free energy generator magnet coil 100

free energy generator magnet coil 100

Previously the flywheels are made by cast iron only, but now industries choose different types of materials to make flywheels they are steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc.

The flywheel does not maintain a constant speed but only prevents the fluctuation of energy. If the mass in the above figure goes towards the earth and the potential energy of mass is equal to mgh. When the mass decreases the potential energy also decreases and that potential energy is partially divided into three paths.

The P. The linear velocity is equal to angular velocity and it is expressed as. When the mass moves towards the downward direction the rotational kinetic energy is used against the frictional energy. Consider a foot-operated sewing machine consists of two wheels, one big wheel and another one is a smaller wheel.

These two wheels are connected by rope when motion is imparted by the bigger wheel then the rope transfers this motion to the smaller wheel. The smaller wheel acts as a pulley and rounds the sewing machine and will see that even when we stop supplying driving force to the bigger wheel, it continues to run for a short time because of the inertia it possesses. That flywheel is a device that acts as an energy reservoir by storing and supplying mechanical energy when required.

The figure a is flywheel and figure b is a basic diagram of free energy generator flywheel are shown below. The flywheel is used in reciprocating engines to store some amount of energy during the power stroke and deliver it back during the next cycle.

Similarly, it is used in toy cars, Gyroscopes, etc. We need some components to make free energy using the capacitor they are 8 capacitors of 10v and uf, PCB Printed Circuit Board , Soldering Iron, and Soldering wire. First, make a circuit diagram by connecting capacitors in a parallel circuit, all negative side capacitors connected to one wire and all the negative side capacitors connected to another wire like the circuit diagram shown below.

Now connect all capacitors to the printed circuit board using a circuit diagram. When that power is cut off, the EMF pulse is captured and use to continue to charge the battery. Finally, additionally mounted pickup coils can generate more power with extra currents.

Charles Flynn used an electrical screening system to prevent the magnetic drag that can hinder the drive shaft rotation. Instead of using electromagnets like in the Adams Motor, he uses permanent magnets. Magnetic fields are steered by electrical currents. The electrical currents are not the cause of the field; they are already present and just align with the electrical current.

The magnetic energy that is used to run a motor over time does not require an outside energy source to generate electricity like the sun or water. It is running purely on the magnet arrangement.

However, over time, the magnets can lose their magnetism, so they will have to be replaced at some point to continue to generate electricity. The biggest problem we are facing is trying to figure out exactly what type of magnets would work best for this free energy source. There will always be some maintenance or startup costs involved, such as when the magnets will need to be replaced. The point of the magnet motor is to provide an alternative energy source so that we do not have to solely rely on fossil fuels.

The magnets are also not doing harm to the environment. The biggest issue is going to be the cost of the replacement magnets. A magnet motor energy generator works, but the science behind this revolutionary concept needs some more developing and work through to become a reliable energy source to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

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Then, of course, you waited until they…. Are you looking to have a proper funeral for your loved one that is also environmentally friendly? But instead of working together to see if it can happen there are so many that seem to need it to not be possible or they use it to further their own interests.

It reminds me of young children squabbling about nonsense. Just get over your problems and try to help make this or any unproven concept happen. Legitimate projects see massive coordination among tens, hundreds or thousands of people all the time.

Everyone, Thank you for the stimulating conversations. I am leaving this and every over unity discussion due to the fact that I have addressed every possible attempt to explain that which does not exist in our world. Just apply my prior posts to any new or old claims of over unity.

No one can explain the fact that no device exists that anyone in a first world country can own, build or operate without the inventor present and in control. Have I convinced anyone of my point of view? EllyMaduhuNkonyaSorry, but no one on planet earth has a working permanent magnetic motor that requires no additional outside power. Still, not a single working motor available that anyone can build and operate without the inventor present and in control.

We all would LIKE one to be available, but that does not make it true. I challenge anyone to address that single point, and not change the subject by attacking me, talking about the government, the big oil companies, , Tesla, Lutec etc. Harvey1, the principle of sustainable motor based on magnetic energy and the working prototype are both a reality.

When the time is appropriate, I shall disclose it. Be of good cheer. I am simply taking my time and my space to stage the inevitable confrontation in the frozen face of the industry and geopolitics tycoons. Utter bollocks. You are one of those who have been brainwashed educated in to thinking this is not possible. Trust me, I have seen these things work. You might surprise yourself. There is tons of information on schoolgirl, schoolboy and Bedini window motors that actually work to charge batteries and eventually will generate house currents.

