essential teacher knowledge jeremy harmer pdf free download

essential teacher knowledge jeremy harmer pdf free download

Daniel Ninapaytan. Sanae Meriaf. Arvin Rumesh , l will achieve whole of my dreams. Padra Sarkari , English teacher at Iran national language institute at English teacher. Show More. Perhaps the only downside is the level of detail so if you are looking for in depth analysis and description this is probably not the best book. It comes with a number of additional perks.

The accompanying DVD, mentioned above, contains 2 hours of video footage of teachers from around the world talking about their experiences and demonstrating key teaching techniques such as giving instructions. Needless to say, the clips could also be used for in-service CPD sessions. Uploaded by Himichka on October 20, Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. Post a Review. You can write a book review and share your experiences. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read.

Teaching ideas: post-modification Post-modification is about the words that come after the noun. Pre-modification is about words that come before the noun. We can help students to recognise both of these by getti ng them to u nderline exa m p l es in any TEXT they come across.

We can have them reorder phrases to make whole sentences, e. They then have to add post-modification u s i ng prepositional phrases, relative clauses, participle phrases, etc. We can put objects a l l over the classroom and get the students to move them around using no pre-modification so they can't use colour adjectives, etc. For example, Put the box with the flowers on it next to the book about history. In this tmi t we look at ideas for teaching some of the elements of the noun phrase, and activities to help students to make longer noun phrases.

They first h ave to milk, sugar, bananas, juice, hamburger, etc. Next, they listen to an audio in which someone is talking about their shopping. Finally, they use the words to talk about what they like to eat and how i t i s made. For example, they can say She's going to buy an. We can then show elementary students different people. The students have to. Teaching the noun phrase. They put the pieces of paper into a hat or bowl.

A student then takes out two pieces of paper and compares the things that they have selected. If the words are truck and bicycle, they make a sentence such as Trucks are usually bigger than bicycles. They have to write down as many adjectives as they can think of to describe it - including size, colour, price, where i t comes from, what i t is used for, etc.

The students now have to describe their objects using at least three of their adjectives before the noun. Can they get the adjective order correct? B: A1y picture is different. The girl is standing in front of the boy or clothes vocabulary A: In my picture she is wearing trousers. B : In my picture she is wearing a skirt. In pairs or groups, they have to expand i t by using. For example, the sentence The man kissed the lady 's hand might be transformed into The good-looking old Spanish man with grey hair and a luxurious grey beard gently and ajfection"tttely kissed the beautiful tall lady 's outstretched hand which she had held up to him.

One of the definitions is true but the other two must be false. Students in Team A read their definitions. Team B must decide which is the true one. Without looking at the dictionary, a student from Team A gives a page number, column number and word number e. A student from Team B finds the word and reads out the definition. Can the Team A student identify the word? I rina was fast asleep when the alarm went off. She opened her eyes with difficulty.

Her head was throbbing - she had a headache; but she still had to get ready to teach at her school. After she had finished breakfast, she put on her coat and headed to the bus stop. When she got to the staffroom, she found that all the other teachers were having a meeting about Svatislav Melaschenko, the new head of the school. H e wouldn't listen any more. He had become very pig-headed. Should they go and talk to him about it, they wondered. They decided that they would all go and see him during the lunch break.

Irina didn't want to be part of this so she tried to keep her head down, but in spite of this she somehow found herself at the head of the little procession as they marched down the corridor towards M r Melaschenko's office.

In the text about Irina the word head has many different meanings we call two words which have the same spelling and pronunciation, but mean different things, HOMONYMS. In her head was throbbing, head refers t o the top part o f a body, the part that is supported by the neck. In the third sentence of the story the new head , head means the principal of a school. In the last sentence at the head of the little procession , head m eans at" the front. In all of these cases head is a NOUN In the second sentence of the story.

It is a VERB 4. In the phrase headed to the bus stop sentence 2 in the story above we could use proceeded instead of headed because proceed is a SYNONYM it means more or less the same as head. But as with many other synonyms, it doesn't mean exactly the same. And -. A connotation is an idea or feeling that a word suggests, which is more than just its meaning. An other kind of relationship is between words that are a pan of something.

So, for example, ears, eyes, brows and chins are parts of a head. We also have relationships between words that are a buses, cars, trains, trucks, etc.

Teaching ideas: word meaning The exam ples of the word head tel l us a lot about how we can. The most i mportant t h i ng to decide is which meaning or meanings of a word to introduce and what level to do it at. We shouldn't just teach individual words. We d iscuss words which often occu r together in.

Brittany is sitting in a diner having brunch. So today she slept late, inputted some lesson plans on her computer, got on her bike and came to the diner. Her mobile phone rings. She lifts the phone to her ear. It is Amelie's mother. Amelie is a child in Brittany's class. At first, when Amelie joined her class, Brittany thought the girl was really intelligent, but as the weeks went by she began to think that she had overestimated her ability.

