english file beginner pdf free download

english file beginner pdf free download

English File Third Edition. Proyecto De Avicultura. Tom Sorry! Tom O K. In pairs, practisethe dialogue. In pairs,practisethe dialogue. Complete word stress: two-svllable words the chart. Listenand check.

Readthe rulesand do the exercises. What are the numbers? Underline the stressedsyllable. Practise the sentences. I Iello. IJarry'st lotel.

Oh no! The phone! Are you Molly? No, sorry, I'm not. Do part A. Yes l am. No l'm not. Y V Niceto meetyou. Y Y Niceto meetyou. Y Niceto meetyou.

Nice to meetyou. Am I late? B He'sfrom I -. A ls she from 2 - too? B No, she isn't. She'sfrom 3 A ls it a goodfilm? B Yes,it is. A Whereareyoufrom? B l'm from England. A Wherein England? B l'm fromLondon.

Readthe rulesanddo the exercises. Can you hear the difference? I a Is he from ltaly? Guessthe countries. Ask your teacher. It'sfrom China. Copy the stress. Italy I'. L r-erpool is in F,ngland. I'm from China.

Nice to meet you. Where are you from? I m from Russia. Where inRussia?. I'm from Moscow. Where is it? Is it a good film? Yes,it's fantastic. Yes, They're Theyaren'tSpanish. Complete a 1. She'sfrom He's from I fohn Hello. We'reJohnand SallyClarke. Receptionist Hello. You'rein room 2l I She'sfrom and they'rein room Sally Thankyou.

Sally Hurryup. We're late. Then mark the sentencesy' right Anna We aren't late. Breakfast or X wrong. And Mike isn't ready. X 2 BreaKastis from 6 to Are you American? He's from 4 Liz and TravisareEnglish. Mike No,we aren't. Do part B. We're Correct the wrong sentences. Savthe nationalitv. Liz and Travis,from Texas. Iohn and Sallyarein room Travis Bye.

Havea nice day! Anna d r. Complete wrong? Make E or E sentences. Correct the wrong nationalities. American Brazilian l. Saythe negative. Listen and check. Do partB. Write them in the card. Play Bingo. We're on holiday too. Breakfastis from sevento ten. Goodbye lBye. Have a nice day! Sheisn't Russian,she'sSpanish.

Can vou hear the difference? Pleasego urgentlyto gate Bl4. Circle the letter you hear. I'm PabloTorres. I havea reseruation. T Sorry? T Thankyou. T Good morning. Listen againand write the letters. I What'syourname? Whats his name? His name's l. Where'she from? He'sfrom 1. I Her name's-. Shesfrom Readingin -. Hes from in the USA. Her name's. She'sfrom a I Her name's-. Shesfrom Bangalore, His name's. He'sfrom Vancouverin 6 His name's. He'sfrom San Diego,. LI Sit down, please. T Lookat the board,please.

I Openyour books. Listenagainand repeat. Good evening 6. A You'rethe receptionist. B You'rethe receptionist. What's your surname? A Useyour nameand surname. How do you spell it? Q Communication Gome: A p. Hittheships I have a reservation.

Circle the correct answer. Hello, Alex. A ExcuseI , are you Harry?. A I'm fim Brown. Nice to 2 you. I'm Ann Carter. A Is fack English? B No, American. I4 a reservation. A - from? B I'm from Russia. A Are you in room ? B No, inroom2l2. B Yes, a she's b she is They Chinese,they're apanese.

Brazil vowels consonants 5 American Write the next number. Checkthe wordsand sounds,andpractisesayingthe examplewords. I six, seven, 2 two, one, Underlinethe stressed syllable. Readand completethe chart for Marta,Viktor, and Kelly. Tick r' theboxes.

Yes,I can. I a Danny'sAmerican. Write the words. It's on the train! I bag bags 2 chair Thetop five thingspeopleleaveon Britishtrainsare not in order : 3 book I bags 4 laptop fl coats O p. Readthe rules I glasses and do the exercises. E mobilephones e Memorygomep. Saythe plurals. Number the pictures I A Hey! That'smy bag. B No, it isn't. B What are their names? A Her name'sLucyand his name'sEric. B Hello. And who's this? C It's my parrot.

