free energy generator easy to build 100 free design

free energy generator easy to build 100 free design

I am going to talk about wiring identical transformers in series and parallel and how to apply it to other t Veedasa Ferdasa. Billie Antonia.

First of all, just to give you a brief idea about what we are going to do, let me start with basics. There are two ways to produce electricity at home. The first method is by using the power of wind, and the second technique is by using Sun's energy - solar power. Both are great, and you should definitely take advantage of each. However, before you can start enjoying free power, there is some work to do. Let's take the example of wind power.

What you need to do here is make your own windmill. Sometimes people also call these machines as wind turbines. They are made to convert the wind into electricity, which can be used at home. These are actually quite easy to build , and if you have the right instructions, then pretty much anyone can do it. That's not really much, considering that it's only one-time investment, which will help you to save thousands of dollars in the future.

Solar panels, which are required to convert solar power into electricity are quite cheap and easy to build as well. So if you want that you are ready to make your own windmill and solar system, then I would recommend you to start with:. Wrong completely! It is costly. But its effectiveness is a measure of energy storage in the event of a power grid failure!

Food waste disposal breaks down and repurposes food. Next, you most likely looked whoever said it in the eye and slowly put the battery on the nearest countertop.

Then, of course, you waited until they…. Are you looking to have a proper funeral for your loved one that is also environmentally friendly? While it may seem silly to worry about the environment when planning a funeral for a loved one, if your loved one was someone who cared deeply about the environment, then planning a green funeral can be a….

This shocking statistic shines a spotlight on the plastic war that the world is currently fighting. Have you joined the battle against plastic? To start, you MUST recycle! How environmentally friendly is your HVAC? Though air conditioning is not very eco-friendly, the more advanced HVAC systems are, the more efficiently they run. Still, as of , 12 percent of US home energy consumption comes from air conditioning.

All around us, climate change is having a marked effect on the planet. Build a window motor which will give you over-unity and it can be built to 8kw which has been done so far! John Bearden has the credentials to analyze such inventions and Bedini has the visions and experience! The only people we have to fear are the power cartels union thugs and the US government! Read two books! Bearden has the credentials and knowledge to answer these questions and Bedini is the visionary for them!

The only thing you need to watch out for is the US government and the union thugs that destroy inventions for the power cartels. Both will try to destroy your ingenuity! Both are criminal elements! How much commission do you get? Are you involved in the selling and publishing of these books in any way? Why are you doing this? Are you writing this from inside a mental institution? Window Motor: An electrical motor that controls the window regulator for power windows.

How about, for once in your life, directly answer a question without some non sequitur answer. Are there any tinkers here with the resources to try and build this thing for themselves?

It certainly looks compelling, but I also know a friend of mine who worked on perpetual motion for a good twenty years with nothing to show for it. Quit asking for someone to build one for you. There can only be one answer. Honestly, for both sides of the argument, put up or shut up.

I was 14 years old in and though of building a permanent magnet motor of my own design. It looked just like what I see on the phoney internet videos. I tried all kinds of clever arrangements and angles but alas — no luck. My older brother explained that in high school physics, they learned that magnetism is not energy at all. Never was, never will be. Something that O. By the way, we had a lot of fun playing with non working motor anyway, and learned a few things in the process.

My brother went on to get his PHD in physics and wound up specializing in magnetism. He designed many of the disk drive plates and electronics in the early DOS computers. I just said it could be built. What it does after that is, as you said, nothing. The most common fraud is to show a working permanent magnet motor with no external power source operating.

How could I know this? Because with all those videos out there, not one person can sell you a working model. Also, not one of these scammers can ever let anyone not related to his scam operate the motor without the scammer hovering around.

Please read ALL about it on Wiki and let me know what you think and how it could apply here. This trap has ensnared some very smart people. Build a window motor which will give you over-unity and it can be built to 8kw which has been created! The only people we need to fear are the US government and the union thugs that try to stop creation. John Bearden has the credentials to create such inventions and Bedini has the visions!

