free energy devices build and science

free energy devices build and science

The Air-gen device requires only a thin film of protein nanowires less than 10 microns thick, the researchers explain. The bottom of the film rests on an electrode, while a smaller electrode that covers only part of the nanowire film sits on top.

The film adsorbs water vapor from the atmosphere. A combination of the electrical conductivity and surface chemistry of the protein nanowires, coupled with the fine pores between the nanowires within the film, establishes the conditions that generate an electrical current between the two electrodes.

The researchers say that the current generation of Air-gen devices are able to power small electronics, and they expect to bring the invention to commercial scale soon.

Next steps they plan include developing a small Air-gen "patch" that can power electronic wearables such as health and fitness monitors and smart watches, which would eliminate the requirement for traditional batteries.

Rules are there to be broken and all the rules have done is stunt technology advances. Education keeps people dumbed down in an era where energy is big money and anything seen as free is a threat. Open your eyes to the real possibilities.

Tesla was a genius in his day and nearly years later we are going backwards. One thing is for sure, magnets are fantastic objects. I am currently designing my own magnet motor. In therory it works but why only allow the magnets to do the work on their own. You would yield more usabale power than needed to operate the unit. I think a lot of people get caught up on the words used here and take each one literally. I like to think that something like this is possible as our species has achieved many things others thought impossible and how many times has science changed the thinking almost on a daily basis due to new discoveries.

I think if we can get past the wording here and taking each word literally and focus on the concept, there can be some serious break throughs with the many smart, forward thinking people in this thread. How do you guys suppose a person sell such a device so billions and billions of dollars without it getting stolen first? Patening such an idea makes it public knowledge and other countries like china will just steal it.

Such a device effects the whole world. How does a person protect himself from big corporations and big countries assassinating him? How does he even start the process of showing it to the world without getting killed first? Almost got it spinning forever… Still have more magnets in the mail to help me with the cogging. Look in your car engine and you will see one. I remain open minded provided that are simple, straight forward experiments one can perform.

How can a magnet pass a coil of wire at the speed of a human hand and cause electrons to accelerate to near the speed of light? If there is energy stored in uranium, is there not energy stored in a magnet? Is there some magical thing that electricity does in an electric motor other than turn on and off magnets around the armature? I know some about inductive kick, building and collapsing fields, phasing, poles and frequency, and ohms law, so be creative.

I have noticed that everything is relative to something else and there are no absolutes to anything. Even scientific formulas are inexact, no matter how many decimal places you carry the calculations. How long is perpetuity? Is that not a relative term as well? If something stops ten minutes after you die was it not perpetual to you?

I am trying this thing myself according to my own ideas and others and I will learn a lot in the process, either way. It could work the main problem is when you try to add a generator to the shaft the magnet wheel will slow down and stop.

If a machine can produce more energy than it takes to operate it, then the theory will work. With magnets there is a point where North and South meet and that requires force to get by.

Inertia would seem to be the best force to use but building the inertia becomes problematic unless you can store a little bit of energy in a capacitor and release it at exactly the correct time as the magic point crosses over with an electromagnet. I am experimenting with this type of machine right now and not having a lot of luck doing it. It has also occurred to me that most of the inventors on the internet are not very successful for if they were they would be closely guarding their secret while reaping in the benefits of their creations.

Win or lose, it matters not,the fun is in the education and the adventure. What if we take the idea that the magnetic motor is not a perpetual motion machine, but is an energy storage device. So it takes , Kwhrs to make this machine. Another thought is short term storage of solar power. It would be way more efficient than battery storage. The solution is to provide a magnetic power source that produces current through a wire, so that all motors and electrical devices will run free of charge on this new energy source.

I think that I have the solution and will begin building the prototype. My first prototype will fit into a 3-inch cube size box, weighing less than 1 pound, will have two wires coming from it, and I will test the output. Many things in the past seemed impossible, like transmitting your voice thousands of miles through the air. People said it was impossible. Now we have radio communications.

I believe there. I have a similar idea, but,by trying to either embed the strategically placed magnets, in such a way, as to be producing 50, or, 60 Hertz, this being the usual method of building electrical, electronic and visual electronics.

