favor the road to success bob buess free download

favor the road to success bob buess free download

There was no defeat or failure in this lad. Circumstances did not change his attitude. If adverse circumstances hit you, rejoice. These are just getting you to the place you need to be. It is the valley of Achor trouble where the door of opportunity and hope opens to you. Read this story in Hosea. God drew the children who were not where they should have been in their spiritual walk.

They were off of the path of holiness and righteousness. They were missing God's plan for their lives. He drew them into the valley of trouble. It was there that they repented, prayed, and sought the Lord. God then turned this into a door of opportunity for them. It was here that their first love was restored. Israel would sing as in the days of her youth. It was here that success came. He would give them vineyards from this adverse experience. Repent, and then rejoice your way through problems.

Have a strong positive attitude. Expect favor. Expect miracles. Believe in miracles. With God all things are possible. Speak that to yourself today. God brings you through the fire and through the water to a large and wealthy place. Know what God says about things.

Do not let problems control you. You can control your circumstances with an overcomer's attitude. Dan This is faith. Know your Lord. Know His power.

He can do everything. He is doing it through you today. He is not limited by your circumstances. You may be handicapped. Praise God, let it work for you. You may have a lower mental ability than Praise God; smart fellows do not always bring home the best pay.

It is the lame that take the prey. It is the weak that become strong. You know Jesus Christ through His Word. You bring every thought into captivity to Jesus Christ. Make them come back to the scriptures on favor and success. Confess good things are happening to you today.

Get all excited in His Word. Things will begin to change for you right away. You are married to God's Son. You are in the family of God. Read Eph. He is the King of Kings. You are His favorite son.

Live it up. Act like it. Live to the fullest of your inheritance. You are a joint heir with Jesus Christ. All things are yours. I Cor. Esther walked before the king and others, and their hearts would miss several beats. She obtained favor in the sight of all who looked upon her. Esther was an alien in the king's court.

She was a Jew. The Jews were under severe attack at this time. Many were soon to die unless God intervened. Esther could have been very depressed and defeated. Rather than submit to this attack of the enemy, she rose above the pressures and attempted to do the impossible. She released a spirit of victory and favor which caused the king to put the royal crown upon her head, and she became the queen.

Still the planned persecution for her people continued. Her life might soon be taken along with other Jews. Still she refused to listen to the enemy who was placing the circumstances and She rose above her problems.

She confessed favor with the king. The king granted her favor and blessings. Her people were saved. The enemy of the Jews was destroyed. People all around you need help. Your family needs help. You are their deliverer through Jesus Christ. Get your eyes away from your abilities. Put them on God's abilities.

Live as if you were a believer. Come forth into your strength today. Confess: "Esther obtained favor in the sight of all who looked upon her. I shall have favor today with people. I will meet nice people today. I shall have good relationships with people today. I shall favor and honor others today. Expect to meet nice situations. You can actually draw the good out of bad situations with this faith and victory and favor spirit working in and for you.

Remove all of the negative attitudes toward others from your thinking. You are learning to move in the law of success and favor.

This is the beginning of a real love life in God. You are now moving into the realm of complete transformation in your relationship with others. As the precious wife received from her husband a large expensive box of candy filled with his love and devotion, the wife vibrated with deep waves of excitement knowing what the Lord had done in the heart of both of them.

The following week the same husband marched home with a large package which contained a beautiful new coat which the wife had been desiring for some time. This husband was not always so generous nor so thoughtful toward his little wife. His change of attitude came about only after his wife and children confessed, daily, for two weeks straight that they had favor with daddy, and daddy had favor with them.

They began to live expecting life to respond in daddy. Faith was working in their lives. God is not limited in any situation. God began to work things out. Miracles began to happen in this home. You may have a situation on the job with your supervisor or with your employees.

Apply this attitude of favor. Expect to meet exciting personalities alive with favor for you. Give them a break. You favor and honor them even if they, at first, knife you. One woman was cut deeply by a bitter tongue in her supervisor. This supervisor had been giving her trouble for months. She was at the point of quitting the job due to the extremely bad situation between them.

One morning this lady had been confessing favor with her supervisor. The first thing the supervisor did was to knife her deeply with cutting and nasty words. Immediately the dear lady began to favor the supervisor with love and kindness. She said, "Oh, forgive me if I have offended you. Within minutes this supervisor was saying to her, "Darling, can I do anything for you? Please forgive me for being so irritable. Goodness began to flow out of this supervisor. Draw the good from people rather than evil.

You are responsible to guide people rather than gig them. In Hosea the scripture says, "They will not frame their doings to turn unto their God: for the spirit of whoredoms is in the midst of them They were geared to the negative.

They were geared to the self life. If anything offended them, they were on the defensive. They carried their feelings on their shoulders. They were full of vengeance. Hate was written on their faces. The following verse says, "The pride of Israel doth testify to his face They were hard and harsh. This spirit must be broken in your life. Diligently seek good from life. Expect good things to happen. They will surely come to pass. The scripture in Proverbs teaches you to diligently seek and do good things.

