free download kamasutra book in urdu language pdf with photo

free download kamasutra book in urdu language pdf with photo

Ingen kommentarer til Kamasutra books pdf urdu. Lucent general english grammar pdf books. Home For Business Medical. Real Estate. In the literature of all countries there will be found a certain number of works treating especially of love. Had we known, we would not have ruined the lives of so many British virgins. He understood that this book could not be any more possession of only India; the whole world needed to know about it. During another 10 years, Richard Burton was carrying the sketches of the very first Kamasutra, which Europe was just about to learn.

Only in the speed of his travelling became lower that allowed him to collect his notices which he had collected during dozens of years, to take a pen to expose on a sheet of paper everything that he had learnt about the book during many years. And this became a start point of acquaintance of Europe and then of the whole world with the Kamasutra. Therefore, Richard together with his comrade and co-thinker decided to found a special Kama Sutra Society, on behalf of which by the permission of special authorities he manager to publish the first translation of the Kamasutra from Sanskrit in However, there are some assumptions that he translated the book from the translation, which existed at that time into the language that Richard knew.

Conservative England greeted the first translation of this book with cold. The laws and public morality were at odds with the content of the Indian tractate, which for that time was considered quite explicit. There were printed only copies. After some time it was considered pornography and was forbidden till After the Second World War with growing of a new generation and changing standards and values in Europe started the sex revolution which put ease the society from its sexual side.

It gave the translation of the Kamasutra a new fresh breath. The book was again allowed to be printed. By that time, the translation was equipped with large images of different positions in sex, what was not presented in the original text. Of course, it became a reason of the quickly growing popularity of the Kamasutra. However, as a result the accents were moved, they leaded readers far from the main more valuable, important and deep part of the content of the Kama Sutra, making it out of attention.

We say about the parts, which highlighted the relations between the man and the woman, the essence of their sexual intimacy, previous game, environment, and prelude — everything, that turned mechanical sex into an act of love. Instead of that, all the attention was concentrated on the positions which by themselves, without everything that was mentioned above meant little.

After that, since there started an active porn industry, which also caught up and started to develop actively brand of the Kamasutra in the whole world, making different films and educational manuals on sex positions.

As a result, among many people, name of the book is associated exclusively with sex positions. Through the years, popularity of the book was growing as well as demand for educative literature about sex. Thus the Kama Sutra is known nowadays. The story goes that the young Brahmin Shvetaketu went to a seminar held by the Kuru-Panchalas, somewhere near Indraprashta and lost an argument he had with a Kshatriya called Pravahana Jaivali.

Discomfited, he asked his father, the sage Uddalaka, about the problem. Uddalaka did not know the answers and humbly asked Jaivali to instruct his son, Shvetaketu.

Thereupon Jaivali became the guru of the young Brahmin and taught him many things, including all that he knew about the man and woman relationship. Uddalaka himself seems to have become interested in this theme and is referred to in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad as an authority on sex relations.

For those who find it odd that rishis were commenting upon sexuality, it must be noted that in ancient India, the saints and sages were not limited in knowing to just the shastras. They were holders and receptacles of every kind of knowledge. Indeed, there is a whole tradition of Kama Shastra or the texts related to love and sexuality before Vatsyayana. He mentions the compendium of Babhravya, known as the author of Kama-Patha of the Rigveda, who was an author from Panchala, south of Indraprashta, to whom he owed much of his information.

Dattaka, referred to as the specialist on courtesans, was obviously a Nagaraka of Pataliputra, a frequenter of the houses of courtesans, such as resided in every capital from early times, an institution of elegant women, who taught good manners and civilized arts to young princes and nobles.

Vatsyayana respectfully mentions his debt to other scholars like Kuchumara, Gonikaputra and Ghotakamukha. By invoking the names of these ancient sages, Vatsyayana lays emphasis on the sacredness of the theme on which he had begun to work. But Kama being a thing which is practis- ed, even by the brute creation, and which is to be found everywhere, does not need any work on the subject.

The non-application of proper means, which we see in the brute creations, is caused by their being unrestrained, and by the females among them only being fit for sexual inter- course at certain seasons and no more, and by their intercourse not being preceded by thought of any kind. He answers other challenges: The Lokayatikas, who are materialists, believe that a pigeon today is better than a peacock tomorrow, object to religious injunctions because the practice of these may bring some fruit or may not be fruitful at all.

It is, however, advisable to furnish here a brief analysis of works of the same nature, prepared by authors who lived and wrote years after Vatsyayana had passed away, but who still considered him as the great authority, and always quoted him as the chief guide to Hindoo erotic literature.

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