free iwatobi swim club episode 13

free iwatobi swim club episode 13

Jul 2, Stroke of Chance Encounter! Jul 9, Butterfly of Farewell! Also starring Jamie Marchi. Final Thoughts There are a lot of anime that are better than the sum of their parts, and often surprisingly so. I think that Free! True, everything worked out conveniently for everyone in the end, but I appreciate KyoAni planting the seeds throughout the series rather than having all the angst happen in a big bomb in the last episode.

Not us! In fact, Sparky just put all of our revenue on a horse with the same number! He says its a sure shot! I've just been informed that it was NOT a sure shot and we lost everything.

To learn more, visit help. More stuff. Although Free! Eternal Summer is definitely more of an anime series for girls I still think guys could have a lot of fun with the sports aspects of the series. KyotoAni has given us thirteen wonderful weeks of sparkly bishounen swimming boys. Has given me a great ending to my summer. Haru and Makoto make amends and Makoto shares that he plans to become a swim coach. On the night before nationals, the group reminisces about their time together, Nagisa and Rei becoming emotional and Haruka assuring them that they will always stay connected.

At nationals, Iwatobi wins their heat and takes 6th place overall. Rin makes Aiichirou Nitori Samezuka's new team captain and tells Sousuke that he'll wait for him to return to the world of swimming. The Iwatobi team buries a time capsule containing the sights they saw at nationals before joining Rin in a petal-filled pool at Samezuka. A flash forward shows Haruka and Rin facing off at the college level.

End credits show Makoto and Haru attending university in Tokyo. Haruka, now a freshman at Hidaka University, reunites with Asahi Shiina , his former middle school swim teammate. While competing at the Kanto Intercollegiate Newcomer Swimming Tournament, they're surprised to see Ikuya Kirishima , another middle school comrade with whom they lost contact.

Haruka recalls his middle school friendship with Ikuya, including a promise to compete in a freestyle event with him, only to quit the team after his fallout with Rin. When Haruka runs into Ikuya after the event, he tries to apologize but Ikuya brushes him off and Hiyori interferes. Rin meets Natsuya Kirishima , Ikuya's older brother, who is racing in international relays for cash prizes. Natsuya wants Mikhail as a coach, but Mikhail says he lacks the proper muscles and that his focus seems to be elsewhere.

Rin doesn't hesitate to point out Natsuya's unhealthy habits, while Natsuya teases Rin about his divided thoughts regarding certain friends. Their camaraderie leads to a race aborted by rain with Natsuya returning to Japan for Ikuya, as well as to seek out Nao Serizawa , his own close friend since middle school.

Haruka, Makoto and Asahi are waylaid by Hiyori at Ikuya's university and are told that he's been entrusted with Ikuya's care and training until Natsuya returns. A frustrated Haruka challenges Hiyori to allow a swimming race to decide things. Hiyori agrees but Makoto races instead, as both Hiyori and he specialize in the backstroke. Makoto loses, but thinks all is well until Hiyori still denies them seeing Ikuya, saying the swimmer's health is fragile and that Haru is a negative influence.

During a joint practice between Iwatobi High School, Samezuka Academy, and Sofukan High School, Romio, a new member of Iwatobi's swim team, experiences false start anxiety but overcomes it with the help of his teammates. Natsuya offers advice to Sousuke, who is worried about undergoing shoulder surgery. Hiyori attempts to cheer up Ikuya by recalling memories of their early days, but ends up challenging him to stop obsessing over Haruka.

Meanwhile, Misaki, one of Makoto's swim students, questions Haru about why he only swims freestyle and Ryuji Azuma , a mysterious man from Hidaka University, makes his move to become Haruka's private coach. Haruka is learning new swimming strokes for Ikuya's sake. Nao tells Natsuya to get serious about Ikuya and his own life.

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