english plus 3 second edition pdf free download

english plus 3 second edition pdf free download

If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Functional video.

Vox Pop. Grammar Animation. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Hay is an unusual town, with nearly thirty bookshops, and its festival is all about literature and the arts. Authors, journalists and political and cultural speakers are invited to give talks. During the festival, the town is visited by , people.

The festival was started around thirty years ago by a father and son. Recently, other international locations have been added, and there are now nine Hay Festivals around the world. The thing I liked most about the festival was its relaxed atmosphere. Find out more at hayfestival. Think and plan by completing the table in exercise 2 with information for your festival. Include the phrases on this page in your review. I can talk about films using the passive in the present and past. There are three separate buildings and about eighty classrooms.

I can ask questions using the passive in the present and past. Cheryl 1 How downloading a film? Blake All right. What about Love, Rosie? Cheryl That sounds like a romantic comedy. Blake I fancy Race. Blake Great! The White Queen is a 4 of historical drama, romance and war. The three main characters are strong and brave. The thing I 6 most about the series was the historical setting.

The costumes are wonderful and the characters speak and behave like real kings, queens, lords and ladies. I enjoyed it 7 it was like going back in time. I can identify and use details to support ideas. What are they doing? Are you good at this? Reading 2 Read a competition entry. What did Matt learn during his course? Write about an amazing course you took part in and WINwin a weekend in Rome. All about the desserts! Every day, we were busy learning from morning to night.

First, we all had breakfast. Then we made everything from strudel to sundaes and baklava to baked Alaska. It was absolutely amazing! I really loved all the kitchen gadgets, too, such as the ice cream machine. We made three different types of gelato and I felt like a real chef, especially in my baggy white shirt and patterned trousers!

In the evenings, we normally talked about what makes a dessert delicious. Eating is a multi-sensory experience where sight, smell and touch are as important as taste. Listening 4 28 Listen to a radio programme with a chef, Daniel Nold.

Where was it? Who was it for? What were the classes like? Paragraph 1: I did a Internet Search Paragraph 2: During the course, we Paragraph 3: The best part of the course was Did you know … there are university ice cream making courses, for example at the University of Reading in the UK?

Find out where the Carpigiani Gelato University is and what courses it offers. What is each object for? Do you use any of them? Reading 2 Read a product review. It uses UV light to remove I found it really light to carry and easy to use. Apparently, people hardly ever recycle them and billions of them pollute our lakes and seas.

So this purifying water bottle helps you protect the environment. The only problem is the price. Correct the sentences. Listening 4 29 Listen to Zara and her dad talking about their hiking trip. Which three words do they not mention? Internet Search Paragraph 2: The biggest advantage I like Write the review.

What does it do? Why is it special? Paragraph 3: My problem with it is Did you know … skyrunning is a type of sport which involves running in the mountains above 2, metres? Find out what tower running is. Where are they? How much time do you spend studying every day? Reading 2 Read the reflective email. How many lessons a day has Alex got? Hi Aiden, How are you? I suppose this change might bring some benefits.

Mrs Davis also hopes that more students will be able to develop their interests. She believes that extra lessons will replace after-school classes that not everyone can afford. Maybe dancing? Bye for now, Alex Listening 4 30 Listen to Mike talking to his mum.

They will now last for ninety minutes each. Write a reflective letter to your friend and talk about this change. How long are the lessons in your school now and how long were they before? What benefits do your teachers think it will have? Do you think it will last? Say why or why not. Match 1—5 with a—e. Paragraph 1: There are some changes Internet Search Paragraph 2: I suppose this change might Paragraph 3: Our head teacher also hopes that I wonder what Find out where the biggest school in the world is and how many students attend it.

What type of films does Joe like? What are the people doing? Reading 2 Read a discussion essay. Why do many people prefer watching films to reading books? Film first or book first?

Watching a film seems like the perfect way to spend an evening and many people prefer it to reading a book. But is watching a film more enjoyable than reading? On the one hand, watching films is amazing because you can do it with friends and family.

You can all go to the cinema or watch a film together at home. During the film, you laugh and cry at the same moments and afterwards you can discuss the plot. You live the lives of the characters and understand their emotions and experiences. You get so involved that you just have to keep turning the pages. All things considered, I can see the benefits of both activities.

Books and films both aim to provide entertainment and they can both turn ordinary life into something incredible. Correct one word in each sentence. Present the arguments. Paragraph 1: Most people But is it better to Paragraph 3: On the other hand, Internet Search Paragraph 2: On the one hand, Paragraph 4: All things considered, Did you know … Cinderella is one of the most popular stories adapted for film? List three modern film versions of Cinderella.

School starts on Thursday. On Mondays, I go to college. We use in to talk about a part of the day. We use the present simple to talk about routines or repeated actions. She eats fruit every morning. These include: believe, belong, hate, imagine, know, like, love and want. I love your new MP3 player. I played. Did you play? You played. Regular verbs For most regular verbs, we add -ed.

