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free energy machine magnetic self running generator

free energy machine magnetic self running generator

Free energy machines that seem like they should work are always the product of wishful thinking and sloppy science. If you build a machine and underestimate the amount of mass-energy you have to put into the machine to get it going, and overestimate the amount of mass-energy it will output once going, then your calculations predict that mass-energy has been created out of nothing.

But this end result came from poor estimations, and not from ground-breaking science. Most people who "feel" like a certain free energy machine should work simply don't grasp how much mass-energy it takes to get the machine going. For instance, magnetic free energy machines are essentially spinning electromagnetic motors. The machine is plugged into an electrical source, which gets the motor's wheel spinning.

The machine is then unplugged and the wheel keeps spinning under its own inertia. Then electrical energy is extracted from the spinning wheel. This energy was not created out of nothing. It was put in the wheel by the original electrical power inputted to the motor.

The electric power extracted from the wheel in the end will always be less than the electrical power put into the wheel in the first place. Energy is simply converted from electrical to kinetic the spinning motion of the wheel is a form of energy , and then back to electrical, while some of the energy is converted to waste heat due to friction. When the inventor of a "free energy" or "over unity" machine claims that his invention really creates energy out of nothing, he is either deluding himself or is outright lying to take advantage of others.

The self-delusion usually happens because the inventor does not realize the large amount of external energy he has put into his machine to turn it on, which is more than he could ever get out.

A straight-forward measurement of all the energy being inputted to his machine and all the energy being outputted would quickly reveal no actual free energy. For those who do take actual measurements, they think they are always just one step behind from reaching over-unity performance; believing that adding just one more complicated gadget to their machine will put them over the top, when in fact they never actually reach a free-energy result.

Consider a canal of water that flows through a turbine. The turbine generates electricity. The electricity is then used to pump all of the water from the bottom of the canal to the top of the canal where it can enter into the turbine again and repeat the cycle.

This seems like a closed system that could run forever and continually output electricity; it's free energy! But if you actually do measurements or calculations, you will find that the electrical energy generated by the turbines will never be enough to pump all the water back to the top of the canal.

It would require externally provided energy to get the water back to the top and thereby run continuously. But at that point, it's not a a free energy machine. It's just a complicated wheel running on external power. The device has failed to produce over unity under tests. Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. CETI claimed development of a device called the Patterson power cell that outputs small yet anomalous amounts of heat, perhaps due to cold fusion.

Skeptics state that inaccurate measurements of friction effects from the cooling flow through the pellets may be responsible for the results.

Allegedly, the device can eventually sustain its operation in addition to powering a load without application of external electrical power. Bearden claimed that it didn't violate the first law of thermodynamics because it extracted vacuum energy from the immediate environment. This group has published papers in established physics journals and in books published by leading publishing houses, but one analysis lamented these publications because the texts were "full of misconceptions and misunderstandings concerning the theory of the electromagnetic field.

Patent 6,, in , the American Physical Society issued a statement against the granting. In , the GWE Genesis World Energy group claimed to have people developing a device that supposedly separated water into H 2 and O 2 using less energy than conventionally thought possible. No independent confirmation was ever made of their claims, and in , company founder Patrick Kelly was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing funds from investors.

In , Steorn Ltd. The selection process for twelve began in September and concluded in December A public demonstration scheduled for July 4, was canceled due to "technical difficulties".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Further information: Perpetual motion classification. Energy portal. Retrieved 1 August Eberhart : Feeding the fire: the lost history and uncertain future of mankind's energy , p.

April Inventive Genius. Page Mirowski, Perpetual Motion: The History of an Obsession. New York: St. Martin's Press. Retrieved March 12, Retrieved Archived from the original PDF on In Chisholm, Hugh ed. Cambridge University Press. He has been credited with introducing the roulette machine, which was a by-product of these experiments. The British Journal for the History of Science.

American Heritage Magazine. American Heritage Publishing Company. Retrieved 28 August Retrieved 11 April Hello Everyone! This is video.

Kashif Latif. Permanent Magnet technology Generator free energy low tech machine? You just simply say that I want there to be such and such to support my ideas. Very effective argumentation. As for perpetual motion, if you can show me a heavenly body that is absolutely stationary then you win. But that has never once been observed. Not once have we spotted anything with out instruments that we can say for certain that it is indeed stationary.

So perpetual motion is not only real but it is inescapable. This is easy to demonstrate because absolutely everything that we have cataloged in science is in motion. Nothing in the universe is stationary. So the real question is why do people think that perpetual motion is impossible considering that we have never observed anything that is contrary to motion.