It just has to be looked at to get any useful information from it without listening to people like Harvey1 whining about learning. Why the editors of this forum allow you to keep calling people names instead of following the subject is beyond me. This must be the last site to allow you on it. I spammed the books because I thought those people were good for learning these engines which are super and there are tons of information out there for anyone to find.

You seem to only want to learn to be rude instead of electronics. Your a typical narrow-minded democrat. They are all liars, cowards, cheats and thieves. Those seem to be the route to generating 5kw for your house. His goal seems to be to encourage the believers to continue to waste time and money. As a skeptic, my goal is to try and raise the standard of what is believable versus what is fraud.

Notice how easy it is to discredit many of his statements just by using Google. From his worthless book recommendations no over unity devices made from these books in 5 years or more to the inventors and their inventions that have already been proven a fraud.

Take the time and read ALL his posts and notice his tactics: 1. Almost never responding to a direct question. Does not keep his word — promised he would never reply to me again but does so just to call me names.

Spams the same message to me 10 times, claims only 3 times, then says he needed 10 times to get it through to me. That is what I am going to do from now on — and I keep MY promises. Something the rest of us would look forward to. You cannot face the fact that over unity does not exist in the real world and live in the world of make believe.

You should seek psychiatric help before you turn violent. I would love to build this and test it out.. Build a window motor which will give you over-unity and it can be built to 8kw which has been done so far!

John Bearden has the credentials to analyze such inventions and Bedini has the visions and experience! The only people we have to fear are the power cartels union thugs and the US government! Read two books! Bearden has the credentials and knowledge to answer these questions and Bedini is the visionary for them! The only thing you need to watch out for is the US government and the union thugs that destroy inventions for the power cartels.

Both will try to destroy your ingenuity! Both are criminal elements! How much commission do you get? Are you involved in the selling and publishing of these books in any way? Why are you doing this?

Are you writing this from inside a mental institution? Window Motor: An electrical motor that controls the window regulator for power windows. How about, for once in your life, directly answer a question without some non sequitur answer.

Are there any tinkers here with the resources to try and build this thing for themselves? It certainly looks compelling, but I also know a friend of mine who worked on perpetual motion for a good twenty years with nothing to show for it. Quit asking for someone to build one for you.

There can only be one answer. Honestly, for both sides of the argument, put up or shut up. I was 14 years old in and though of building a permanent magnet motor of my own design. It looked just like what I see on the phoney internet videos. I tried all kinds of clever arrangements and angles but alas — no luck.

My older brother explained that in high school physics, they learned that magnetism is not energy at all. Never was, never will be. Something that O. By the way, we had a lot of fun playing with non working motor anyway, and learned a few things in the process.

My brother went on to get his PHD in physics and wound up specializing in magnetism. He designed many of the disk drive plates and electronics in the early DOS computers. I just said it could be built. What it does after that is, as you said, nothing. The most common fraud is to show a working permanent magnet motor with no external power source operating. How could I know this? Because with all those videos out there, not one person can sell you a working model. Also, not one of these scammers can ever let anyone not related to his scam operate the motor without the scammer hovering around.

Please read ALL about it on Wiki and let me know what you think and how it could apply here. This trap has ensnared some very smart people. Build a window motor which will give you over-unity and it can be built to 8kw which has been created! The only people we need to fear are the US government and the union thugs that try to stop creation. John Bearden has the credentials to create such inventions and Bedini has the visions! TiborKK — The elephant in the room: Focus — A Permanent Magnet Motor with no outside power source that can operate outside the control of the inventor.

Bragging about some future invention they are going to create etc. Our education and perception is the only thing which limits us and seals our imaginations.

Things in the big open space work differently. They are free of man created limitations and narrow minded views on energy, matter, time, space and existence. Our cosmic nature is the direct prove of this, no matter what path we would chose to achieve it as long as we manage to plug ourselves into the endless for us sources out there….

Your ignorance is showing through as usual. There are thousands of items and definitions in history using same names for different items or descriptions. These window motors in the books are total different from car window motors. Read the book you ignorant ass! Then, he again avoids the subject of the fact that these two books have not produced plans for a single working over unity device that anyone can operate in the open.

I wish him well and hope that he gets the help that he obviously needs. Would that qualify as a jihad? Where are those drones when you need them? You are clueless as to what a window motor is and clueless as to what this forum is about but continually whine about others! Who is clueless? My definition of a Window motor was correct. You had another definition in mind — Big Deal. That has nothing to do with anything.

