free qualitative data analysis software for mac

free qualitative data analysis software for mac

Are you going to read through hundreds or thousands of customer reviews? Once upon a time, that was the case. Now, there's software that can compound and analyze your data, so you don't have to. Most survey tools provide you with reporting for quantitative data, which limits your analysis to only consider the questions that have a quantifiable answer.

This means qualitative data like open-ended questions or comments must be manually reviewed for trends and behaviors. But when your business is taking in hundreds of reviews each day, you can't have employees weeding through responses one by one.

You need tools that automate this process and present your team with a breakdown of your customer reviews. This is where qualitative data analysis software comes into play. Qualitative data analysis software reviews your survey and customer reviews in bulk, saving your team valuable time during reporting. In this post, we'll break down some of the best qualitative data analysis software available and the best free options you can use with your team.

As part of its ServiceHub suite, HubSpot offers a customer feedback tool that provides detailed analytics for surveys and customer reviews. Your data gets centralized into one accessible dashboard which includes different charts and graphs summarizing your customers' responses. With this simple setup, your team has a quick and clean way to review their daily analytics without navigating around the site.

Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a type of survey that collects both quantitative and qualitative customer feedback. HubSpot's customer feedback tool analyzes these responses and provides you with a detailed breakdown of customer satisfaction based on its findings.

MAXQDA is a qualitative data analysis software that's designed for companies analyzing different types of customer data. What About the Others? Scholarly Commons. Email Me. Social: Twitter Page. Getting into these mindsets might take some researchers some time. Originally developed in German, there is also an English translation, although there is less documentation in English. There is no current Mac or Linux version. This is a plugin for the R open-source statistical software package and programming language, a very powerful alternative to SPSS.

RQDA adds a basic interface that lets you bring in text sources and perform basic coding operations to mark up the text. However, the purer qualitative elements are a little lacking, and it has a lot of requirements to install. CAT and Cassandre. These are two powerful software packages that are based around a server that hosts your data and runs the programme.

Click here for information on ways to run it on a Mac OS computer. En Fr Es. Go beyond coding and categorizing—use the Theory Builder to frame and test a hypothesis. See your codes in the margin of your data for easy scanning. Protect privacy by automatically masking sensitive information. Many others….. Importation from transcription tools and from other qualitative coding software such as Altas.

Intuitive coding using codes organized in a tree structure. Code frequency analysis with charts and tag clouds. Qualitative Analysis is more challenging than quantitative in many ways but it is also that much more rewarding when you complete your study or write your report.

Methods of doing social research are continually advancing. So are developments in qualitative software: New developments in information technology enable complex analyzes to be carried out on a personal computer.

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