Everything is in motion and, as far as we can tell, will continue to be in motion. Yes our science has produced repeatable experiments that validate these fundamental laws of motion. But these laws are relative to the frame of reference.

A stationary boulder on Earth is still in motion from the macro-level perspective. But then how can anything be stationary in a continually expanding cosmos? Where is that energy the produces the force?

Where does it come from? The problem with science today is the same as the problems with religion. We want to believe that we have a firm grasp on things so we accept our scientific conclusions until experimental results force us to modify those explanations.

But to make claims about knowing the universe, its energy, its mass and so on is hubris and any scientist acknowledges the real possibility that our science could be proven wrong at any given point. Oh my thats quite an argument. Very deep. Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can and cannot upvote? Go be miserable elsewhere alysdexia…. As i was say perpetual motion as we ubderstand it is not perpetual.

The stars and planet will go on in there motion for billions of years but will tgen stop that energy will change and start new motions creating new stars and systems for adding other ones. Our lives are but insignificant in the big picture of our universe. As for my thought on its origins i would like to say it was a friction of dimensional space.

If you would like a more in depth version of my thoughts on this matter i plan on writing about over the coming months and love a hood conversation. There are different types of energy and I highly doubt that all that ever was, is or will be and remain equal. By creating energy one has increased the amount there currently is. There IS always loss in all designs thus far that does not mean a machine cant be built that captures all forms of normal energy loss in the future as you said you canot create energy only convert it.

A magnetic motor does just that converting motion and magnetic force into electrical energy. Ive been working on a prototype for years that would run in a vacune and utilize magnetic bearings cutting out all possible friction. Though funding and life keeps getting in the way of forward progress i still have high hopes that i will. Create a working prototype that doesnt rip itself apart. And yes it will not be perpetual but it should last about years before dieing if my calculation have been right at which time i hope we will have many better resources.

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Rather they are proportionate. There mass and vis are created and destroyed at the same time. The Einstein field equation dictates that a near-flat univers has similar amounts of positive and negative matter; therefore a set of conjugate masses accelerates indefinitely in runaway motion and scales celerity arbitrarily.

Hi Paulin. I am myself a physicist, and I have also learned the same concepts standard formulas transmit. However, 2 points are relevant. The equations on physics and the concepts one can extract from them are aimed to describe how the universe works and are dependent on empirical evidence, not the other way around. Thinking that equations and the concepts behind dogmatically rule empirical phenomena is falling into pre-illustrative times.

Particle and quantum physics have actually gotten results that break classical thermodynamics law of conservation of energy. Bottom line… I think it is important to be as less dogmatic as possible and follow the steps that Francis Bacon started for how science should developed itself.

The solution to infinite energy is explained in the bible. But i will not reveal it since it could change our civilization forever. Transportation and space travel all together. My company will reveal it to thw public when its ready. My only hint to you is the basic element that was missing. Its what we experience in a everyday matter. Its possible. Our prototype is going to be consolidated so that we want to recover partnership also overseas.

Are You interested? A welcome Riccardo. It takes energy to create work. An object in motion is displaying work. Hold one magnet down and put another next to it with like poles. The 2nd moves. That is work.

It is done entirely by magnetic field interaction. The force is exerted over a distance and includes forces of attraction and repulsion. North and south poles of two magnets attract each other, while two north poles or two south poles repel each other. Do you know what this means really? Do you know why this knowledge about magnetic engines is so rare and noone who achived it talks about it? You are forgetting that all you are doing is harvesting energy from somewhere else: the Sun.

You cannot create energy. All you can do is convert energy. Solar panels convert energy from the Sun into electricity. Every second of every day, the Sun slowly is running out of fuel. And solar panels are extremely inefficient.

The energy DOES come from a source, but that source is ignored in their calculations. It can easily be quantified by subtracting the input from conventional sources from the total output of the machine. The difference is the ZPE taken in. Good luck! What energy rotates magnet 1 so it turns magnet 2? Your time would likely best be spent seeking a refund from whatever school you went to.

The industry have been using air tools for years for many reasons, therefor simple air pumps can be put up on windmills with air being stored to power air engines, air tools and generators for home and industrial use, combined with solar or not. I might be repeating someone here but have you tried , well first the two magnetic fields cant attract they push the other away cant you drill a rotor from a car wheel on its spindal at an angel and make something to house around the spindal like a shoe drilled the opposite but as to push the rotor in the same direction as you drilled.