TiborKK — The elephant in the room: Focus — A Permanent Magnet Motor with no outside power source that can operate outside the control of the inventor. Bragging about some future invention they are going to create etc. Our education and perception is the only thing which limits us and seals our imaginations. Things in the big open space work differently. They are free of man created limitations and narrow minded views on energy, matter, time, space and existence.

Our cosmic nature is the direct prove of this, no matter what path we would chose to achieve it as long as we manage to plug ourselves into the endless for us sources out there…. Your ignorance is showing through as usual. There are thousands of items and definitions in history using same names for different items or descriptions. These window motors in the books are total different from car window motors. Read the book you ignorant ass!

Then, he again avoids the subject of the fact that these two books have not produced plans for a single working over unity device that anyone can operate in the open. I wish him well and hope that he gets the help that he obviously needs. Would that qualify as a jihad? Where are those drones when you need them?

You are clueless as to what a window motor is and clueless as to what this forum is about but continually whine about others! Who is clueless? My definition of a Window motor was correct. You had another definition in mind — Big Deal. That has nothing to do with anything. Let it go. By the way — Thank You for addressing my comment directly. There may be hope for you yet.

You might even be a nice guy after all. Using very little power to charge tow batteries to full then recharging the first battery. I still think you are a fool for thinking someone will send you a working permanent magnet motor. Building a Bedini motor is fun and anyone can do it!

I am on my third type but having problems! I am working on a hybrid SSG with two batteries and a bicycle wheel and ceramic magnets. I took the circuit back to SG and it runs fine with a bifilar 1k turn coil. Just realistic. All smoke and mirrors — No Working Models that anyone can operate.

Why should they? The whole subject is mute. You did not even appear to read or understand my response in the least. You cannot seem to get this. Are you so delusional that you cannot understand what I am saying? Are you too intellectually challenged to understand? Are you knowingly changing the subject again to avoid answering me? Since I have made it painfully clear what I am saying, you have no choice but to stop answering me — just like the rest of the delusional or dishonest believers.

In my opinion, your unethical and disingenuous tactics do not make a good case for over unity. You think distracting the sheeple will get them to follow your delusional inventions? Even your simple mind might be able focus on one thing is that too much to ask of your delusional brain? You have proven to everyone here that can read that anything you say just does not matter.

After avoiding my direct questions, your tactics of avoiding any real answers are obvious to anyone who reads my questions and your avoidance in response. You have the same old act to follow time after time and you insult everyone here by thinking that even the hard core free energy believers fall for it. Here are you tactics in a nutshell for everyone to see. You should be embarrassed: 1.

Telling everyone that all motors are magnetic when everyone else but you knows that they really mean a permanent magnet motor that requires no external power source. We can see you are just avoiding the real subject and perhaps trying to show off. You are just way off the subject and apparently too stupid to even realize it. It makes you look like a fool, a scammer, or both. Again, you missed the point completely. It was just to make the point that it never existed.

I explained that to you several times but you just keep repeating how foolish I am to expect someone to send me a motor. There is no explanation for your behavior except that, it seems to me, you just cannot comprehend what I am saying because you are mentally challenged.

You suggested that I build the motor myself. Again you missed the point completely. I have said time and again that the motor is a delusion and does not exist the Mythical Magnetic Motor. This energy stored in the battery can then be used to power loads, and in any way that a standard battery can be used. This device can indeed charge a battery. Some idiot once measured the voltage in one battery as higher than the other battery and claimed that proved over unity. Hint: voltage does not measure power.

Try measuring amp hours at a specific voltage in, and amp hours at the same voltage out. Kimseymd1: You no longer are responding. Were you just having fun here feeling superior? Did I spoil your fun by calling your bluff? How does it feel to know that your little game is exposed by a far superior intellect who has real knowledge of electronics and physics instead of some sheeple with a primary school level of ignorance on the subject?

A delusion can never see the light of day. Thomas E. With a set of plans from the internet? With some phony videos? An elementary school level understanding of physics? How about warp drive? Time travel? Your getting an education in physics?

All just a delusion. AmanIn case you have not noticed, there is no such thing as a gravity or magnetic powered engine. You should at least learn a few laws of physics before saying we do not need to modify them.

