how to get a student discount card for free

how to get a student discount card for free

Museums, theaters, music venues, and art galleries often offer discounted admission for students. Always ask before paying your admission if there are any discounts for students.

Metropolitan Opera: Full-time undergraduate and graduate students can purchase student tickets for a student rate which will vary by the show. Check out their website for more information. Lincoln Center: Get a range of varying discounts for students. Check the website for a list of available discounts.

Goto sign up. Enter your correct email when signing up. This is the only one which lets you get the card delivered to your home address. Choose home for card delivery. Pay via PayPal or card and job done. I was renewing a card, not sure if that makes a difference but payment was processed and I have an email confirmation from NUS.

I can see that they do not recognise learndirect as a place of study. Any ideas on how to find them? No prices on their web site though! Please advise. Do you know anything about this? It does not ask you to verify. Please can I ask you to check back in one week, when this should be sorted by and you can claim your NUS card. Do we need to apply for an NUS Extra card? Hi Nick, sadly it looks like this hack is over.

New Skills Academy seems to have been removed. Unfortunately they tell me they do not provide NUS Extra eligibility. They sell their own Supercard for discounts etc.

Hi Cheryl, the article has been updated with other options. Yes it looks like it stopped today or yesterday. I looks like Ecareers does not show up anymore on the NUS site when selecting a place of study, can you guys confirm? Any other way around this? This is a real shame. However it looks like New Skills Academy courses are still valid.

I got my card fine I signed up for a pro card typed chartered accountant and had a code sent to me by email my own email entered the five digit Number you need and filled in the card from sent to payment paid and go my card the other day with picture. Ecareers no longer works guys. I signed up and then the chat told me they know longer work with NUS. Who knows what is working right now as of July 19, ?

Was this the chat with NUS or eCareers? It was still listed yesterday on the NUS application so should still work fine. It was chat with learn-accounts which was the site I was sent to for the accounting and bookkeeping course, which was sold under the Ecareers name. And it worked. Got my card today. I too just finished signing up with the eCareers coucher and had no problems fillling in the NUS extra application. I managed to pay just fine and the card should arrive in the next few days.

Many thanks for this brilliant little tip! Added email then it asks for place of study, every time I added it, I got the same response — it appears your place of study is not recognised. Am I doing something wrong? Hi, Unfortunately this is not working for me. I have followed the instructions to the letter but am currently stuck on the Order Summary screen Step 4 where you press Continue. It is just refreshing the page after clicking Continue button.

Have tried changing course titles, lengths etc. Nothing is allowing me to continue past Step 4. Very frustrating.

Where else has the inexpensive courses? Hi, what course level is the online go groopie course? Working as of March too. And if you use a promo code with Go Groupie e.

Saved a very substantial amount of cash. Thank you very much Andy! What university did you put in drop down box? Ecareers or online course not reconised! I got the NUS Extra card with no trouble last year using ecareers, however I have just tried to use it to get discount on Microsoft Office and they want an academic email address which my provider does not supply. Any ideas how I might be able do get around this.

Worked for me no problem. Got my card for 3 years. Thanks Andy! Hey Austin. What happened? So it should work fine. Hey, when I put my details on NUS site bought a new skills academy course from Groupon which works fine it automatically gives me a 1 year card — any tips on how to get the 3 year card?

What dates did you put in for your course? Re Apple — you get the discount online by clicking through from the NUS website, so you can do that before getting your card.

No need for UNiDays. Hi when I try to do mine its asking for an academic email address. It lets me go to order summary confirmation page and i cannot go any further. Confirm and pay page just keeps refreshing?

It says it will arrive in 7 days, fingers crossed it comes! Thanks for this post!! In those cases, it's incredibly easy to fake a class schedule. The best way to go about this is keep a copy of your class schedule when you're actually in college so you can refer to it when making the forgery.

Most times it's nothing more than a text document and a college logo in the background which is something you can easily acquire via Google image search. If you're sending the schedule via email and it needs to come from your school, it's pretty easy to spoof an outgoing email address.

Overall this is a pretty simple undertaking, but, in general, you'll be fine with just an ID card. Many student discounts require nothing more than a. While many universities and colleges will not provide a full-fledged account, they will offer a forwarding service.

Do you know the history of the ISIC card? Check it out. Retailers Engage with more student shoppers on the worlds most popular student discount platform. Download Our App. Related: 7 Useful Student Advice Websites.

With a Tesco Clubcard, simply collect points whenever you spend money in Tesco on your essentials and not-so-essentials. Find out more here. Similar to a Tesco Clubcard, a Nectar card is a free card which works with a points system. You can pick up points while shopping at Argos, Debenhams, Sainsburys as well as many other retailers. All you have to do is show your student ID if they do offer a discount.

