fast and furious 5 free online watch full movie

fast and furious 5 free online watch full movie

Make sure you stay until the credits have finished rolling through.. I'm afraid that as long as half of the male population has to compensate with fancy cars and stupid driving rituals we will have to look forward to part 6,7,8,9, It's this moment that totally sums up Fast Five: a film you can enjoy only by casting The Fast and Furious roadshow isn't slowing down a bit in Fast Five, by most measures the best of the bunch, combining fresh casting choices, interesting Rio locales and literally smashing bookended action sequences.

Full review. Make no mistake, this is no masterpiece of the dramatic arts but it is probably the best since the original: lean, spectacular, funny and slightly less risible than its predecessors. Tough on nuance, tough on the causes of nuance, this episode has the highest velocity and lowest IQ yet. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

It's been fifteen years since the start of the franchise. Reyes orders the pair interrogated to discover the location of the car, but they manage to escape and retreat to their safehouse. While Brian, Dom, and Mia examine the car to discover its importance, Vince arrives and is caught trying to remove a computer chip from it. He admits he was planning to sell the chip to Reyes on his own, and Dom forces him to leave.

With the help of local officer Elena Neves, they travel to Dom's safehouse, but find it under assault by Reyes' men. Brian, Dom and Mia escape. Dom suggests they split up and leave Rio, but Mia announces she is pregnant with Brian's child. Dom agrees to stick together and suggests they steal the money from Reyes to start a new life. Vince later joins the team after saving Mia from being captured by Reyes' men.

The crew infiltrate one of Reyes' facilities and set fire to the money there, baiting him into consolidating his money at a single location: a secure vault inside a police station. Hobbs and his team eventually find and arrest Dom, Mia, Brian, and Vince. While transporting them to the airport for extradition to the United States, the convoy is attacked by Reyes' men, who kill Hobbs' team.

Wanting to avenge his murdered team, Hobbs and Elena agree to help with the heist. The gang break into the police station and tear the vault holding Reyes' money from the building using their cars, dragging it through the city. After an extensive police chase, Dom has Brian continue without him while he attacks the police and the pursuing Reyes, using the vault attached to his car to smash their vehicles. Brian returns and kills Zizi while Reyes is badly injured by Dom's assault.

Hobbs arrives on the scene and executes Reyes. Though Hobbs refuses to let Dom and Brian go free, he gives them a hour head start to escape on the condition they leave the vault as it is. However, the vault is empty as it had been switched during the chase.

After splitting the cash Vince's share is given to his family , they go their separate ways. On a tropical beach, Brian and a visibly pregnant Mia relax. They are met by Dom and Elena. Brian challenges Dom to a final, no-stakes race to prove who is the better driver. In a mid-credits scene , Hobbs is given a file by Monica Fuentes concerning the hijack of a military convoy in Berlin , where he discovers a recent photo of Dom's former girlfriend Letty, who had been presumed dead.

Michael Irby plays Reyes' right-hand man Zizi. By February 3, , it was confirmed that a fifth film, referred to as Fast Five , was going into production in the Fast and Furious series, and that a sixth film was being planned.

Moritz would all return to their roles for the new installment. Diesel felt that the story between the characters portrayed by himself and Walker should continue, envisioning it as three chapters, of which Fast Five would be the last. Diesel also wanted to bring back a variety of characters that had been in previous films without interacting, put them together and "have a lot of fun".

The production had originally intended to film on location in Rio de Janeiro. Universal intended to transform the series from street-racing action into a series of heist films with car chases in the vein of The Italian Job and The French Connection , with Fast Five as the transitional movie.

The question putting Fast Five and Fast Six together for us was: Can we take it out of being a pure car culture movie and into being a true action franchise in the spirit of those great heist films made 10 or 15 years ago? Fogelson said that the racing aspect had put a "ceiling" on the number of people willing to see films in the series, and that, by turning it into a series where car driving ability is just one aspect of the film, he hoped to increase the series' audience.

Lin wanted to explore the elements of "freedom and family" in the film and collaborated with Morgan towards that ideal, both having worked together on previous installments of the franchise. Morgan worked with Diesel to produce a story arc that would further explore and develop Diesel's character. He later incorporated it into Fast Five. Three film units worked simultaneously. The main cast were required to travel to Rio at the behest of Lin, who felt it important to understand the area and its culture to give the film a good sense of place.

Establishing shots of the heist team members were taken as each arrived in Rio. A similar situation occurred while Ludacris was shooting a scene in which his character buys a car to drive around the city. Number of permitted concurrent streams will vary based on the terms of your subscription. Cloud DVR storage space is limited.

Pricing, channels, features, content, and compatible devices subject to change. Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. Join now. Add your rating See all 15 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 45 kid reviews. There, they get involved in a car robbery that goes badly; to avenge themselves and earn enough money to clear their tarnished reputations, they assemble a team and plan to steal a fortune from a local gangster Joaquim de Almeida.

Unfortunately, this involves breaking into police headquarters. Worse, a gung-ho cop Dwayne Johnson is after them and won't stop until they're caught. Despite the movie's overlong feel it clocks in at minutes and its general lack of originality or responsibility, it has enough slam-bang, popcorn-munching action to keep most fans happy.

After practically sinking the series with the terrible The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift , director Justin Lin refreshed things by changing the series from testosterone-fueled car racing action to Ocean's Eleven - and Italian Job -style heists.

In particular, there's a great bungled robbery in which the thieves try to steal three cars from a moving train; and then, at the climax, we get a has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed robbery involving two supercharged cars. These moments are beautifully handled, more so than the more typical shaky fight scenes. Families can talk about Fast Five 's violence. How did it affect you? Netflix Netflix. Brian and Mia break Dom out of prison and head to Brazil to put together a racing team -- and take on a drug dealer who wants to kill them.

Action Crime Thriller. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift The Fate of the Furious Action Adventure Crime. Transformers: Dark of the Moon Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Transformers The Transporter Taglines: Feel the Speed. Feel the Rush. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The stunt involving the flatbed truck slamming into the moving train was filmed practically, without the use of miniatures or CGI. The collision nearly derailed the train, as can clearly be seen.

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