Let it go. By the way — Thank You for addressing my comment directly. There may be hope for you yet. You might even be a nice guy after all. Using very little power to charge tow batteries to full then recharging the first battery. I still think you are a fool for thinking someone will send you a working permanent magnet motor. Building a Bedini motor is fun and anyone can do it! I am on my third type but having problems! I am working on a hybrid SSG with two batteries and a bicycle wheel and ceramic magnets.

I took the circuit back to SG and it runs fine with a bifilar 1k turn coil. Just realistic. All smoke and mirrors — No Working Models that anyone can operate. Why should they? The whole subject is mute. You did not even appear to read or understand my response in the least.

You cannot seem to get this. Are you so delusional that you cannot understand what I am saying? Are you too intellectually challenged to understand? Are you knowingly changing the subject again to avoid answering me? Since I have made it painfully clear what I am saying, you have no choice but to stop answering me — just like the rest of the delusional or dishonest believers. In my opinion, your unethical and disingenuous tactics do not make a good case for over unity.

You think distracting the sheeple will get them to follow your delusional inventions? Even your simple mind might be able focus on one thing is that too much to ask of your delusional brain? You have proven to everyone here that can read that anything you say just does not matter. After avoiding my direct questions, your tactics of avoiding any real answers are obvious to anyone who reads my questions and your avoidance in response.

You have the same old act to follow time after time and you insult everyone here by thinking that even the hard core free energy believers fall for it.

Here are you tactics in a nutshell for everyone to see. You should be embarrassed: 1. Telling everyone that all motors are magnetic when everyone else but you knows that they really mean a permanent magnet motor that requires no external power source. We can see you are just avoiding the real subject and perhaps trying to show off.

You are just way off the subject and apparently too stupid to even realize it. It makes you look like a fool, a scammer, or both. Again, you missed the point completely.

It was just to make the point that it never existed. I explained that to you several times but you just keep repeating how foolish I am to expect someone to send me a motor. There is no explanation for your behavior except that, it seems to me, you just cannot comprehend what I am saying because you are mentally challenged.

You suggested that I build the motor myself. Again you missed the point completely. I have said time and again that the motor is a delusion and does not exist the Mythical Magnetic Motor. This energy stored in the battery can then be used to power loads, and in any way that a standard battery can be used. This device can indeed charge a battery. Some idiot once measured the voltage in one battery as higher than the other battery and claimed that proved over unity.

Hint: voltage does not measure power. Try measuring amp hours at a specific voltage in, and amp hours at the same voltage out. Kimseymd1: You no longer are responding. Were you just having fun here feeling superior? Did I spoil your fun by calling your bluff? How does it feel to know that your little game is exposed by a far superior intellect who has real knowledge of electronics and physics instead of some sheeple with a primary school level of ignorance on the subject?

A delusion can never see the light of day. Thomas E. With a set of plans from the internet? With some phony videos? An elementary school level understanding of physics? How about warp drive? Time travel? Your getting an education in physics? All just a delusion.

AmanIn case you have not noticed, there is no such thing as a gravity or magnetic powered engine. You should at least learn a few laws of physics before saying we do not need to modify them. Geoff Fritz It has been shown that the particles did not exceed the speed of light. Reality bites but delusions suck. Take your pick. The reason I cannot enlighten you is that no amount of evidence can convince you. Look it up on Wiki. Please do not be rude — this is not personal. Kimseymd1: Please stop changing the subject.

Please read my definition of the Magical Magnetic Motor below. You seem to quote a mixture of real knowledge showing off, are we? Please stay on subject — Focus — A Magnetic Motor that can operate outside the control of the inventor. The patent office does not require, nor conduct any testing of inventions.

If you fill out the paper work correctly and send money, you get a patent. People who apply for patents know this so why would anyone brag about their invention having a patent just to add credibility? They know how easy it was to get a patent therefore they must be a scammer. Read this next sentence carefully and think about it as it eliminates any magical magnetic motor claim.

Focus — A Magnetic Motor that can operate outside the control of the inventor. All motors are either magnetic or kinetic! No surprise. Only proof is phoney videos, not real motors that anyone can operate without the inventor around. Can be used to get the foolish to part with their money for plans.