Looking to buy your groceries or toilet paper in bulk? Crew store and show your student ID at checkout. How to get the discount: For online purchases. For in-store purchases, simply show your valid student ID.

Looking for something to do in your free time besides playing video games or browsing College Info Geek? Then take advantage of the many free and discounted events available to you as a student. Want to take in some culture or are required to do so for your Western Humanities class? In some cases, your student status can get you in free. Or, ask the arts faculty at your college, as they can sometimes get you exclusive discounts.

Usually, all you need is a student ID. Your college brings all sorts of acclaimed lecturers, performers, activists and more to campus. These events are free! Take advantage of these while you can! To finish this guide, I want to discuss a few different discount sites and programs that you can sign up for as a student. Most of these are free to join all you need is a valid. One of them has a small yearly membership fee, which could be worth it depending on your lifestyle.

Visit your local delivery station or call customer service at source. Hanes : Hanes. Hollister : Hollister Co. Sign in to receive the promo code source. Register and verify status through Student Beans source.

Crew : J. Not available for phone orders source. Crew Factory and J. Crew Mercantile when they sign in with SheerID. NX when they sign in and verify their educational status. Just My Size : Students in the U. Available for online orders only source.

For online orders, sign in with SheerID to verify student status source. Valid for select online orders only source. Available once every 30 days per customer source. For online orders, sign up for a Student Beans account to redeem discount code source. Sign in and verify student status using ID. Available for select online orders only source. Sign in and verify status to receive discount code source.

PacSun : College students in the U. Available for select purchases only source. Available for students who are enrolled in junior high school and above source. Sign in and verify student status to receive discount code source. Sign in and verify eligibility to receive discount code source.

Proof of student status is required source. Sign in with Student Beans to receive discount code source. Sign in and verify student status to qualify source. Visit the customer service page at Sperry.

With access to student-exclusive discounts at over 10, stores online and on the high street, SBiD unlocks more student discounts than any other student iD card. Log in to access student discount codes from over brands including Apple, Topshop, Railcard, Urban Outfitters, Hungry House and more…. The great thing about Student Beans iD is that it goes with you across the web. Look out for online stores that use Student Beans iD to provide a student discount directly on how to get a student discount card for free own website. Use the Student Beans iD app to discover all the places near you how to get a student discount card for free offer a duscount discount. It also gives you a free student iD card on your smartphone to use in-store. Simply show birthday cake images with name editor free download verified SBiD screen to the cashier. Your Student Beans iD is completely freeget it now and never pay for a student iD card again! Start saving today. Saved Blog Login Sign up. Sign up. United Kingdom. The digital student iD card The free digital student iD card for your life online and on your mobile. Get your free student card. Unlock savings every time you shop With access to student-exclusive discounts at over 10, how to get a student discount card for free online and on the high street, SBiD unlocks more student discounts than any other student iD card Get your free student card. Start saving today Get your free student beans. Retailers Engage with more student shoppers on the worlds how to get a student discount card for free popular student discount platform. Download Our App. Because who doesn't studebt saving money? Learn More. how to get a student discount card for free Step 2: Enter your email address (and confirm it). Step 3: Enter your course provider. Step 4: Enter your course details (length of study, discipline, etc.). Step 5: Choose the. › Student Journal. Log in to access student discount codes from over brands including Apple, Topshop, Railcard, Urban Outfitters, Hungry House and more Get your free. Pro tip: the NUS Extra card now comes with a free ISIC (one-year), which means you can get thousands of international discounts in addition to. Here are some retail stores that offer a nice discount for students: Amtrak: If you have the Student Advantage Discount card, you can save 10% off on up for the My Way Student Promotion which gives students 12 months of free talk, text. How to get more student discount. Here are our top Your student card is free and entitles you to a whole host of discounts. You'll often find it. Amazon Prime student discount. Students get six-months free Amazon Prime, then pay just £39 a year for three years. A fantastic deal. >> More. Free shipping on all orders. All you need to do is sign up, prove you're real or, in this case, fake it , and you'll get access to free software to make your dreams come true or something like that. Big names such as Amazon, Apple Topshop and Nandos are all listed as retailers who offer a discount to students. Bank of America Student Banking. Students can prove their student status to get the student discount at an Apple retail store. Best Buy offers student savings on a wide variety of products, from laptops to TVs to mini fridges. If you have time, it's a chance to learn something you've always wanted to learn and you will—in most cases—wind up with a student ID. The travel insurance content on this page is a general summary for US residents only. Find the best Mac for you. Learn more about free delivery and returns. Find deals on PCs, laptops, accessories, and more for students right now from the Microsoft Store. how to get a student discount card for free