This would be done, either on the sides of the discs, one being fixed, maybe a third disc, of either, mica, or metallic infused perspex, this would spin as well as the outer disc, fitted with the driving shaft and splined hub. Could anybody, build this? Please pull this apart, nay say it, or try to build it? Lets use a slave to start it spinning, initially!! In some areas Eienstien was correct and in others he was wrong. His Theory of Special Realitivity used concepts taken from Lorentz.

Since this contraction formula has been proven by numerous experiments, It seems to be correct. So, the discarding of aether was the primary mistake of the Physics establishment.

Empty space is not empty. It has physical properties, an Impedance, a constant of electrical permittivy, and a constant of magnetic permability. Truely empty space would have no such properties! The Aether is seathing with energy. Matter is theorised to be vortexes of aether spinning at the speed of light.

It that respect matter can be created. Many researchers feel that magnetism is one way to tap this Zero Point Energy. Many free energy machines use this concept. All the energy that exists, has ever existed, and will ever exist within the universe is EXACTLY the same amount as it ever has been, is, or will be.

There is no way around this simple truth of the universe, sorry. You said what you needed to say. Go away and let us have an adult discussion. Why does it hurt your feelings so much to have someone with actual knowledge of the topic try to teach you about it that you have to call me names? There is a serious problem with your argument. Where is all of that energy coming from that causes the universe to accelerate outward and away from other massive bodies?

What was called religion yesterday is called science today. But no one can offer any real explanation without the granting of one miracle that it cannot explain.

Chink, chink goes the armor. The fatal flaw in your comment is your assumption that all the energy and matter which is just energy, actually was created at some point. Current information shows that the sum total of all the energy in the universe is zero.

Everything you think of as existing…is nothing. There is no magic involved. You just want there to be to support your desire for fantastical things to be real. Energy is being lost slowly over time. No, not really. Frankly you are simply another person here who lacks an education in science and is therefore easy prey for snake oil and perpetual motion machine salesmen.

The real chinks are in the idea that perpetual motion machines are possible and can be used to generate unlimited free energy. You asked about the planets as if they are such machines. Do they spin and orbit for a very long time? The problem here is to get energy from that object you have to come into contact with it. This simple contradiction dispels your idea. As soon as you contact the object and extract its motion as force which you convert into energy, you have slowed it.

The longer you continue the more it slows until it is no longer moving. But they DO work, thus validating the laws of physics. Alright then…If your statement and our science is completely correct then where is your proof? If all the energy in the universe is the same as it has always been then where is the proof?

If science can account for this additional non-zero energy source then why do they call it dark energy and why can we not find direct evidence of it? There is much that our current religion cannot account for. What makes it so in your mind because the source of energy and how it is produced or extracted is precisely the argument here.

Whether or not the equations you are familiar with account for it or not. Energy must exist to cause a force in any direction. Um, lacking a feasible explanation or even tangible evidence for this thing our science calls the Big Bang puts it into the realm of magic. And if the big bang is bullshit, which is likely, and the Universe is, in fact, infinite then it stands to reason that energy and mass can be created ad infinitum.

You just simply say that I want there to be such and such to support my ideas. Very effective argumentation. As for perpetual motion, if you can show me a heavenly body that is absolutely stationary then you win. But that has never once been observed. Not once have we spotted anything with out instruments that we can say for certain that it is indeed stationary. So perpetual motion is not only real but it is inescapable. This is easy to demonstrate because absolutely everything that we have cataloged in science is in motion.

Nothing in the universe is stationary. So the real question is why do people think that perpetual motion is impossible considering that we have never observed anything that is contrary to motion. Everything is in motion and, as far as we can tell, will continue to be in motion. Yes our science has produced repeatable experiments that validate these fundamental laws of motion. But these laws are relative to the frame of reference.

A stationary boulder on Earth is still in motion from the macro-level perspective. But then how can anything be stationary in a continually expanding cosmos? Where is that energy the produces the force? Where does it come from? The problem with science today is the same as the problems with religion.

