited Hourglass Mystic Messenger Hourglass, Mystic Messenger Hack and Cheats Mystic Messenger Hack Updated. To earn more points and hourglass, you should write a minimum of 20 confirmed guests to make your journey comfortable. These secret routes are best Mystic messenger cheats and can make you reach early to your destination and clear more levels. The Hearts are the secondary currency in the game. We discovered a working method that allows anyone to obtain hourglasses and diamonds in no time completely for free. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. This item is incompatible with Steam Artwork. All rights reserved. Hourglasses and hearts will not be an interruption of the game as you will get them spontaneously through the game. You should not take any step further. Their tool also works on all kinds of devices, as long as you have a stable internet connection. how to get free hourglasses in mystic messenger 2018