free iwatobi swim club haruka nanase

free iwatobi swim club haruka nanase

They are very close and care for each other greatly. In the beginning of the series, Haruka didn't express himself as much, although Makoto always knew what he was thinking. Throughout the show, Haruka begins to speak his mind more often. Haruka cares for Makoto and does not wish to lose his friend. It is shown that Haruka bought Makoto four aquarium fish. As Makoto and Haruka become third-years, both of them have to think about their futures.

Makoto is very worried about his friend, since the two of them will probably have to part their ways. Makoto is unsure of what to write on his career path questionnaire while Haruka simply writes "Free", showing he doesn't care about getting a job or continuing education.

When Makoto asked him about his future plans, he said that " as long as he can swim, he doesn't care ", leaving Makoto smiling and commenting how that sounds just like him.

As pressure on what he's going to do in the future keeps on growing upon Haruka, he distances himself from others and doesn't speak his mind as he used to. Makoto sees this but doesn't say anything, not wanting to bother his friend up until they go to the festival together. He then asks Haruka what he's going to do after high school and whether he found a dream for himself. Haruka gets mad at his friend as Makoto was the only person he though would understand him and not ask him the same question everybody else did.

They argue and Haruka tells Makoto he has no right to tell him about dreams and future as Makoto himself doesn't have any.

Makoto then tells him that he has and that he's going to attend a university in Tokyo. Haruka is stunned and runs away, leaving Makoto at the festival alone. After their very first fight, Haruka is broken and spends his whole morning wrapped in his bed because all of his recent fights with both Makoto and Rin has brought him down, as well as all the pressure and stress from high expectations put on him. In Australia, Haruka keeps quiet and doesn't talk much, making Rin immediately know that he had been feeling overwhelmed and had a falling out with Makoto.

After they won a tournament, Rin went abroad to Australia to study swimming. Haruka constantly remembered how Rin promised to show him a sight he has never seen before, and held onto that memory. Haruka might be a good swimmer, but he's definitely not a people person. Other people's opinions have never mattered much to Haruka, and they aren't going to start to do so now.

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