We want to believe that we have a firm grasp on things so we accept our scientific conclusions until experimental results force us to modify those explanations. But to make claims about knowing the universe, its energy, its mass and so on is hubris and any scientist acknowledges the real possibility that our science could be proven wrong at any given point. Oh my thats quite an argument. Very deep. Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can and cannot upvote? Go be miserable elsewhere alysdexia….

As i was say perpetual motion as we ubderstand it is not perpetual. The stars and planet will go on in there motion for billions of years but will tgen stop that energy will change and start new motions creating new stars and systems for adding other ones. Our lives are but insignificant in the big picture of our universe. For some people, free energy means "free to me," or stolen.

Plenty of people attempt to pirate power each day simply by bypassing their electricity meters or by running an extension cord to someone else's outlet.

India, for example, has one of the worst records of electrical theft; power companies there are trying to cut their losses by implementing tracking software for last-mile losses as the electricity moves from the substation to the consumer. According to one estimate, 40 percent of the country's power is lost to theft and pilferage [source: Hindustan Times ]. That makes pirating power from street lamps for street jams and block parties seem tame in comparison.

Either way, we don't recommend it. Is free energy a flush away? Just follow the schematic to build it. I tested it and it makes a little less than. Just to tell you, the charging time for the test was 5 minutes. I used a uf, 25 volt cap. I give credit to guyfrom7up for this generator. This is probably the second most basic free energy generator you could make.

I recommend this to beginners with more electrical knowledge. WARNING, this is one of the worst generators you can build, and it's worse than the first one,and I don't think it can make more that 1 volt either. I tested it and it makes almost 0 volts and it makes way less than.

I used a uf, 25 volt cap and a silicone diode. This is probably the other second most basic free energy generator you could make. I recommend this to beginners with electrical knowledge. WARNING, this is the other worst generator you can build, and it's worse than the first one,and I don't think it can make more that 1 volt either.

I tested it and it makes almost 0 volts, like 2, and it makes way less than. I used a uf, 25 volt cap and two silicone diodes. This is not as basic as the first three. I recommend this to beginning intermediates. For the capacitor, I recommend any thing from uf to as high as you can get it. This is the best generator in this instructable.

I tested it and it makes 2 bursts of 0. Kind now explains how free energy and anti-gravity might be possible with today's physics. Included is Morays 50KV free energy machine, the controversial cold fusion experiment. Contains pages of interesting information and illustrations. A loose plastic covering the output stops backflow during the night. Works year long.

PL - 24 pages Includes easy to understand slide show, sample chapter from the forth coming book, selected articles, patents, all on the applications of ZPE. PL - 24 page report Includes articles, patents, and business plan. How can we tell a free energy scam from an honest FE researcher? Here are some symptoms of a scam: The researcher wants your money. He wants people to invest, he wants subscribers for expensive newsletters, wants to sell "Dealer ships", he wants individuals to make large "donations.

If absolutely no money is involved, then the researcher might be legit Some scammers say that they want to improve the world etc. They keep secrets, they run complex buisness deals You'll notice that the scammer uses deception.

Now we all know that the "FE" field is similar to people selling maps to lost gold mines, or it's like the used car arena: honest dealers may exist, but they are rare.

The majority of publicized FE companies are con-artists selling worthless junk to gullible people. For this reason, real FE researchers are careful to remain scruptiously honest. They bend over backwards to avoid misleading anyone even a little. Bibcode : DSRI Aiken, Ph.

Army National Ground Intelligence Center. Forays into "free energy" inventions and perpetual-motion machines using ZPE are considered by the broader scientific community to be pseudoscience. Scientific American Frontiers. Chedd-Angier Production Company. Is it really possible that we could harness this energy? Archived from the original on July 14, Retrieved 31 May American Journal of Physics. Quanta Magazine. Perpetual motion at Wikipedia's sister projects. Bourgeois pseudoscience Demarcation problem Scientific method Suppressed research in the Soviet Union Traditional medicine.

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Cater's self-powered generator and Dr Oleg Gritskevitch's 1. Cater's free-energy box.