B Whafs its name? B Hello Polly. B Sorry? A Whereare our coats? B Yourcoats- they'reover there on the chair. A Thankyou. Good night. Thencomplete men and women I the chart with a highlighted word. Readtherulesfor brother husband son mother possessive Do exercisea. Talk to a partner. Point at peoplein the classroom. What'sher name? I can'tremember. The woman over there is my mother. I have one brother and three sons. My husband and my father are teachers.

Marianne b Complete the sentenceswith a name. Readthe rulesfor possessive s. Do exercise b. Corerb andpractisewith photosA-E. Ask andanswer.

Myfather's name isMafi, andmymother'snameisAmy. I havea brother anda sister. Wehavea dog. That's my bag. Who's this? What are Listen and check. American E Tim Wow! Look at that car. British tr Sue lt's a man's car. French Tim A man's car? I Sue Yes. And it's very expensive. German tr Wow! Look at that yellow car. Italian tr Tim lt's a woman's car.

Tapanese f] c Look at the highlighted words. Guesstheir meaning. Then practiseit a Circle the right sentence. Practisewith a partner. I Ask and answer. Whatcolouris it? Readthe rules and do the exercises. In pairs, 2 Describethe cars. Use two adjectives. Car 2 is small and cheap. B ask questions.

Guessthe car. It'sa big house. Write in the article. What car? Men and smal l short datrshter boald womenare different 2. Practise the phrases. My car is a Peugeot2Ol. Write about your dream' car. Three dbe topfivewomen's carsaresportscars butnotvery qensivesports cars. Women prefercarsthataresmall easy to park andsafe.

Mark the sentencesT true or F false. A What'syour phonenumber? B- A Sorry? I 2 3 0r3r r In pairs, practise the dialogue in a. Use your phone number or an invented number. Then practisesaylngall the numbers. How old are the people in your famil b Listen again and read. Complete the dialogues. Ages c Listen and repeat the dialogues. Howold arethey? Does he havebrothersand sisters? Ll5 Lis t en. How old are they?

LJ6 Listen to six more people. Answer the questionsfor eachperson. H-otydo you spel] it? O Firstname Surname -,'. O Nationality : -,',-rat's t. O Address -. Postcode : ::,-'rr-oldare you? Married Single ','. O Phonenumber: home ' ','. Circle your title too. Q Communication Personol A p. What's your phone number? And you? What's your ernail address?

I'm OK, thanks. How old are you? This is Helen. I' m Seeyou soon. Are you married? We're in a hurry. B It's Rebecca. She'smy brother's girlfriend. A Is Katie your wife? B No, she'smy daughter. Copythe gythm. A bigyellow taxitookawaymyoldman. Rewrite the sentenceswith the colour. Mtt pen is blue 2 Jamie's mobileis DRE.

Completethe oppositesentences. It's small 2 His mobile isnt old. Shes 4 Thatbook isnt very good. It,S 6 Their car isnt slow. It's 7 My coatisnt short. It,S a Right ,t or wrong rX Correctthe wrongsentences.

X She'sa beautiful woman. Wordsandphrases to learn. Complete the dialogueswith a word from the list. I A Are you learning Chinese? T1r o. She'sfrom Berlin. Its E The cars are fast.

Listen and repeatthe words and the sounds for cat, train, car, and horse. B It's Sue. B It's a blue Passat. B It's a Mini. It's small and it's easyto park. B My sister. She'sbeautiful and she'svery nice. Put the dialogue in the correct order. Your homenumber. El What'syour phonenumber? Write the phonenumbers. I eight two seven double three oh 2 five six two three double two 3 nine double one five six three 4 double seven three oh eight two A SorryMax. S soon. A Hi lake.

How are you? B Fine, t And you? B W name ls my her AHowo you? B I Match the sentences. I Hello. I 3 This is my sister. I 4 What'syour name? I 5 Are you married? I 7 tyVhat's your phonenumber?

I twenty-one. Bank StudenfsBookp. B My namet Keira Richards. I'm from Manchester. A s postcode? B I'm twenty-five. A 6 B No, I'm not. A What's four 7 married? B My home number or my mobile number? A Your home number. B It's A 8 B It's What's your name? I'm David Green.

