flowers from the storm by laura kinsale read online free

flowers from the storm by laura kinsale read online free

Pat, thank you for telling me that. Sometimes fiction can have a stronger impact on us than the health reminders that we all hear. I am SO GLAD you got your husband quickly to a doctor—time is of the essence, especially since now there are better drugs to treat strokes immediately and stave off damage. Laura, I absolutely loved this book. Seeing Jervaux struggle for words and interpretations… I felt a raw compassion from him from the start that was not expected. Initially I wondered how you could pull off such a vulnerable hero, but not only did you pull it off, you worked magic!

I love your work, Laura. You were born to write, Laura. I think that one of the best compliments a writer can receive is for a reader to say that I wish that your books would never end.

Your talent is almost beyond description. The Shadow and the Star is my absolute favorite; I cry for the the child Samuel and the adult Samuel, who is so afraid to show his emotions. Please never stop writing. I only wish that you could write more. Hi, Laura! I worked for some years with handicapped adults and I think you were very faithful to reality. Christian is one of my favorite heroes EVER.

I spent the whole book with a stupid and silly smile on my face. He is so vulnerable that he almost seems like a young boy. I wanted to comfort him all the time. Thank you for this wonderful story.

After 34 years of dedicated, avid reading of romances, this is still the absolute best historical romance novel ever written. I know you have heard this alot, but this novel deserves a place beside some of the best fiction of our time regardless of genre. I apologize for being quite late to reply to these comments. Ashley, thanks! I found the research into the brain fascinating,and still do.

Good luck with your writing! Georgette Heyer and Victoria Holt soon became idols to me. A friend once assured me that people really DO feel the emotions of which you write. Highly recommended, so I read it. I absolutely love FFTS! It is my all time favorite! My Number 1! I just wish there was a movie. Maybe that is unachievable.

Then how about making FFTS into an audiobook. Will that be happening anytime soon? How can we fans make it occur sooner? Fiona, thanks! Thank you and glad you enjoy the book. Dear Ms Kinsale! Absolutely The Best! I am an avid reader, but never have read any romance novels till last year. Your novels are a French cousin, a rare finding indeed, in a sea of fries and macaroni and cheese of romance. Your brilliant writing described so perfectly how our strength and pride can turn out to be merely a weakness and shame, when circumstances change.

I am not interested in seeing any of your books made into movie:for simple reason- they will not be able to convey the depth of emotions present in Your writing. I am Polish English is my second language and feel sad that your beautiful stories were not translated ,so far to my native language. Laura You have amazing talent! Please keep writing!!! Stefanie, thank you, you made me chuckle with the comparison to a French cousin among the macaroni and cheese.

Nina, you know what? An intensification of the old cliche, April showers bring May flowers, I suppose! Is that a reasonable excuse? I was never very happy with that title, and wish I were better at thinking up good titles! Good luck with your essay, and probably your hypotheses are better than mine. I was thinkn how do they choose the 10 best?

Ive been reading various novels, science fiction, classical, etc. I was so enraptured by the book, i was looking for normal paperback or Hardback, but that pic, ehhh, kind of does an injustice to the story.

So, i only have the mass paperback, crinkled already on the edges, its a keeper for me, wanted another one, but not mass pb. I bought 3 other books of yours cuz i love the way you write, just got the Amazon box today! So excited. I would love to see this book in a movie, how i wish! Ok, its a trashy book, entertaining, but not quality. From Hawaii, Rewa. I love to visit the islands. So, oddly enough it was a wild fantasy for her. Love comes in many shades.

I loved the 2 main characters, the plot, the whole darn story. I cant remember if book mentioned it. I did read Midnt Moon, a more light-hearted read, very cute, made me want to go buy a hedgehog! Oops i meant Midsummer Moon, idk why i thought Midnight. Oh, nevermind, cuz my next book will be Prince of Midnt, i knew i was mixing somethg up, silly.

I just wanted to tell you that even though I read a lot, I rarely keep any of the books I have read. Most end up in yard sales or are given away. My copy is so old the pages are yellow, the binding is a mess and one of my dogs chewed the corner. I still wont throw it away. It is an amazing novel. Just wanted to let you know. It is because of the compassion scene. Phil for the many misdeeds that he had done in his past.

Thank you, Laura Kinsale, for creating a page emotional masterpiece. Thank you, Susie. Thank you for this amazing love story and for the Duke of Jervaulx!!!! Lot of love from Italy! And your English is quite good. Besides, Jervaulx had some serious trouble with English too so you are not alone.