John Bedini has emphasized this very point on many occasions. Your only basis in saying what you did about me is that it disagrees with your hope that the magical magnetic motor a magnetic motor that runs on permanent magnets with no outside power source is real.

The answer is in my post where I said I would pay generously for one. I really mean that. The whole point of my post is that the magical magnetic motor is only a delusion and does not exist. No one can build a delusion. How could you miss that? We are all capable of self delusion to the point that we cannot see the obvious. I believe that is what is happening in regards to a motor that needs no external power to operate.

As proof of that, I have supplied an incentive for anyone to send me a motor in return for a generous reward. Stay focused on that and you will see the truth of what I am saying. Please do not take what I am saying personally. I am trying to bring forth a truth here. Stay focused! Harvey1A magical magnetic motor? Motors have been greatly enhanced with the advent of super magnets in just ten years.

Smaller and more powerful to say the least. In my mind over unity is simply a better way of using electricity to create a better generator. When I first got into these forums there was a product claiming over unity low current in with high current out and selling their machine. Why not use the term over unity over perpetual motion? Re-vitalizing a dead battery headed for the junk yard is a huge increase in efficiency to me also. Unless the battery case is cracked every battery could be reused.

The charge of a re-vitalize instead of a new battery. I retired and now its a hobby. Without visions there would never have been automobiles. It happens all the time. Someone had a vision:. That is, a motor that has no source of external power, and runs from the non existent power stored in permanent magnets.

Advances made to electric motors in the past few years are truly amazing, but are totally outside the scope of my post. Perhaps if we can debunk the myth of the magical magnetic motor, people can concentrate on continuing to improve real technology. You can run a lot of motors n 12 volts. Just place two magnets on your discs and try it. If you can do it width three magnets you can do it with thousands. Every magnetic motor can be used a generator and visa versa.

Get you language right! You two sound like your 10 year olds and at most uneducated high school kids. First of all everyone is trying to find a motor generator that is efficient enough to power their house and or automobile. Three entirely different entities. These forums unfortunately end up with under informed individuals that show their ignorance.

There are millions of magnetic motors working all over the world including generators and alternators. They are all magnetic motors. Magnet motors include all motors using magnets and coils to create propulsion or generate electricity. It a mythical motor that runs on permanent magnets only with no external power applied.

How can you miss that? There are thousands of magnetic motors. In fact all motors are magnetic weather from coils only or coils with magnets or magnets only. It produces current with a Genesis wave form, a voltage that adapts to any device, an amperage that adapts magically, and is perfectly harmless to the touch.

By the way, do you know what an OHM is? Bedini patents everything that works but shares the information here for new entrepreneurs. The only thing not shared are part numbers.

RPS differ with different parts. Different types of cores can make or break the unit working. I was told by patent infringer who changed one thing in a patent and could create and sell almost the same thing.

The internet is the only reason large corps. No testing whatsoever is ever done. Get it? No Testing Ever. All you have to do is research and understand electronics to understand it. There is a lot of fraud out there but you can get through it by research. With 33 years in electronics I can see through the BS and see what really works. Build the SG and see for yourself the working model.. A audio transformer ratio has enough windings.

Maybe 20 pieces all together? That t is not fraud. Yes it is fraud you moron. Unfortunately, it appears they are all fakes because the inventor is always close at hand and never lets the magic motor out of his sight. All one has to do is put a rotating magnet or magnetic field under the table driven conventionally, to make the magic motor appear to work on top of the table.

All known and proven technology can work in the hands of anyone and without the inventor hovering around. Somehow, the true believers give the Magic Motor a free pass on that. Because they hate big oil, big government, and most of all The Big Conspiracy.

No logic can dissuade their delusional belief. The conspiracy must exist to explain the complete and utter lack of a real working model that can work for anybody. With all the kits out there, no conspiracy could suppress a working model. Come on, there are whistle blowers everywhere who would expose such a conspiracy in a minute. I would pay a generous amount if anyone could send me a small working magnetic motor to put on my desk.

It must be powered only by permanent magnets. Or maybe not? Bedini has sent his working models to conventions and let people actually touch them and explained everything to the audience. The SC motor generator is easily duplicated. You can find audio transformers that work quite well for the motor if you look for them and are fortunate enough to find one along with a transistor, diode and resistor and a wheel with magnets on it..

Building these things is easy when you find the parts to work with. I only wish they would give more information as to part numbers you can order for wheels etc. Wire is no issue because you can find it all over the internet. Yet, I do know of one device that moves using magnetic properties with no external power source, tap tap tap a Compass. My point here is that with new techknowledgey and the possiblity of new discovery anything can be possible.

