get 500 followers on twitter for free

get 500 followers on twitter for free

Portland, OR 3d. A Twitter user posted a photograph of the flyer on Wednesday and has since accumulated thousands of retweets. Kim Kardashian is frequently slammed on social media for one post or another. But now, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is getting majorly roasted on Twitter after sharing something a little out of the ordinary on her Instagram Story. The main beef? No one seems really sure exactly what the meal was, what meat was in it, or if Kim made it. Also mention them back in answer to show you care about their feedback.

When you find an interesting tweet and want to add your point of view to it, go ahead. This will increase the chance of getting noticed by other followers.

So, be specific and clearly mention about your business in the bio. But ensure the keywords are relevant and not forced. These days, nobody wants to follow a faceless brand, so it is important to show them the real face behind the brand. Let the people know where they can find you because it will increase the credibility of your account.

There are greater chances for getting retweets. The number of likes and retweets proves that inspirational or motivational quotes definitely helps in attracting more Twitter followers. Be original. Curious to see what the hype was about, I signed up for an account, and as a dutiful liberal arts student, dubiously followed the Huffington Post.

I had no idea that years later, working in the nonprofit technology field, Twitter would reign as a communications tool, and an indispensable means to disseminate opinions and promote causes.

As of a year ago, I mainly used twitter as a news aggregator, a place for trusted people to tell me what was going on in the world. That being said if you are very, very careful and use the tools in a conservative manner that mimics manual Twitter account management, you should be fine.

If a person can click a Twitter follow button every second, to click 1, times will take just 25 minutes. Second limitation is Twitter has limits. See Twitter Following rules and best practices. However, we do monitor how aggressively accounts follow other accounts. I can't. If Anton above suddenly stopped tweeting, people would forget about him pretty quickly. You'll need to find creative ways to get others to follow you -- both online and offline. Things like: Signs in your physical store Ads Including your Twitter name on your printed materials Business Cards people still use those?

Real-life conversations but don't be a douche Bottom line is be creative with how you promote -- but don't overdo it. At the end of day 5, unfollow anyone that does not follow you back. Then repeat the process. I am not affiliated with Unfollowspy, this is not an affiliate link and I do not get any kickbacks from them.

Anyway it makes managing your Twitter account quick and easy to do with minimal time involved. You can quickly unfollow people who do not follow you back, check who unfollowed, check if you missed following someone back and follow them, etc etc etc. If you have 10, Followers then you can follow up to 1, more people than you your total number of Followers. So your Twitter followers will often become people who visit your website and invest in your brand through purchases. For example, profile photos are now round instead of square , which helps to distinguish user profiles from the square images that appear in tweets.

Many of the changes are cosmetic and served as a simple update, helping Twitter be more and less and-late. For all the power you stand to gain by using Twitter for your business, not having a professional, up-to-date profile can be a major turn-off to prospective followers.

So one of the first steps on the road to amassing tons of followers is to make sure your Twitter profile rocks. The photo looks professional yet casual and relatable. Not only is this smart for promotional purposes, but it also helps people make stronger associations between your brand and logo. Using a branded logo as a profile image, like Louis Vuitton , is an easy and quick way to get followers to recognize your posts instantly.

This is the area of your Twitter profile where you provide a little — just characters in total — information about your brand or business. As you can see, the goal of your profile is to give a prospective follower an idea of a what your business is and b what they can expect by becoming a follower. A great example of the use of keywords in a Twitter bio is PlayStation. Though it changes from time to time, the current dimensions that your Twitter header image should be are px by px.

In addition, we add hundreds of celebrities and other interesting people to the directory every day. So if you want to follow your favorite musicians, actors or sports stars, chances are you'll find them on twiends! Our extensive guide covers everything you need to know about how to get twitter followers.

From setting up your account, to running contests and twitter chats, it's all here. In a study from Dan Zarrella about how factors like conversations, self-reference, and avatars affect follow count, he found that negative remarks correlate with a lower follower count.

Takeaway : always share positively. Takeaway : try to use visuals in most of your tweets and vary the types of visuals to avoid boring your audience with the same visual resource every time. Now, be aware that over-using this tactic can be harmful for your account and you can create the opposite stimulus: losing followers for asking too much.

Takeaway : ask questions wisely and with purpose. Even influencers with millions of followers need to engage with their audience and the next message to be responded to, liked or retweeted could be yours. When an account with tons of followers interacts with your tweet, it could appear on the feed of their followers and that means more exposure for your account, and as a result, more potential followers seeing your content.

Takeaway : tag every time you share content or ask the opinion of others. Takeaway : impose on yourself the old limit of characters to create shorter tweets to maximize engagement. Takeaway : involve more than one person and use a tool like Gain to handle your content approval process.

Remember that posting on different days of the week and times of the day will also give you different results for your tweet engagement. Things go viral all the time on Twitter and you can intervene in conversations with your angle, joke, or opinion by hijacking news and current events.

Now, when doing this, remember to use trending hashtags to provide context and also to have more exposure with your tweets.

When things go viral people monitor trending hashtags regarding that topic and you can get in the loop. Takeaway : monitor hot topics and trending hashtags to intervene. Alfred Lua from Buffer conducted an experiment to determine if retweeting your top tweets generates more engagement. Takeaway : consider retweeting your tweets as part of your strategy to create content.

According to a study conducted by Twitter :.

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