And I fear this comment will be quite long, please pardon me. This book is a long journey. It's that type of book.

I personally think many rabbit trails could have been left out quite nicely to make this a 5-star read. One of those things is a committed relationship, which, to Charlotte, means marriage. However, when circumstances change for Eva, whom they both love deeply, Marcus is forced to make some hard decisions to keep both Eva and Charlotte, and he questions his reasons for not wanting marriage. What will he need to do to keep the child he and Charlotte now consider theirs?

When the Duke of Autenberry approaches him with a proposition—marry my ruined sister—it seems the perfect solution. No escaping the truth No matter how much Hunt desires her. Soon she is falling for her husband, but is love enough to end the curse?

She stared at her hands, and then lowered them. Her mouth gathered again into that appealing pucker. He put down the chocolate and leaned across her, kissing her breast, tangling his hands in her hair and kissing her throat. She brought her arms up around his shoulders and held him tightly. The softness of her reawakened him. He nuzzled his face into her skin, and while she clung to him as if she were drowning, he took advantage of the moment to tarnish her good character one more time.

She seemed to enjoy it. God knew he did. A single candle guttered at the base of the stairwell, illuminating the left arm and draperies of a marble copy of Ceres gazing down with an excess of sentimentality upon a sheaf of wheat.

Christian moved discreetly on the stair, but not stealthily, having made his peace with the butler some weeks ago by the simple habit of leaving a neat stack of three yellow-boys by the candlestick as he let himself out. He was collecting them together in his pocket, feeling for the coins through his glove, when he heard the shuffle of a footstep from below.

Go and listen to it immediately. View all 25 comments. Shelves: sensual , witty , determined-heroine , terrific-dialogue , wonderful-secondary-characters , favorites , exceeded-my-expectations , passionate , tragic , historical-romance. Brilliant and emotionally draining! Thanks for the rec Dhes, I loved it! I will say this though, it's a profound story, and while it surrounds tragic circumstances at its core, it's also amusing, passionate, sensual and hopeful.

A truly unique opposites 5 Stars!! A truly unique opposites attract story. They were meant to be and she was the guardian angel sent to save him. What she does and sacrifices for him… beautiful, just beautiful! About the audiobook… Because of the premise of this story and the debilitating disease that Christian suffers from, for a lot of this book, I felt like I was suffocating. I truly believe that had to do with listening to the book and not reading it.

View all 15 comments. Shelves: favorites , historical-read , tortured-soul , book-husband , consuming-intense-passionate-love , rakes-and-lords , pure-perfection , best-of I've read quite a few historicals, but none like this one. I don't think I've ever highlighted a book so much. The Duke of Jervaulx is dissolute, reckless, extravagant, a gambler, a womanizer, a rakehell. It's a few hundred years ago and during this time they did not know what we know today.

That a stroke can seriously change a life for the worse. Jervaulx went from being a scandalous duke to a raging madmen, a maniac, hidden away from society. Except he was none of those 5 Maddygirl Stars!!!!!! Except he was none of those things. He lost his powers of speech and writing and he could not communicate for himself. So he communicated the only way he knew how God I felt so sorry for Jervaulx! Here's a man in his prime, who is mentally sane but is holed up in a crazy house, all because no one back then knew what a stroke was.

His own family gave up on him. Everyone gave up on him. But God sent someone in his life to help him. The most unlikely sort of person. He sent Archimidea Timms aka Maddygirl , the Quaker. This book was an adventure. I never wanted a hero to win so badly in my life! The obstacles the duke faced was impossible! Even I wondered how was he going to redeem himself, how was he going to get through it all?! There came a time in the book where literally the only One who could save him was God Himself: "He rested his face down in his hands.

A cold drop feel from his hat brim onto the back of his neck, but he sat without moving. He actually said a prayer. It was short and to the point. She was his strength and he became her strength. You turn My heart feels pain when I think about this story and I finished it a couple of weeks ago. I will never forget this powerful story. View all 10 comments. I don't always read books with bare chested macho men on the cover, but when I do I read Laura Kinsale This book has a number of covers without such a picture but just my luck when I swapped for this book and received the bare-chested-man-hair blowing-in-the-wind edition!

So it took me a while to start this assuming it might be cheesy. Perhaps the publishers do a disservice to the literary merit of this work by using such covers?

Anyway, the writing in this book is just overflowing with image I don't always read books with bare chested macho men on the cover, but when I do I read Laura Kinsale Anyway, the writing in this book is just overflowing with imagery and animation and creativity. Sheer genius. The characters and scenario are just so unique. The main characters are compete polar opposites which really adds to the chemistry and story as a whole.