What's your address? It's 45 North Road. What's your home phone number? It's What's your email address? Use eachverb once. A Hi, essica. This is my new boyfriendMax. B Hello,Max. C No,I2. I live in the centre. B 3 I I live the city centre. C Y e sI,a A s you want a coffee,Jessica? B Yes,please. C No, thanks. I o drink coffee. Do you want a tea?

C No thanks. I z like tea. What s coffee. E you want? C I want a water, please. A Fine. Student's Bookp. E Write the questions. B Do tou have 2 A I dont live in the centre.

B a computer? B a Coke? B Mexican food? B coffee? Listen and repeat the words and the sounds for boot, witch, and, vase.

Complete the dialogues. B Yesplease Whereareyou from? Do you like it? Do you havechildren? Wheredo you work? Interview with a B R hairdresser 'What's? B Idontk your name? My name's Anastazia, Annafor short.

B Dont w. B Noth 7 A It'slate. Are you ready? B No I'm not. B I dont like dogs. He s from Moscow. Yes,we do. We havea littleboy. Look at the highlightedwordsandphrases. What do you think theymean? Checkwith your dictionary. Yes,I do. I listen to Radio 4. Do you live near here?

No, I dont. Do you drink coffee? I drink tea. I dont like coffee. Eatbreakfast likea king,lunchlikea prince, anddinner likea poorman. Completethe words. Practise saying the words. Studenf,s Bookp. Listenand repeatthe wordsand the jazz, andgirl. Usethe verbsfrom the list. Teacher's Book provides over photocopiables to save preparation time, plus extra tips and ideas. Students can learn and practise sounds, words and sentences in context - and take wherever they go - with the Pronunciation App.

Sample materials available from the English File website. Key Features: - Super-flexible package provides everything needed - for both inside and outside the classroom - Improved texts and listening that motivate students to talk - Four-skills syllabus with a clear focus on pronunciation - plus Grammar Bank exercises for practice and activation of grammar - Real-world In-The-Street interviews, Practical English motivating drama and documentary videos - Oxford Online Skills Program offers students targeted and motivating practice to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Teachers can also use our online Learning Management System to easily manage and measure student progress.

Grammar Practise your grammar with exercises for each File. Weblinks Links to begonner for learning more about the topics in English File Beginner. Vocabulary Practise your vocabulary with english file beginner pdf free download for each File. Pronunciation Practise the sounds of English. Mini Phrasebook Download two pages of Practical English for travelling. Audio and Video Downloads Download audio and video resources to help you study better with English File. Dyslexic-friendly reading texts Download specially adapted versions of the Student's Book reading texts and audio files. All Rights Reserved. english file beginner pdf free download Download & View English File Beginner 3d Edition- Students elmarkinninger.biz as PDF for free. More details. Pages: Preview; Full text. × PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 83,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy​. CliveOxenden ChristinaLatham-Koenig withfaneHudson. New Beginner Workbook withkey. Paul Seligsonand Clive Oxenden are the original. English File Beginner Student's Book 3rd Edition pdf ebook download class audio cd English File 3rd at Resources for teaching and learning English -. New English File Beginner Teacher's Book - Teacher's Book ebook pdf online download at Resources for teaching and learning English - sale off 50%. Read Free New English File Beginner Students English File Beginner Student's elmarkinninger.biz - Google Download two pages of Practical English for travelling. New English File Beginner Workbook - Teacher's Book ebook pdf online download at Teaching and learning English everyday sale off 50%. Download for free OXFORD Third Edition English File all levels Student's book Workbook Key Teachers book формат (format): PDF, Mp3, CD-exe, DVD (iso) English File third edition Beginner Class Audio CDs - ISBN: ​5. Practise your vocabulary with exercises for each File. Pronunciation. Practise the sounds of English. Mini Phrasebook. Download two pages of Practical English for​. I love that! How much is that? Theydon't have- or. Where are you from? Corerb andpractisewith photosA-E. How old are they? What are their names? Whenmy husbandcame home 9 - and- had a very goodevening. Barman Anything else? We went to bed earlybecausewe were tired, and we startwork earlyon Monday. Complete the chart HairdresserHow old are they? Hi, 'm Caroline. Breakfast is from seven to ten, What a great steak! english file beginner pdf free download