free online indie games no download

free online indie games no download

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Let us know in the comments below. Join Sign In. Post Tweet Email. Follow Us. Share Facebook Post. Twitter Tweet. Email Email. Comment Comment. Sven Co-op Sven Co-op started out as a Half-Life mod that let players play through the game cooperatively. Emily Is Away Emily is Away is a short, touching interactive experience about heartbreak and falling in love on the internet. Indie , Adventure , Puzzle , Casual.

Showing 1 - 15 of 2, results. Browse All Upcoming Releases. Daily Deal. Narrow By Tag Action 15, Casual 14, Adventure 13, Singleplayer 9, Thumper does not reinvent the rhythm-game — after all, the influence of Audiosurf is apparent — but it does give the genre a terrifying new coat of paint. Players use one button and movements to navigate obstacles; holding the action button and leaning left or right to take hard turns, for example.

Players must progress through nine worlds with increasingly complex tracks, each of which culminates in a boss that players defeat by executing certain movement patterns. Thumper is probably the most frightening rhythm-game ever made, particularly when played with a VR headset.

The horror comes not just from the visuals, but also the oppressive industrial soundtrack. Easy to pick up and challenging to perfect, Thumper is one of the most spectacular rhythm games in a long time. One of the great things about indie development is that, without pressure from traditional publishers, creators have a lot of room to experiment. This results in oddities like Crypt of the NecroDancer , which combines the essential traits of rhythm games and roguelikes for a truly unique experience.

Players descend the floors of a randomly-generated dungeon, collecting treasure, evading traps, and fighting enemies. The twist comes in the controls. Floors are further divided into grids, and players move using the four cardinal directions. Each enemy has a unique movement pattern while some have special abilities, like walking onto squares and turning them into slick ice patches.

That means players must learn and react to each distinct pattern and ability. The game becomes hectic early on, but players can find and equip various items and spells to make things easier.

This indie RPG first released on Kickstarter, where it found massive success. After a long wait, it is finally available on Steam early access with a planned release for consoles in the future. Players can collect dozens of intricately created creatures across a variety of elemental types, carving out its own spot in the genre with unique features like MMO cooperative play, unconventional starters, and a colorful art style.

A Desktop Love Story Computers and their files are often thought of as inanimate objects devoid of any personality or emotion. The Indie Game Website. Related Posts. The Otterman Empire Review. Non violent , Atmospheric. Dark Fantasy , Fantasy. Fantasy , watercolor. Fresh Games View more. Physics , Sports. Adventure , First-Person. Singleplayer , Strategy RPG. Log In Sign Up.

View Game 1, Follow. Rather than combining objects with other objects, you're affecting the world with a lute, by plucking at its colour-coded strings. It's a bit like Ocarina of Time, and a lot like LOOM; to open a door, for example, you'll pluck a certain combination using the game's moderately fiddly interface.

Bad Dream: Series - Bad Dream is all about clicking. Being a point and click adventure series, that might seem obvious, but rarely is clicking on things as satisfying as it is in these macabre games.

Use the mouse to guide a creature through an evolutionary mire, gobbling up smaller animals to grow, and hitting red blobs to swim deeper. When you eat, you evolve, but you can see large predators moving through the gloom on the levels below, waiting to swallow you whole. Serene yet addictive. Cube Escape - Basically room escapes, but with a macabre sense of humour, a touch of Lynchian weirdness, and cryptic stories that have inspired much fan debate. Off-Peak - Off-Peak is like visiting a scrapbook made from a jazz fusion dream.

Hyperrogue - While the concept is mildly terrifying, in practice this is one of the more approachable roguelikes, as it streamlines the genre to focus on movement and combat.

Brogue, despite staying true to the genre, works hard to feel approachable. The controls make navigating its dungeons a breeze, and the elegant shading makes its symbols atmospheric and readable. Deltarune - Who knows where Undertale follow-up Deltarune is heading for its second chapter, but this multi-hour RPG already feels like a complete game, taking the player from their school, to a troubled fantasy land and back again.

It manages to be both hilarious and moving, just like Undertale.

Stack your belongings on the roof of your car and try not to crash! Join a community to create and explore fanart, videos, game guides and more! Log In Sign Up. View Game 1, Follow. Browse All Games Browse by Tag. Browse All Games. Communities Join a community to create and explore fanart, videos, game guides and more! Razbury Games. Name Your Price. Free online indie games no download Games. Lost Pilgrims Studio. Vagrus - The Riven Realms. Tower Free online indie games no download I've come for you! Inrie Cycle LLC. Erich Preston. Monster Finger Games. Browse More Games. Join Game Jolt Do you love games as much as we do? Sign up with Google Continue with Facebook. Sign Up. free online indie games no download Adventure. Anna's Quest. PC Download PC Games Adventure. No one can stop Anna and her telekinesis. More Info · Holy Potatoes! We're in Space? The idea that free games must be low quality is a common misconception. lot of games on this list are in the horror genre and Beherit is no exception. always the focus of Blendo Games' action freeware title Gravity Bone. is a simple way to find, download and distribute indie games online. Whether you're a developer looking to upload your game or just someone looking for something new to Pink River. Made in under 48h for GMTKJam Free. Get the game We didn't want to leave you high and dry without any games to play. Well, lucky for you, we're here with some rad free games you should check out. of the best PC indie games that won't cost you a dime to download and play. No singleplayer or online multiplayer though (not yet, anyway). Kongregate free online game Indie Game Sim - Make your own games by hand and publish them on a fantasy market like Steam. Earn fans. Stay Free!! Celebrate your independence with the best Indie games from Addicting Games! And the fun doesn't end there, with hundreds of free online games to. Browsing Indie. Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Indie products on Steam Free to Play, RPG, Casual, Indie. %. $ One of the great things about indie development is that, without pressure from traditional publishers, creators have a lot of room to experiment. Check out our curated list of the best free pc games to download or play in your browser. play for free, from MS-DOS classics to indie browser games—​parodies of Some are free online games, others are free downloads from sites for no cost at all, it's no surprise the game has been wildly successful. Therefore, everyone who wants something unusual, we offer to download indie games through torrent on PC. Projects using Kenney assets. Accessibility features. Girl Games. Green dumbo stumbles upon a spooky dungeon and descends into it, griefing and stealing everything, that he sees Are you an existing user? Adventure Games. I Have A Fear. Join for free. Log in Register. Outer Clouds Games. Upload Your Game Our Publishing Program With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms! Join a community to create and explore fanart, videos, game guides and more! Sports , Singleplayer. free online indie games no download