You have to learn the form whenever you learn a new verb. See the list of irregular verbs on page Usage We use the past simple regular and irregular verbs to describe or ask about a completed past action.

We saw the film yesterday. Did you like it? We use the past simple if we know when an action happened. We saw the film on Wednesday. Object and subject questions In object questions, the question word What, Who, etc.

What did you drink? I drank apple juice. Where did you go? I went to the museum. We form object questions with an auxiliary verb and a main verb in the infinitive. Who did you call? Who phoned you? Carl phoned me. What caused the accident? The icy weather caused it. We form subject questions with a question word and a main verb. The structure is the same as in an affirmative sentence.

Who painted the Mona Lisa? DVD worksheets and teaching notes 2nd edition Download and print out the worksheets and notes to use in class. Placement test The English Plus placement test will provide you with a guide as to which level of the course is the most appropriate for your students.

Self-assessment checklists The Self-assessment checklists include: - A checklist of key skills which are taught in the unit. Drama and Curriculum Extra worksheets and audio Download the popular 1st edition Drama worksheets with audio and teaching notes, and the 1st edition Curriculum Extra worksheets with answer keys. Who were the participants in Big Brother? Did you like him? Where did you go after Los Angeles?

Did you sleep in a hotel? Al Gore is an American who made a famous film about the environment. His mother is a doctor who works at the hospital in town. The viewers feel that they know the animals and become interested in them.

Often the animals are in dangerous situations and the programmes are very exciting. The programmes are on TV every day and many people watch all of them! One of the most popular animals is a powerful lion called Red. She often protects the young lions. Lions can make a very loud noise. You can hear them far away — they are the loudest of all the big cats. Lions eat meat and have to kill other animals.

They can see well in the dark and often hunt at night. Communication 10 Complete the sentences. Then write true or false. Then write five sentences comparing you and Dania. How many brothers and sisters have you got? What time do you get up at the weekend? How tall are you? How far do you live from school?

Dania 16 0 7 a. Test B 4 Find verbs in the word square. Skiing is a dangerous sport — you can break a leg. My city is very pretty Adjective Comparative Superlative ugly. I never make dinner! Big Cat Live is a popular TV programme. Then write five sentences comparing you and Pete. Pete 17 1 brother 8 a. Are they older or younger Photo A than you? Role play Photo B 2 Complete the dialogue with the phrases. Then practise the dialogue. Describe how they look.

A Hi, [name]. B Hi, [name]. Why do you like A horror films. B Really? A I think horror films are more exciting! B Respond and say what kind of music you are B listening to for example, pop, rock, heavy metal. Say why you prefer this kind of music to another kind of music.

A Disagree and say why. B Reply. Say when you usually listen to music and how often you go to concerts. Use the past simple of be. Unit 1 Language focus page 11 Test A 1 Write the past simple form of the irregular verb. Use the past simple. People draw the characters. I watch it every week. Unit 1 Language focus page 13 Test A 1 Complete the sentences.

Use the past continuous form of the verbs. Unit 2 Vocabulary page 19 Test A 1 Match the quantity words1—5 with the household goods a—e. Unit 2 Language focus page 21 Test A 1 Complete the sentences. Write where, which or who.

Use where, which or who and an idea from the box. Unit 2 Language focus page 23 Test A 1 Complete the sentences with too, too much or too many. Use enough in the correct place. Use the present perfect form of the verbs. Use the present perfect form of the irregular verbs. I deleted them all. Unit 3 Language focus page 33 Test A 1 Complete the questions. Use the present perfect. She trusts everyone she meets! He never laughs. He always buys everyone presents. Use one of the adverbs.

Just five minutes. Give that toy back! She never spends any money! She wants to be a famous artist. I work hard to get what I want. He understands how other people feel. She is quite shy. He looks like a model! About five minutes ago, I think. She always looks good. It would be a good idea. Unit 5 Language focus page 51 Test A 1 Order the words to make questions. Use the correct form of have to and the verb. There are boys and girls. Unit 5 Language focus page 53 Test A 1 Choose the correct words.

That would be a good idea. You need to relax, too! You can sing instead. Just try your best. It makes you feel tired. Unit 6 Vocabulary page 59 Test A 1 Write the verbs. Write will, will not, might or might not. He hates walking! Unit 6 Vocabulary page 62 Test A 1 Match 1—5 with a—e to make sentences.

Do you want to come? A Maybe …. Do you want to join us? B That sounds good. Unit 7 Language focus page 71 Test A 1 Choose the correct words. Use the correct affirmative or negative forms of can, could, will be able to and the verb. Unit 7 Vocabulary page 72 Test A 1 Match the words 1—5 with the definitions a—e.