Geoff Fritz It has been shown that the particles did not exceed the speed of light. Reality bites but delusions suck. Take your pick. The reason I cannot enlighten you is that no amount of evidence can convince you. Look it up on Wiki. Please do not be rude — this is not personal. Kimseymd1: Please stop changing the subject. Please read my definition of the Magical Magnetic Motor below.

You seem to quote a mixture of real knowledge showing off, are we? Please stay on subject — Focus — A Magnetic Motor that can operate outside the control of the inventor. The patent office does not require, nor conduct any testing of inventions. If you fill out the paper work correctly and send money, you get a patent.

People who apply for patents know this so why would anyone brag about their invention having a patent just to add credibility? They know how easy it was to get a patent therefore they must be a scammer. Read this next sentence carefully and think about it as it eliminates any magical magnetic motor claim.

Focus — A Magnetic Motor that can operate outside the control of the inventor. All motors are either magnetic or kinetic! No surprise. Only proof is phoney videos, not real motors that anyone can operate without the inventor around. Can be used to get the foolish to part with their money for plans.

John Bedini has emphasized this very point on many occasions. Your only basis in saying what you did about me is that it disagrees with your hope that the magical magnetic motor a magnetic motor that runs on permanent magnets with no outside power source is real. The answer is in my post where I said I would pay generously for one. I really mean that.

The whole point of my post is that the magical magnetic motor is only a delusion and does not exist. No one can build a delusion. This is the way I did it, except I used my room's light switch cover. The second way: the outdoor way get a long, thin metal pole about 2 feet long and stick it almost all the way into the ground, if you need to then use a hammer to do it, then connect a one end of a stripped wire to the little bit sticking out of the ground.

That is the way I did not use because I don't like going outside. So there are two methods to making a grounding connection, but I recommend using the first way because the cover is professionally grounded.

I take no responsibility in any injury or death or damage that might occur if you were to stupid to read the previous sentence. This is probably the most basic free energy generator you could make. I recommend this to beginners. For the capacitor, I recommend any capacitance from uf to as high as you can get it. Just follow the schematic to build it. I tested it and it makes a little less than. Just to tell you, the charging time for the test was 5 minutes.

I used a uf, 25 volt cap. I give credit to guyfrom7up for this generator. This is probably the second most basic free energy generator you could make. I recommend this to beginners with more electrical knowledge. WARNING, this is one of the worst generators you can build, and it's worse than the first one,and I don't think it can make more that 1 volt either. I tested it and it makes almost 0 volts and it makes way less than. I used a uf, 25 volt cap and a silicone diode. This is probably the other second most basic free energy generator you could make.

I recommend this to beginners with electrical knowledge. WARNING, this is the other worst generator you can build, and it's worse than the first one,and I don't think it can make more that 1 volt either.

I tested it and it makes almost 0 volts, like 2, and it makes way less than. I used a uf, 25 volt cap and two silicone diodes. An engine-generator is the combination of an electrical generator and an engine prime mover mounted together to form a single piece of self-contained equipment. The engines used are usually piston engines, but gas turbines can also be used.

And there are even hybrid diesel-gas units, called dual-fuel units. Many different versions of engine-generators are available - ranging from very small portable petrol powered sets to large turbine installations. The primary advantage of engine-generators is the ability to independently supply electricity, allowing the units to serve as backup power solutions.

A generator can also be driven by human muscle power for instance, in field radio station equipment. Human powered direct current generators are commercially available, and have been the project of some DIY enthusiasts. Typically operated by means of pedal power, a converted bicycle trainer, or a foot pump, such generators can be practically used to charge batteries, and in some cases are designed with an integral inverter.

An average "healthy human" can produce a steady 75 Watts 0. At the end of which an undetermined period of rest and recovery will be required. At Watts the average "healthy human" becomes exhausted within 10 minutes.

Portable radio receivers with a crank are made to reduce battery purchase requirements, see clockwork radio. During the mid 20th century, pedal powered radios were used throughout the Australian outback , to provide schooling School of the Air , medical and other needs in remote stations and towns. A tachogenerator is an electromechanical device which produces an output voltage proportional to its shaft speed.