Magnetic streams or very high consentrated areas of magnetic power if you will. Where is there external power source? Tap Tap Tap. Mie2centsHarvey1Thanks for caring enough to respond! Let me address each of your points: 1. It takes external power to manipulate the earths magnetic fields to achieve that.

If you could manage to manipulate a magnetic field as you describe, all you would need is a simple stationary coil to harvest the energy — much more efficient than a mechanical compass needle. Unfortunately, you cannot manipulate the magnetic field without power. With power applied to manipulate the magnetic fields, you have a garden variety brush-less electric motor and a very efficient one at that.

I hope you can relate to what I am saying as many of the enthusiasts here resent my presenting a pragmatic view of the free over unity energy devices described here. All my facts can be clearly demonstrated to be the way the real world works. Videos are never proof of anything as they can be easily faked. No real world proof that the known laws of physics have been proven wrong. No real world proof of anything. Try this — just for a few minutes make yourself believe that the whole over unity concept is a scam.

Just for a few minutes while reading all my posts without forming responses in your mind. My goal is to try and get people to stop wasting time going down dead ends, not to stifle creativity. There is a lot of fraud in perpetual motion machines but not so much in permanent magnet motors and generators. Claims from nuts? Fake videos? Friend of a friend has one? How about facing the real fact that no one has ever had a real working Magical Magnetic Motor that anyone can operate. Come on, acknowledge what I said.

No excuses. No delusions. No using semantics to avoid the subject. How about an answer from someone without attacking me?

This is NOT personal, just factual. Your nothing but an antagonizer! How do you ensure it ever sees the daylight? Hi Jayanth, You need to study all the permanent magnet motors being built on the internet.

I suggest you build a small model first before you get to far ahead of yourself. Hi i will like to know if i can build the magnetic morot on my own way not like the one on u-tube and get patent no. Most of times scientists are dissapointing. Not much time ago they say anything heavier than air can not fly and a few years later we have the sky crowded of many flying machines, then scientist explain how they do.

We need encourage all those crazy inventors trying to do crazy inventions, mankind need them. After they do science will explain how they did. From my opinion… may be I am the most stupid, may be I am not that much to deserve that tittle I have seen some beautiful inventions but at the end, the inventor is murdered, put in jail or patent is bought for a large energy corp and kept in top secret. This is possible because only one man is involved and he wants to become millionaire with its invention.

He is aspiring the big energy corporations money, very bad. That we need is to develop an invention let say magnetic motor in secret, with own money and later donate patent to mankind.

I know USA and Europe patent office work for a small group of people, sounds I am paranoid but my sikiatra says I am perfectly normal. At these point, sounds as dream, but I can not find other way. Your kids and grand kids will say thanks to you. What do you think? Why not?? Over thinking is common. That said , if it works and I believe it does then everybody wants and needs one. Science is constant only to the point of provability and acceptance. Perceived conflicts exist only when one searches for the concept of a truth within preset parameters.

The outcome can only be twofold. So there is ultimately a choice. One can spend their entire life accepting only certain conclusions obtained within a certain preset set of parameters, with no probable progress, or, they can expand the parameters for inclusion, opening the possibility of provability under a heretofore unknown set of standards.

This is not a grand revelation. As such, the parameters were expanded and Quantum Mechanics, aka Quantum Physics, Quantum Theory, was born — the world is no longer flat.

Laws of physics do not need to be modified. A gravity powered or magnetic powered engine does not violate laws of thermodynamics. A gravity engine will simply convert Gravitational energy into electrical energy which follows law of conservation of energy. Hence,real gravitational energy powered engines are not Perpetual motion Machines. Science is constant,cannot be modified according to our wish. For more info regarding the reality of Non-Perpetual Gravity engines,please see my blog with 3 articles as of now:.

Interesting posts, pro and con. However, in the end, one will be judged on their ability to engineer and fabricate a working model of a magnetic motor. The laws of science are not sacrosanct, rather, they will be modified as needed, if needed, when the scientific method proves a change is necessary.

There are simply too many variables — nothing is ever written in rock and working within such boundaries will always stifle an educated and brilliant mind. Hi Chawla, do you have news about your magnet generator? Could be possible see it? And buy it?