It was very sad. His films Titanic and Avatar were famous. Unit 7 Language focus page 73 Test A 1 Choose the correct words. Unit 8 Vocabulary page 79 Test A 1 Choose the correct words. It upset many people. We all laughed a lot. Many people were upset. Unit 8 Language focus page 83 Test A 1 Complete the sentences using the present or the past passive. Then choose the correct answers.

Language focus There were five contestants on the quiz show. Then write them in the correct list. A Well, I won the song competition! Then write the name of the contestant: Lil, Simon or Erika. This week the final three contestants had to sing a disco song and a slow ballad. Lil was very nervous and she forgot the words. But Lil is a determined woman and she started the song again.

The judges loved it and said very positive things. Simon was the next contestant. Simon was working as a teacher when he saw the first series of Top Song. He was in the bottom three last week, but the viewers voted for him. The final contestant was Erika. Erika complained last week because she thought the judges were really strict. Her disco song was OK, but her slow ballad was fantastic. Who won? Watch it online and find out! Luckily, a doctor arrived soon. Use the questions to help you.

Then answer the questions. Write Yes or No. Yes How much ice cream did you eat? Have you got enough money? Then match the topics with the paragraphs of the text. A Shall I bring some food?

B That would be great, thank you. What practical things can we do which will make a difference? Try to walk or cycle. Did you know that recycling one tin can save enough energy to power a television for three hours?

At least half of the food which we throw away is fresh and we could eat it. Governments are trying to make supermarkets reduce their packaging, but progress is slow. Use the bins. Write an email to a newspaper editor, telling him or her about the problem.

I think I need to 1. Language focus 5 Complete the present perfect sentences using the correct form of have. Then complete the phrases. And very importantly, the picture quality is excellent.

I sent some comments to them last year about the old model. The biggest problem for me was the picture quality — the picture was a bit dark.

Why not try out a lesson in class? Take a look at this lesson for Level 4. Download everything you need here and start using English Plus today! Try out our demo and experience the interactivity and task types that come with the English Plus online Practice Kit. Try the demo. Find out more about English Plus second edition. The right mix for every lesson. Look Inside. Introducing English Plus second edition. These include: Puzzles and Games pages Optional Song Lessons More english plus 3 second edition pdf free download activities 2 clips per unit and more in Options lessons Grammar animations Practice Kit providing supplementary online practice Study strategy boxes giving students advice on how to swcond Classroom Presentation Tool. Try out a trial lesson Why not try out a lesson in class? Try the online Practice Kit Try out our demo and experience the interactivity and task types english plus 3 second edition pdf free download come with the English Dirt 3 download pc free full version online Practice Kit. Functional video. Vox Pop. Grammar Animation. Recommended for First Grade Preparation for school leaving english plus 3 second edition pdf free download Ukraine specific material. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You english plus 3 second edition pdf free download change your cookie settings downloqd any time. Find out more. english plus 3 second edition pdf free download Download & View English Plus 3 - Student's Book as PDF for free. More details. Pages: Preview; Full text. Get teaching resources for English Plus to use with your class. Download your English Plus First and Second edition Teacher's Books English Plus Level 2 Audio Scripts ZIP (3 MB); English Plus Level 3 Audio Sign up for our free Teaching Teenagers e-newsletter for lesson materials, articles and news every month. English Plus second edition Level 3 Student's Book cover Puzzles and Games pages; Optional Song Lessons; More video activities (2 clips per unit and more in Download everything you need here and start using English Plus today! Feb 7, - Sách giáo trình tiếng anh English Plus 3 Student's Book Audio CD ebook pdf online free download giá bán English Plus 3 Student's Book chỉ 50%. Mar 14, - Sách giáo trình tiếng anh English Plus 3 Student's Book Audio CD ebook pdf online free download giá bán English Plus 3 Student's Book chỉ. x.x. The current document download page has been viewed times. File size: ENGLISH PLUS 3 Workbook answer key EPlus_WB3 3 4 5 6 7 4 1 Nothing, it's free to join TSL. / 4 It's a famous, old book. 5 He's a. Diagnostic test Listening 1 Listen and choose the correct words. (10 marks) Test A 4 Find verbs in the word square. Write the verbs and. English. Second edition. Енглески језик за седми разред основне школе English Plus 3 Workbook Second edition. Енглески Download popular free. 4. Item Preview. 1 English_Plus_-_Teacher_39_s_elmarkinninger.biz 3 English_plus_1_-_​Student_39_s_elmarkinninger.biz English Plus Teacher 39 S Book. Then read the text again and check. Tom — You're kidding! Paraskeva Marigold. Katie Excuse me. See you around. What time do you? When do we use them? Veabulay ba: Vrvand pouncolecatons oar. Alejandra Zuleta. The young people —- —— ried to organize their life without adults, and cameras followed them everywhere. Then listen to the complete programmes. After that, can relax. That's over kilometres of paper! english plus 3 second edition pdf free download