So by answering you exactly the same way you asked, I am a jerk? You said magnet motor. You still have not heard the idea at all. Just lay off. It is very clear about the idea. You are commenting on my comment. I never said anything about my idea, only that I had one for consideration for someone with a good relationship with magnets to ponder. You are feeding off your own negative energy. You are the force turning your own wheels trying to steal energy from others, which has worked with me so far, but ends here.

You will have to find another outside source of energy. All you are doing here is spreading your negativity around. So move on. It takes no actual meeting with you to figure that out. Once started, the yield is all gain. So, subtract the energy of the hand starting the first movement, and you have days and days of energy profit left over.

Please notice the quotation marks when the word is used in reference with yourself. You cannot get more energy out of the system than you put in.

This is basic middle school science. I have an educated mind that understands basic scientific principles. And this stuff is really basic. Like eighth grade basic. Anything that is moving in the mechanism needs the same scrutiny — be it a piece of metal or a magnetic field. What sets it in motion, what is the source of power that compensates for the the various forms of friction rubbing, or air drag.

Make the case correctly, subject it to review by qualified people. It will fail to function. Because it is impossible. All the free energy schemes that looked like they really work when I have built them and taken them out on the ranch where i can find a spot 5 miles from a power line other any other electricity and put them in a Faraday cage they stopped running.

Both generate friction. The more power they make the more friction and heat they generate. That all has to come from some where. Before Solar Panals farmers would run insulated wires on the top of fence posts into a transformer to make enough volt AC power to run a fence charger. So some farmer used to steal power that way. Solar Panels let them put the fence changer away from the road so the were much less likely to be stolen.

When the power company catches you its best to pay what ever they ask for and instal a meter. But extra ordinary claims shuch as free energy require at least some thread of evidence either in theory or a working model that has hint that its possible. The entire discussion shows a real lack of under standing. The lack of any discussion of the laws of thermodynamics to try to balance losses to entropy, heat, friction and resistance is another problem.

If your going to try to make cheap energy at least learn where to start. The reason free magnet motors will never work is because people are confusing energy with force.

Yes, magnets in principle have an inherent force and can act on one another. But you cannot throw a few magnets in a closed system and have their force attract and repel each other to generate free motion because a magnetic field has equal sides attraction and repulsion and any motion with the magnets that appears to utilize one would cancel out the other. The sum of energy needed to keep a system with permanent magnets in motion is going to always be greater than, even by a hairline in a perfectly designed system, than any energy that can be extracted even if that energy is only used just for keeping them in some form of rotational inertia.

Hi bud have have a go at this failed twice but my mind will not let it go all help would be welcome many thanks. Thank you……. Bill Lets do this Bill. I want to use a 3D printer to create the stator and rotors. This should allow a high quality build with lower cost.

Small adjustments can be made as well by re-printing parts with slightly different measurements, etc. I want to free the world from this oppression. They said the selfsame thing about my relatives. You might know them…the Wright Brothers? Or perhaps you might realize that they said the seflsame things about the guy who invented the AC power system you use right now to power that PC you use to post such tripe?

You know, Tesla? They sought to understand the physical forces around them. You will never achieve anything even close to what they did because you are seeking to defy the reality of our world. The hand of God is the power, but the power of magnetism has kept this earth turning on its axis for untold ages. Only mathematics is pure…. Unless, of course, they can patent it and make a trillion dollars. Human nature, I guess. Solar and wind devices are allowed onto the market only because they are too expensive for most people on earth to afford.

I seriously doubt anyone will contact me about my offer. I would certainly be interested in learning the principals involved, I do have friends with the materials necessary if I can come up with diagrams. Granted the discussion convinces me it will work. If they are too expensive for people to afford, nobody will buy them. So why would someone interested in making a profit manufacture something nobody can buy?

I know how to arrange a magnet motor so it turns on repulsion, with no need for an external power source. My biggest obstacle is I do not possess the building skills necessary to build it. Involves a seesaw stator, 2 spiral arrays on the same drum, and two inclines to jump each gate. Seesaw stator acts to rebalance after jumping a gate on either array, driving that side of the stator back down into play.

If anyone is willing to attempt it build it I would happily explain the principal. Would only ask that you freely share it with others so it could spread and eventually become common knowledge.

No money, no patents. It is literally and completely impossible for your idea to work without an input of energy, and you WILL get less energy out than you out in. Harvey1 is correct so far. Many, many have tryed and failed.

Others have posted video or more and then fade away as they have not really created such a amazing device as claimed. I still try every few weeks. My designs or trying to replicated others. SO far, non are working and those on the web havent been found to to real either.