I find it funny that some reviews complain of the strongly religious traits in the heroine. If this aspect of her character were removed the whole story would basically fall apart. The two diametrically opposed characters serve to add dimension to the nearly insurmountable obstacles that they must overcome.

Adding to the brilliant plot is the author's conveyance of the perspective of someone struggling with disability. It is so well done, you can feel every bit of the hero's frustration and agony as he struggles to save himself and overcome the overwhelming criticisms of those around him.

There were many interesting characters all well threshed out. They are still vivid in my mind - it was like watching a movie.

An FYI, the "romantic" portions of the story were well spaced, brief and not at all gag-inducing. There was never a lull in the story for me. This is plainly just fantastic literature. Enough said. Jun 15, Krista I'll take Xiao Yu'er, thank you rated it really liked it Shelves: adult , historical-romance , own , tears , heroine-i-hate , wall-banger , cfmf , heroine-is-a-villain.

This would have been five stars, if not for Maddie and her obsession with her religion. She started out more open minded, then became less so, which I found strange, since she was supposedly growing more in love with Christian the farther along in the book.

Sometimes she's also a little too mean for my liking I just felt so bad for Christian, I wanted to protect him and put him in this little bubble of safety. I seriously felt his pain as if it were my own. Which I really liked. I was skeptical at first, because I thought it might be too depressing, and I have to admit, there were points I was crying and wishing I could jump into the book, but I got over it.

I know Christian wasn't the most admirable of men before his stroke, but honestly, seeing him struggle with simple speech made me just LOVE him. I've never in my life wanted to give someone a big reassuring hug so much in my life, since no in the book was going to do it for me--and never did. I loved Christian's two friends and how they were willing to do anything to protect him. That really makes a book for me. And I loved his dogs too. I always love a guy who likes dogs.

The ending made me want to give Maddie a punch or twelve. I understand that things were different back then, and that her whole life was about her religion, but I still couldn't help but believe that love should be more important, that the man she loved should be more important, because that's how I would feel about it. It worked out well in the end, when both of them realized in a matter of two pages that they love each other and that they need to treat each other better I think the ending could have been better, but we got the epilogue, so I was satisfied.

View all 12 comments. Apr 09, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical. View all 8 comments. Feb 07, Bill rated it it was amazing. On Amazon, K asked me why I thought this book was romantic. She doesn't. At first I thought isn't this like trying to describe why chocolate cake tastes good.

But that is a sensation. Identifying a book as romantic is a mental process, so I ought to be able to do this. I don't think we are debating whether FFTS is a romance. Its focus is the love between two people and it has a HEA ending. That makes it a romance. It does have othe On Amazon, K asked me why I thought this book was romantic.

It does have other elements. As you point out, it is a life drama. I assume you mean Christian's struggle to recover from the stroke that robbed him of the ability to speak and follow the speech of others. But I think that added element to the plot adds to the story, just as the suspense in a romantic suspense adds to the story. In fact, that struggle is one of the elements of this story that make it so attractive to me. And of course the story has character development.

Every one of my favorite romances has character development. Every one. That is part of the reason they are my favorites. From Lizzy learning that she was prideful too and Darcy learning to stop being such a stuck up prig to Mary Balogh's Wulfric unbending and learning to laugh again.

But you didn't find it romantic and I did. I think for a book to be romantic to me, I need to feel that the hero and heroine need to be with each other, the obstacles to that happening are difficult to overcome, I like at least one of them a lot and I want very much for them to end up with each other.

I think this must be one of the most carefully considered writings I have ever read. Even the smallest details were well thought out. Considering the times, the unbending social standards, the wide range of religious viewpoints, and the horrific accepted medical practices of the day, the story made complete and unrelenting sense.

There were times I wanted to kick Maddy in the backside, but I think Kinsale was spot-on in her depiction of Maddy's angst. Too much of that usually turns me against a book, but, here, it was necessary. Even when Christian began spending freely and trying to act with a confidence he didn't feel, so others would once again have confidence in him, it made sense, particularly in view of his intellect.

It was all so real. Amazing writing, but what is more, amazing insight into the human mind. What a phenomenal book! I would give it many more stars, if possible. Strong, unusual characters drive this thoughtful and engaging romance. The story recalls Jane Eyre, with a strong, powerful man struggling with a crippling disability and saved by a modest, faithful woman. By turns funny and sad, this novel kept me curled up on the couch all day.