You must put your heart into being good. To the individual who does this, favor will flow. Constantly thinking problems creates more problems. Expecting to have problems causes you to gear every thought and pattern of your life to the attitude of problems and trouble. You have Jesus Christ in you if you are a believer. You have an obligation to draw the good from situations.

All things work out for good to those who love the Lord. Draw near unto the Lord. Let your love and devotion be first and above all else unto the Lord. Seek His righteousness.

Develop the spirit of love for the Lord and for others. Minister unto the Lord by being kind to both the lovely and the unlovely. Make it your mission to be loving and tender to others. Take Jesus with you out into life when you leave the church. Live to be a blessing to others.

If you do not love others, you really do not love God. Treat others as though they were Jesus Christ. Determine to be kind to your fellow man.

Think of the kindness that you are going to give today. You are now preparing the foundation of your day's activities. Expect things to happen today which never before have happened. Live by giving love. Live by giving a kind word. You are now moving into favorthe road to success. Confess: "Today I will be a blessing to the Lord. I will be a blessing to others.

You are made in God's image. The ability to favor others and receive favor is in you through Jesus Christ. You are an heir of God through Jesus Christ. Just as God is a God of love, He is also a God of favor.

He seeks to favor and honor you today. A strong negative spirit will destroy your ability to reach out and receive much of this favor. Constantly confessing the negative will keep God's love from coming through to you. It is like a road block or a short in an electrical circuit. God is reaching out His hand to favor you.

You must stop thinking that it can not be done. You must stop thinking that you are not capable of receiving or giving God's favor. You must stop thinking that you are not worthy of His favor. The Lord is merciful. He is gracious. He is plenteous in His mercy even though you may not deserve it. Come alive to the riches of His mercy and favor. Now release this same love and mercy and long suffering to others.

You are God's outlet for His love and mercy and favor to others. God's love and mercy flow through you. You are His ambassador. You are His co-worker. You are joined to Jesus for redemptive purposes. Come alive to your responsibilities and opportunities of being heirs of God and jointheirs with Jesus Christ.

Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Look for a miracle rather than defeat. Go beyond anything you have done in the past. You must plan your present situation. Reach out beyond your present achievements. Get out of the "rut" by planning and expecting to go to new levels of favor and success. Dream big. Thoughts are the beginning of great achievements. The thing that you think on and meditate on will soon be in your front yard. God favors others.

You constantly meditate on blessing others. When you sow good thoughts to others, then you minister good actions to them. The scripture teaches you to give, and then the Lord will make men give unto you. Give good thoughts and actions, and they will in turn honor you. The Lord said, "Be merciful to obtain mercy. You must follow His steps. Gear yourself, and set yourself to be long-suffering and kind to others. Set yourself to be a blessing today. Exciting things are going to happen to you.

God is a God of favor, and He is constantly promoting those who learn to live in this law of favor. You draw on this favor in two ways. First, you expect favor to flow from God to you and from others to you. Second, you favor others even when they may not be so kind to you. God is merciful to the unmerciful.

He is kind to the ugly. He is long-suffering with His enemies. Develop this attitude of praying for your enemy. Watch your life leap into a new exciting role and experience. Every situation will not turn out just as you want it.

You must learn to flow with the attitude and mind of the Lord. You will have some situations which do not work out perfectly at first, and maybe some that never fully seem to work out as you expect. There will be plenty of situations, daily, that will reward your efforts. We have already mentioned Joseph. He went through hell from time to time, but he always applied the law of favor.

He found new excitements in favor with each new situation. He stayed full of expectancy. He refused to let circumstances control him. Each case of defeat was a source of challenge to him. He rose above his problems. The God of favor came through for him. Keep in mind there is a waiting for your ministry. God is a God of patience. John called it a kingdom of patience. Do not allow impatience to destroy your road to success through favor. Wait though He tarries.

The psalmist, later in the same passage just quoted, said, "Lord, some of my problem has been my fault, but one thing I know, that those who wait on you will never be ashamed. I know you will come through for me. God is a God of mercy and grace and long suffering. He blesses every person in a general way. He sends blessings upon the just and upon the unjust. There is a special favor for those who really love Jesus. This is the Peter, James, and John relationship. Peter, James, and John were always the ones who received the mount of transfiguration experiences.

John was always next to Jesus' breast receiving great truths and love. Draw near to God, and you, too, can be recipients of His special favors. Jesus said, "If any man serve me, him will my Father honor. There is special favor above and beyond the general favor from the Lord unto those who God is honoring you, today, with success and favor as you receive this into your spirit.

It will be necessary for you to release this love and favor to others for it to be fully effective. The dead sea is dead because it has no outlet. You become dead when you do not release God's blessings unto others.

As you give it out, God continues to fill your life with fresh love and blessings. Electricity has no power until the circuit is completed. Love and favor have no power until your circuit is completed. You must let it flow on to others. Riches and honor are with me Riches and honor flow to the individual who dares to put Jesus first in his or her life. Success lies at your door ready to be of service to you. Faith releases the power of God. Welcome to Christianbook. Sign in or create an account.

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