Perhaps someday, My project will work. I have been close a few times, but it still didint work. Its a lot of fun and a bit expensive for a weekend hobby. ALoha Garry. Im a nobody but I also know its possible and It may only be drawings and ideas but I know I could do it….

The first problem is that people say science is a constant which in itself is true but to think as human we know all the laws of physics is obnoxious. As our laws of physics have change constantly, through history. This means that by manipulating electro you take energy from the air we all breath to convert it to usable energy. Its all well and good reading books but you still question them. Remember the Wright brothers? The atomic bomb was once thought impossible.

Some things that may appear to be perpetual are not, just because we cant observe for a long enough period of time. We used to believe suns would live forever through their power of fusion but have now observed that is not the case, suns fusion does have a lifetime but over a billion years is way beyond our lifetimes perception. We are so often limited by our own observation and easily miss seeing things that should be obvious. We can have seemingly free energy from sources such as the sun, wind etc.

But these are not free and not indefinite. Using the suns energy is our best bet as it will easily outlive humanity. Anyone who thinks not should perhaps study the lifespan of our planets extinct creatures. It took dinosaurs millions of years to cause critical damage.

Has anyone studied trying to encapsulate the energy of the northern and southern lights? Our planet is essentially one huge electric cell itself. But if we did this would we have the wisdom and knowledge to consider all the possible repurcussions of taking that energy? Mike drops his frowning judgmental picture and pontifications on a site, and then leaves forever. Good Riddance! History is made by people taking a stand, the rest are soon forgotten.

I say this in all seriousness because we have a concept we should all want to be true. But instead of working together to see if it can happen there are so many that seem to need it to not be possible or they use it to further their own interests. It reminds me of young children squabbling about nonsense. Just get over your problems and try to help make this or any unproven concept happen.

Legitimate projects see massive coordination among tens, hundreds or thousands of people all the time. Everyone, Thank you for the stimulating conversations. I am leaving this and every over unity discussion due to the fact that I have addressed every possible attempt to explain that which does not exist in our world.

Just apply my prior posts to any new or old claims of over unity. No one can explain the fact that no device exists that anyone in a first world country can own, build or operate without the inventor present and in control. Have I convinced anyone of my point of view? EllyMaduhuNkonyaSorry, but no one on planet earth has a working permanent magnetic motor that requires no additional outside power. Still, not a single working motor available that anyone can build and operate without the inventor present and in control.

We all would LIKE one to be available, but that does not make it true. I challenge anyone to address that single point, and not change the subject by attacking me, talking about the government, the big oil companies, , Tesla, Lutec etc. Harvey1, the principle of sustainable motor based on magnetic energy and the working prototype are both a reality. When the time is appropriate, I shall disclose it. Be of good cheer.

I am simply taking my time and my space to stage the inevitable confrontation in the frozen face of the industry and geopolitics tycoons. Utter bollocks. You are one of those who have been brainwashed educated in to thinking this is not possible.

Trust me, I have seen these things work. You might surprise yourself. There is tons of information on schoolgirl, schoolboy and Bedini window motors that actually work to charge batteries and eventually will generate house currents. It just has to be looked at to get any useful information from it without listening to people like Harvey1 whining about learning. Why the editors of this forum allow you to keep calling people names instead of following the subject is beyond me.

This must be the last site to allow you on it. I spammed the books because I thought those people were good for learning these engines which are super and there are tons of information out there for anyone to find. You seem to only want to learn to be rude instead of electronics. Your a typical narrow-minded democrat. They are all liars, cowards, cheats and thieves. Those seem to be the route to generating 5kw for your house.

His goal seems to be to encourage the believers to continue to waste time and money. As a skeptic, my goal is to try and raise the standard of what is believable versus what is fraud. Notice how easy it is to discredit many of his statements just by using Google. From his worthless book recommendations no over unity devices made from these books in 5 years or more to the inventors and their inventions that have already been proven a fraud.

Take the time and read ALL his posts and notice his tactics: 1. Almost never responding to a direct question. Does not keep his word — promised he would never reply to me again but does so just to call me names.

Spams the same message to me 10 times, claims only 3 times, then says he needed 10 times to get it through to me. That is what I am going to do from now on — and I keep MY promises. Something the rest of us would look forward to. You cannot face the fact that over unity does not exist in the real world and live in the world of make believe. You should seek psychiatric help before you turn violent. I would love to build this and test it out.. Build a window motor which will give you over-unity and it can be built to 8kw which has been done so far!