I was expecting more from this novel after all the glowing reviews I read. Granted, it is not your usual romance and has characters more complex and satisfying that the usual cookie cutter "Rich, Handsome Aristocrat" and "Beautiful, Delicate Girl". However, I found the writing style hard to get into.

The prose was choppy and did not flow. I hate in when I have to read a sentence over. So, it's a good story, but in my humble opinion, could be written much better. Intense read! The quality of the writing in this book is excellent. Thoughtful and beautiful. I have such mixed feelings about this book. As a romance, it's nearly perfect. Obstacles are thrown in front of the two lovers until the very end. The love scenes were very sexy and the hero was unique in so many ways, most notably in his inability to elucidate his thoughts and feelings to the heroine, the biggest and best obstacle of the many obstacles Kinsale threw at them.

Christian is easily one of the best romance heroes I've read. But I found the heroine, Maddie, insufferable for a large part of the book and thought her faith was sorely undeveloped. The author seemed to think the reader knowing Maddie was a Quaker was enough explanation for why she was a Quaker. Maddie lamented her marriage cutting her off from Friends but the author never showed Maddie having friends who were Friends. Maddie was obsessed with taking care of her father and what he thought of her marriage but when the opportunity came to talk about it, the conversation was brushed off.

I cannot stand non-communication as a plot device, unless it's due to a legitimate medical problem, like Christian's. Wouldn't the knowledge her father didn't object to the marriage like she assumed be a better conflict than "I lust after my husband so I'm carnal and he's the devil because I want him so much and he's profligate and there's too much powder on the footmen, etc.

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The Duke of Jervaulx was brilliant — and dangerous. But laurra the most womanizing rakehell can be irresistible, and even his most causal attentions fascinated the sheltered Maddy Timms. Then one fateful day she receives the shocking news — the duke is kinsaoe to the world. And Maddy knows it is her destiny to help him and her only chance to find the true man behind the wicked facade. But she never dreamed her gentle, healing touch would alter his life and her own so completely — and bind them together in tsorm, desire…and love. Already have an account? Sign in. I remember, sign in. Most of our books are stored in elastic clouds, and traffic is expensive. So we have a limit on the number of flowers from the storm by laura kinsale read online free. If you flowers from the storm by laura kinsale read online free to increase this limit, your can make a donation :. Donate Now. Table of Content 1. Prologue 2. Chapter 1 3. Chapter Two 4. Chapter Three 5. Chapter Four 6. Chapter Five 7. flowers from the storm by laura kinsale read online free Read “Flowers from the Storm”, by Laura Kinsale online on Bookmate – The Duke of Jervaulx was brilliant and dangerous. Considered dissolute, reckless, and. Read Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale with a free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Laura Kinsale is a winner and multiple nominee for the Best Book of the Year award given by the Romance Writers of America. She became a romance writer after. Flowers from the Storm - Kindle edition by Kinsale, Laura. Laura Kinsale (​Author) Format: Kindle Edition $ Read with Our Free App; Audible Logo. Laura Kinsale - Read Online Free. Free Reading Epub, Pdf. to have all my braincell (!) in gear in o Flowers from the Storm () by Laura Kinsale. Book. FLOWERS FROM THE STORM. Laura Kinsale. AVON BOOKS. An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and​. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. I recently finished reading "Flowers from the Storm" by Laura Kinsale. tried audiobooks, or don't have an Audible membership, you can join for free and get three books. LAURA KINSALE FLOWERS FROM THE STORM Prologue He liked radical politics and had a fondness for chocolate. Five years ago, the Honorable Miss. Feel free to email me or make contact on Twitter or Facebook. I read Flowers From the Storm 4 times and each time was as heart wrenching as the first. as the book to read for November online discussion by the Old School Romance Book. Her ankles crossed prettily, waving gently back and forth in the air above him. I am SO GLAD you got your husband quickly to a doctor—time is of the essence, especially since now there are better drugs to treat strokes immediately and stave off damage. Pat, thank you for telling me that. Thanks, Janina! Mmm…, I really do not know what to say. I could not part with it. Thanks, Laura. And also I was wondering, how will they get there and what will happen before. Add a review Your Rating: Your Comment:. He truly was a changed man after that. Then how about making FFTS into an audiobook. I love to read, I love to read great writing best! Erin, thanks so much. Loved, loved this book! Suzanne, thanks so much, that is a very wise thought. flowers from the storm by laura kinsale read online free