AFER Labs. Search this site. Free Energy Amplifier. Water For Fuel. Other Video Collection. JNL Labs. PES wiki. Contact Information R Murray-Smith. First published in this is the result of a lot of work by Patrick Kelly in gathering together information about free energy devices. It is updates once or twice a week. It should be stressed that this information is what he has dis co vered as part of his interest in the subject and is mainly a reporting on what is being said by other people. But as such I have found it invaluable as a starting point for any investigation. The full book can be found here It is a very big book! It is nearly 3, pages long. Luckily free energy devices build and science has been broken down into free energy devices build and science chunks. Cater's christina perri a thousand years piano sheet music easy free generator and Dr Free energy devices build and science Gritskevitch's 1. Cater's free-energy free energy devices build and science. How to get out of debt: the situation in the UK, the deception of "Joinder", the deception of "Notice", the deception of "Includes", the deception of "Summons", the deception of the "Name", the deception of the "Birth Certificate", the deception of "Registration", the "Government" is actually a company, meet your "strawman", what the police can and can't do, the free energy devices build and science in America, economic hit-men and their actions, the techniques used against you, the resulting consequences, research material and the practical situation and what you can do about it. Topics: What Should I Build? Appendix Part 1 The Appendix is part of the eBook and is normally downloaded with it. free energy devices build and science Today I Will Show,Free Energy Science Electric Generator Magnet Speaker at Home Build an Amazing Tesla CD Turbine: Build a real working turbine from. Free Energy Generators: Edit (7 years later): Hello all, I know that the information in this instructable is somewhat flawed. There are By techno guy in Workshop​Science WARNING, this is a bad generator to build since I don't think it can make more that 1 volt. This also shows that energy device #1 and #5 are the best. Mr. Danzik, the science and technology officer for Wyoming-based known as a free-energy device, a cousin to the fabled perpetual-motion machine. In another part of the building, the company is already manufacturing. This is our second attempt at a perpetual motion - free energy machine. It is · Renewable machine. It started as a science fair project on renewable energy (​powered by. How you build your Free Energy Magnet Motor in 12 days! Magnet. Still others want to build machines capable of creating energy out of nothing. Or at least be able to extract more energy than the amount of power it takes to run. Many have tried building a free energy-producing magnetic motor. Also read: $38 Device Extends Your $1, Phone's Battery Life Like Nothing Else the frauds found on YouTube, should watch “Free Energy Device Build and Science”:​. Practical suggestions for testing machines properly and effectively at low cost. Basement tinkerers build overbalanced wheels, magnet motors, and cyclic Furthermore, in science we don't take any hypothesis seriously unless it is in principle falsifiable. After that push the wheel displays kinetic energy of rotation​. Perpetual motion is the motion of bodies that continues forever. A perpetual motion machine is A common example is devices powered by ocean currents, whose energy is % efficiency, because it is impossible to design any system that is free of energy Impossibility: The Limits of Science and the Science of Limits. the key researcher in free energy theories and invented. most of the free energy devices. Tesla introduced two free. energy theories. The earlier. Afer is about promoting free energy research and over-unity. lot of work by Patrick Kelly in gathering together information about free energy devices. Ron Pugh's battery charger build, a self-charging battery pulser, the fan pulse charger, Faraday's Homopolar Generator (or the N-Machine), the Borderland Science AC. Get a piece of cardboard that is around 1 foot by 1 foot. About: Just another computer nerd. Here are a few ideas of how to achieve this at home, or at least get close to it. Free energy can be tempting to people who want something for nothing. These new particles are detected and give physicists clues about what types of particles can exist. Thankfully, the master minds of DIY will not let this happen. Nuclear bombs and nuclear reactors also convert mass to energy, but the conversion is very inefficient and only a fraction of the bomb's mass is converted to energy. My results weren't good because I improvised and used two uf, 25volt electrolytic caps; two 0. I recommend this to intermediates. The Apex is when harvest rotation in an Apex packing of permanent magnets. This is the best generator in this instructable. free energy devices build and science