Many have tried building a free energy-producing magnetic motor. My duty as a green optimistic is to collect everything I see someone has struggled explaining and demonstrating, put it in one place and let the people free energy generator magnet coil 100 and comment. Such is the example of this magnetic motor. Free energy generator magnet coil 100 need no proof! Generatlr must not think of this! Perish, Satan! One fixed plate over rotating disk free energy generator magnet coil 100 North side parallel to disk surface, and other on the rotating plate connected to small gear G1. Now the magnet over the left disk will try to rotate the disk below in think clock-wise direction. Free energy generator magnet coil 100 there is another magnet at 30 angular distance on Rotating Disk on both side of the magnet M1. Now the large gear G0 is connected directly to Rotating disk with a rod. So after repulsion if Rotating-Disk rotates it will rotate free energy generator magnet coil 100 gear G0 which is connected to gear G1. So the magnet over G1 rotate in the direction perpendicular to that of fixed-disk surface. Now the angle and teeth ratio of G0 and G1 is such that when the magnet M1 moves 30 degree, the other magnet which came in the magjet where M1 was, it will be repelled by the magnet of Fixed-disk as the magnet on Fixed-disk has moved degrees on the plate above gear G1. So free energy generator magnet coil 100 the first repulsion of Magnets M1 and M0 is powerful enough to make rotating-disk logic pro x download free mac degrees or more the disk would rotate till free netflix account and password 2019 occurs in position of disk, friction loss or magnetic energy loss. The space between two disk is just more than the width of magnets M0 and M1 and space needed for connecting gear G0 to rotating disk with a rod. When designing you may think of losses or may think that when rotating disk rotates 30 degrees and magnet M0 will be rotating clock-wise on the plate over G2 then it may start to repel M1 after it has rotated free energy generator magnet coil 100 25 degrees, the solution is to use more powerful magnets. If all the henerator are made precisely with measurements given and the rectangular cubic magnets are powerful enough to rotate more then 30 degrees in first repulsion then the system will work. Here friction and other losses are neglected as magnets are much more powerful. But think of friction between free energy generator magnet coil 100 disk and Shaft, it can be neglected by using magnetic joint between them. On the left primary measurements of needed objects are given. Freee you find any reason of not running this mechanism let me know. It seems to me that this is basically the Perendev motor presented in the same-named category of our blog. free energy generator magnet coil 100 - Free Energy Generator Magnet Coil % Real latest Technology New Idea Project - YouTube. generate electrical energy. It works on the principle of. Neodymium Magnets. In a simple motor, magnetic field is created by the electric coils generally Cu. New Free Energy Generator Magnet Coil % Real New Technology New Idea Project. More information. New Free Energy Generator Magnet Coil % Real. Jan 10, - Free Energy Generator Magnet Coil % Real New Technology - YouTube. See more of Electrical Engineering World on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Related Pages. Electrical Engineering Hub. Free Energy Generator Magnet Coil % Real New Technology New Idea Project - at home - YouTube. Free energy generator % electric new technology - experiment Free energy generator Magnet Coil Work % - New Science project experiment at. #Freeenergy #opensource. Free Energy Generator Magnet Coil % Real New Technology New Idea Project. For More Information Please Visit Our Website. Wasif Kahloon Magnet Free Generator this magnet energy is design on the bases of copper winding coil. the permanent magnets create magnetic field and conv. Fan with Magnet % Free Energy Generator, Project new ideas. Many have tried building a free energy-producing magnetic motor. I am not doing much w magnets now as i am working on a Kapahanize Coil to draw electric from We can modify homopolar generator to get more than % electricity. So answer these simple questions: — cite a reference to any working perpetual motion machine anywhere on the planet — state exactly where the energy comes from in a magnetic motor if all the forces in one add up to zero — tell us when you are going to into therapy. Not much time ago they say anything heavier than air can not fly and a few years later we have the sky crowded of many flying machines, then scientist explain how they do. Kimseymd1: Please stop changing the subject. This means without any considerable reduction of speed of bigger ball travelling towards ground,the smaller balls get extra energy due to gravitational amplification. On the left primary measurements of needed objects are given. But, it should run for an incredibly long time. I seriously doubt anyone will contact me about my offer. Legitimate projects see massive coordination among tens, hundreds or thousands of people all the time. That all has to come from some where. You cannot seem to get this. Quit asking for someone to build one for you. The solution is to provide a magnetic power source that produces current through a wire, so that all motors and electrical devices will run free of charge on this new energy source. free energy generator magnet coil 100