John Bearden has the credentials to analyze such inventions and Bedini has the visions and experience! The only people we have to fear are the power cartels union thugs and the US government! Read two books! Bearden has the credentials and knowledge to answer these questions and Bedini is the visionary for them! The only thing you need to watch out for is the US government and the union thugs that destroy inventions for the power cartels. Both will try to destroy your ingenuity!

Both are criminal elements! How much commission do you get? Are you involved in the selling and publishing of these books in any way?

The history of perpetual motion machines dates at least back to the Middle Ages. Despite this, many attempts have been made to construct such machines, continuing into modern times. Modern designers and proponents free energy machine magnetic self running generator use other terms, such free energy machine magnetic self running generator "overunity", to describe their inventions. Perpetuum Mobile free energy machine magnetic self running generator Villard de Honnecourt about There are some unsourced claims [2] that a perpetual motion machine called the "magic wheel" a wheel spinning on its axle powered by lodestones appeared in 8th-century Bavaria. This historical claim appears to be unsubstantiated though often repeated. A drawing of a perpetual motion machine appeared in the sketchbook of Villard de Honnecourta 13th-century French master mason and architect. The sketchbook was concerned with mechanics and architecture. Following the example of Villard, Peter of Maricourt designed a magnetic globe which, if it were mounted without friction parallel to the celestial axis, would rotate once a magnetiv. It was intended to serve as an automatic armillary sphere. Leonardo da Vinci made a number of welf of devices he free energy machine magnetic self running generator would make free energy. Leonardo da Vinci was generally against such devices, but drew and examined numerous overbalanced wheels. Mark Anthony Zimara, magnetif 16th-century Italian scholar, proposed a mafhine windmill. Various scholars in this clone hdd to ssd windows 10 free software investigated the topic. InJohann Bessler Orffyreusclaimed to have experimented with different perpetual motion models before developing what he said were working models. Inthe Royal Free energy machine magnetic self running generator of Sciences in Paris made the statement that the Academy "will no longer accept or deal with proposals concerning perpetual motion. InCharles Redhefferin Philadelphiadelf to have developed a "generator" that could power other machines. The machine was open for viewing in Philadelphia, where Redheffer raised large amount of generatr from the admission fee. Removing some concealing wooden strips, Fulton found a catgut belt drive went through a wall to an attic. free energy machine magnetic self running generator In a lab in Scottsdale, Ariz., IEC is preparing a magnetic generator for commercial Left running, the machines, known as Earth Engines, will eventually “​Perpetual-motion machines are bunk, and magnets are the refuge of. Many have tried building a free energy-producing magnetic motor. energy news, but what I have learned is that energy is not free, perpetual motion machines do If you find any reason of not running this mechanism let me know.​” I am trying to build a small magnetic generator my self my Email [email protected]​elmarkinninger.biz Free Energy Generators. Free energy machine, Magnet motor generator, Self running Machine Water Turbine Generator, Tesla. Water Turbine GeneratorTesla​. Apr 9, - Free Energy Machine Magnetic Self Running Generator - YouTube. 9-apr - Free Energy Machine Magnetic Self Running Generator - YouTube. 9-apr - Free Energy Machine Magnetic Self Running Generator - YouTube. why motor company are not using magnet in both the rotor and in stator part so that where two identical machines connected back to back one running generator, For more detail see my Experiment finding"free energy using gravity power. Free energy machine, Magnet motor generator, Self running Machine Related Videos 1. How to make DC motor at home, homemade electric motor easy. Permanent magnets are used in some machines to provide the main flux of the machine. Fig 2, shows the internal windings of the dc fan which is behaving as a​. The history of perpetual motion machines dates at least back to the Middle Ages. For millennia In , Sir William Congreve, 2nd Baronet devised a machine running on capillary action that would disobey the principle that water seeks its own The motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) was built by Tom Bearden. If I am wrong then someone PLEASE point me to a place that shows how to build one that is self sustaining from atmospheric particles alone. I sure would like it, if I could just buy a working device, at some point I could move to Arizona, but my property there is so remote, there is no grid there for many miles away, I would have to make my own electricity somehow there also. Selwyns Coach hire,UK provides you with cost effective tarrif plans. Also, you can drive a small dc motor with a fan and produce currently easily. Very helpful information share. We have the resources and creative thinking to match life with our thoughts. If you fill out the paper work correctly and send money, you get a patent. Three entirely different entities. I work at one of the very few magnet producing machine shops in the country, and have unlimited access to both the machining tools and the materials to make this design.. AT first,i intend to produce products only for domestic use and as a camping accessory. Google him. South Africa needs electricity and stuff …. This website uses cookies. free energy machine magnetic self running generator