And then, gradually, she became aware of the girl's unhappiness. She tried to find out what the problem was but it was impossible to get Amelie to talk to her - at first. But in the end she d iscovered that Tracy, another girl in the class, was the ringleader of a gang of girls who had been bullying Amelie.

Brittany's head teacher wanted to exclude Tracy, bt Brittany disagreed. She worked with Tracy, Amelie and the whole class and now the situation has improved. That's why Amelie's mother has rung. She wants to say thank you. Making words from different bits and pieces WORD is made up of three different elements.

There are various ways in Brittany notices Arnelie's unhappiness. Prefixes i n the story about Brittany and Amelie include retrieves, overestimated, u nhappiness, impossible, discovered, exclude wd disay;reed.

There are two suffixes in the story, u nhappiness and situation. We add the -ed morpheme to inflect base forms of verbs i n words like jo in ed, discovered, disay;reed and improved. When Brittany worried that he had overestimated Amelie's ability, ability is part of a family that includes able, ably, enable, disable, etc. Teaching ideas: word formation We can get our students to complete charts with word fam ilies xxxxxx means there is no.

We can ask them to change the form of a word and rewrite a sentence to i nclude it, e. For exa mple, Austra lians may talk about this arvo. Bullying Many children a re bul l ied or bul ly at school. It is something that happens But it shouldn't. I t is harmful for both the bul lied and the bully. Many child ren who bully have been b u l l ied in their t u rn, and many children who are b u l l ied - face to face or t h rough cyber-bu llying using mobile phones and the INTERNET for example - become extremely unhappy.

Both their schoolwork and their development can suffer. Teachers and schools need to have a clear pol icy on bu l lying so that children u nderstand that it is unacceptable, and why. They need to know that if they are being bul lied, they should ta l k about it to someone.

Children who are being bullied need to know who they can tal k to. They must be sure that they can say what is going on without suffering any consequences. I f they cannot talk to an adu lt, they should tel l their friends what is going on.

Teachers should talk to children who b u l ly others and help them u nderstand why it is wrong -this is a lways better than just punishment which can seem l i ke just another form of bu llyi ng. Teachers should involve the whole class in d iscussions about why b u l lying is wrong anEl-how to stop it. Hassan was in a bad mood. He hadn't slept a wink all night. In fact, he'd been sleeping badly ever since the director of the school had announced that he was coming to observe Hassan's lessons.

It was amazing how much it made him nervous. He was absolutely convinced that he could teach, but the problem was that when people watched him, he sometimes forgot what he was doing.

Oh well. He looked out at the grey sea. The sun had not yet risen above the buildings of Alexandria behind him. I 'd better get a move on, he thought. He hadn't finished preparing his lesson. When he got back to the flat his mother, who is English, was already up.

I'll get it myself,' he replied in an aggressive tone of voice, without thinking. His mother looked as if she would burst into tears, and he was instantly sorry. Collocations are words which are.

In a lexical phrase, two or more words join together and together act as if they are one unit of meaning. Phrasal verbs like run out ofpetrol are lexical phrases, too. There are several lexical collocation, it is a.

People often use thi s phrase when they need to leave. When Hassan says I'll get. Why collocations and chunks matter If we want to know a word, we need to know what other words go vv'ith it.

Teachers should show students which words 'live with each other', and offer activities like matching activities. They the bed and not organise or tidy the bed!

All languages have lexical chunks, and if we want to speak a language fluently, we need to be able to use tl1ese chunks as if they were one word. Fluent speakers never pause or hesitate in the middle of a lexical ch! They just say the words as one continuous phrase. That is why these chunks are so important. Teachers should draw their students' attention to lexical phrases when they occm.

They should help them say phrases like See you later as if they were one word we look at how words sound together in The same is true for some grammar-like phrases such as. Being observed Most teachers are nervous when somebody - a d i rector of studies, principal, col league, etc. But observation is a great opportunity for people to learn from each other. You can always see something new when you watch somebody else's lesson; and you can always learn something about yourself when someone watches you and you have a good conversation afterwards.

It is worth remembering that directors of study and principals have all been observed i n their time. It is i m portant for the observer and the teacher to discuss when an observation will take place - i nstead of the observer just announcing the time - and both teacher and observer should know why it is happening. That way, good l esson ideas a re passed around the school. Today Nicole thinks her classroom is full of glittering jewels. Her students are laughing and playing like a swarm of summer bees or spring lambs playing on a hillside.

How unlike her own schooldays! Nicole didn't get on well at school and she dropped out on her sixteenth birthday. It nearly broke her mother's heart, but her father was furious 'saw red' is how her sister described it and shouted with rage.

He was always boiling with rage about something or other. She couldn't stand it. Nicole left home. For the next few years she did lots of poorly paid jobs in and around Toronto, the city where she was born.

She had a horrible boyfriend, a real wolf in sheep's clothing; he seemed to care for her but he didn't really. She was miserable and unhappy. Her life hit rock bottom. And then one day Nicole bumped into her fairy godmother, the only teacher from her old school she had ever liked. January December November October September August July Notify me of new posts via email. There is a Glossdex half index, half glossary.

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