It may be used for a speed indicator or in a feedback speed control system. Tachogenerators are frequently used to power tachometers to measure the speeds of electric motors, engines, and the equipment they power. Generators generate voltage roughly proportional to shaft speed. With precise construction and design, generators can be built to produce very precise voltages for certain ranges of shaft speeds. An equivalent circuit of a generator and load is shown in the adjacent diagram. The generator is represented by an abstract generator consisting of an ideal voltage source and an internal resistance.

This is the simplest model of a generator, further elements may need to be added for an accurate representation. In particular, inductance can be added to allow for the machine's windings and magnetic leakage flux, [22] but a full representation can become much more complex than this. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about electromagnetic power generation.

Tam ekran izle. Geerda Saadaza. Takip et. I was playing around with a dyi neodymium magnet motor and felt an electric tickle. Free energy generator easy to build 100 free design Ferdasa. Billie Antonia. Dawson Wyatt. Videos House. Filiberto Danio. Watch Live - Juneteenth marches, protests continue across the New York area. Agence France-Presse. Juneteenth- Marches held across the U. A Juneteenth rally takes place in Oakland, Californ. Ben Carson on the importance of making Juneteenth a national holiday. K11 Entertainment. free energy generator easy to build 100 free design How to make % free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings Free energy electricity using magnets motor with fan - Science projects easy at Videos - Free energy Videos Design - Free energy Magnets How To Build. Free energy generator, easy to build, % free design. Personalized ideas. How to Make free energy Generator With Magnet very easy - Experiment DIY. research ground work of magnets to create a perfect strong prototype for better Magnet Engine free energy generator is an easy device to generate In a simple motor, magnetic field is This design may prove to be a pioneer in the field. Many have tried building a free energy-producing magnetic motor. When designing you may think of losses or may think that when rotating disk rotates 30 We can modify homopolar generator to get more than % electricity This is easy to demonstrate because absolutely everything that we have cataloged in​. How to make DC motor at home, homemade electric motor easy Mohamedm e​. PDF | This paper deals with the fabrication of free energy generator which runs on almost no input and gives a valuable amount of constructions and it is one which is simpler to construct, can turning in spite of it being such a very simple motor design. All Rights Reserved © IJARMATE The grounding connection is fairly easy to make. This is probably the most basic free energy generator you could make. I recommend this to beginners. For the capacitor, I recommend any capacitance from uf to as high as you can get it. and I designed it; the funny thing is that I designed it and then found the exact. If someone can use such a device to make electricity, selling it to you is not a Free energy generators are in 99% probability within the following categories, It's really that simple. Generator is of course the wrong term, as if a perpetual motion machine were There is even one design with 12 compound advantages​. Easy homemade generator, free energy generation. Step by step plan to build homemade generators, provide electricity for families, reduce Exactly, it's a very good design. Although not generating % free energy. free energy generator with partlist included % free design. This is my diy "free energy generator". It's easy to build yourself. Please give me feedback if you. For years, zero point energy was thought of as nothing but a theoretical concept. Unfortunately, after he died, the big electricity companies almost wiped Nikola from history because of his free electricity inventions. He holds 17 patents and is knowledgeable in many different types of electric motor designs. His father was a mechanical engineer, so he has been immersed in the field of electro-mechanical motion from his youth. QuantaMagnetics also offers self-charging energy cells, similar to solar cells in output, but not needing sunlight or any outside source to generate electrical current. Introduction: Free Energy Generators. These are actually quite easy to build , and if you have the right instructions, then pretty much anyone can do it. Not only for the emergency but this power plant also able to cut down by 60 percent of your electric bill. If you have both antenna and ground, it charges faster than if you only use one. I used a uf, 25 volt cap. If you have any experience with these devices or just would like to say something, please comment below. Quantum mechanics is pure BS. So as it extends into space, it gradually thins out into a lot of streams of electrically charged particles called solar wind. free energy generator easy to build 100 free design