free download android file transfer for mac

free download android file transfer for mac

Emit 1. Related advice. More results for "Android file transfer mac os Found a bad link? Previous versions 1 1. Well, to be honest, this is more than just an alternative as not only that it supports transferring music, videos, photos, messages, contacts or books, but it also offers the function of backing up and restoring the data in your phone.

Conclusion: MobiKin is the complete transfer tool you need if you also want to backup and restore your device using one app. It offers a free trial, and you can transfer almost any type of data, from call logs and SMS to books, videos, and music.

The 1 click backup and restore feature is handy, and you can even backup your contacts to Mac, then edit them on your computer. Besides transferring all types of files, you can use this app to manage the contents on both devices and being a freeware app makes things even better!

Conclusion: HandShaker is an excellent, free option for transferring files between Mac and Android. Using AirDroid you get a complete app to transfer any type of file from an Android device to a Mac. Conclusion: Thanks to its compatibility with multiple operating systems, ability to transfer almost any type of data, and option to upgrade to a premium account to enjoy additional features, AirDroid is one of our favorite solutions for transferring files from Mac to Android.

Using cloud storages is also an option even if not the most convenient one. It adds an extra step to the process but is helpful when you don't have other options. You may already have a Dropbox or SugarSync account and can make use of those. Dropbox is one of the oldest and most popular not a platform specific cloud storage.

It became so popular because it offers free cloud storage space. Moreover, the fact that Dropbox allows sharing stored data with others even if they don't have a Dropbox account adds scores to its flexibility. And even though this service is not an Android file transfer one per se, you can use Dropbox for your Android files - just install it on Mac and Android and upload or download data from or to your Dropbox account personal data like contacts and calendar events are not supported, just file transfer.

SugarSync is similar to Dropbox, but is less popular. Cloud storage space it provides can be used for data and folders transfer. Your stored data can be shared with others; you can also remove the data from all devices in case of loss or theft.

Supports macOS Updated Over a year ago. Dorkypants 27 September Works on Mojave No updates, Google? Citizenvern 01 May Taposhy khondoker [ Reply ]. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This is how your screen will look like if your files are in the DCIM arrangement:.

This Android File Transfer for macOS app allows you to drag and drop files from this window to the desktop and vice versa. You also have the freedom to create, edit, and manage files and folders in the app. Our verdict : The Android File Transfer from Google does exactly what it promises — allows users to easily transfer files from Android devices to Mac devices. Once you install the Android File Transfer for Mac app on your computer and connect your phone to your Mac, the two devices should automatically recognize each other, connect, and sync.

Here is what you need to do to fix Android File Transfer Mac and successfully transfer your files between the Android and Mac devices.

One of the most common causes of app failures is a faulty USB cable. Remove the USB cable you are currently using and use a new one. Re-try the process of file transfer. The SyncMate app supports multiple devices and comes equipped with numerous features.

You can mount your Android devices as separate Mac disks here. This will allow you to look through your collections very easily and transfer files from one device to another without any hassle. A simple drag-and-drop is sufficient. In addition to file transfer, SyncMate allows users to sync any data they want between Mac and Android.

SyncMate syncs a wide variety of content including pictures, audio files, videos, documents, calendars, contacts and so on. The main advantage of syncing with SyncMate is that the process is performed directly between Mac and Android apps. When it comes to performing a photo transfer from Android to Mac - just the simple transfer, not a full sync - you only need to know the following steps.

Also, in case you want to sync all the photos the difference between transferring a photo and syncing them is that with sync you get the photos on both devices , check out the Photos plugin that SyncMate offers.

If instead of photos you need to transfer music from Mac to Android or the other way around, just follow the steps below:. Finally, if you want to transfer files from Android to Mac , any other types of files than photos or music, you can do so by applying these steps.

Our verdict : SyncMate goes far beyond just an Android file transfer for Mac alternative. It syncs absolutely all data across devices and acts as a versatile and reliable tool for both personal and business needs. Be the first to leave your opinion! What do you think about Android File Transfer? Do you recommend it?

Rate this App. If you want to upload music from your computer to your collection on Google Play, you should do so with the Music Manager application. Android File Transfer. Read more. Pregunto, por que en una oportunidad convert adobe digital editions to pdf free online actualizar iPhoto me borro todo el archivo Quiero bajar este aplicativo para poder transferir fotos de un celular Samsung Galaxi. Hago esta pregunta por que no soy experto en mac. Nokia Multimedia Transfer. Sony Ericsson Themes Creator. Android File Transfer 1. Google Inc. Latest version 1. Notes If you want to upload music from your computer to your collection on Google Play, you free download android file transfer for mac do so with the Music Manager application. Opinions about Android File Transfer 3. Previous versions free download android file transfer for mac 1. Nokia Nokia Multimedia Transfer. LemonNut Tone-Foo. Ripdev InstallerApp. Language X. free download android file transfer for mac Android File Transfer for Mac, free and safe download. Android File Transfer latest version: Software to Transfer Files Between Mac and Android Devices. Download Android File Transfer for Mac. The new Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) enables you to manage content on any portable device with. Download the latest version of Android File Transfer for Mac. Transfer files via USB from your Android to your Mac. Android File License: Free. Category. How to Move Files from Android to Mac? Android smartphones are not popular among macbook laptop users, as a person that uses Windows. Conclusion: This app is free to download and lets you easily transfer files between Mac and your Android device using drag and drop. Android File Transfer - Gives access to MTP devices over USB. Download the latest Android File Transfer free download for Mac. Download the Android File Transfer from Google onto your Mac from this The biggest advantage of the app is that it's completely free to use. Android File Transfer is a free utility that helps you transfer files to your Android devices. As you may know 2. 8/10 (18 votes) - Download Android File Transfer Mac Free. Android File Transfer lets you move files from Android to your Mac. Download Android File Transfer. Pros: SugarSync works with most operating systems to transfer and sync files, allowing users to work seamlessly across devices. Moving files around between Android devices and a computer should not be very difficult, or involve any cloud services. Open Android File Transfer. Android File Transfer 1. What is the best Android file transfer tool? Once you install the Android File Transfer for Mac app on your computer and connect your phone to your Mac, the two devices should automatically recognize each other, connect, and sync. Pros: AirDroid lets users transfer and manage files, data, and apps with ease by connecting their Mac and Android device via Wi-Fi. However, this software has several drawbacks which you might not realize at a glance. Olga Weis Jul 2, Select your Android from the list of devices and connect your Mac with the Android. free download android file transfer for mac