easy way to make a website for free

easy way to make a website for free

If you want to get a free theme — which is where most people like to start — the best place to go is the official theme directory at WordPress. Particularly, the section for the most popular themes. All themes you see there have proven to be of great quality and have large user bases behind them.

You are free to browse through that list and pick any theme you fancy but to speed things up for you in this guide, we recommend Neve. Go to your WordPress admin interface. Use the username and password you got during WordPress installation. Although the theme is active at this point, there are a couple more things you should do to make it look right.

One of the great things about Neve is that you get not just one design with it, but a whole range of different designs that you can pick from. Click on the big blue button to see them.

There are more than 20 designs available for free, and they cover most of the popular website niches, like business, restaurant, fitness, music, food, wedding, photography, eCommerce, portfolio, and more. The first thing that most users want to do is upload their logo and have it displayed in the top left corner of the site. Here are some of the tools you can use to create a logo yourself. Once you have a logo ready, you can add it to your site. For starters, you can upload your logo.

Additionally, you can choose if you want to display the site name and tagline alongside the logo, and set the max-width of the logo. Experiment with these settings and pick what works best for you. Another thing you can experiment with is changing the color schemes and fonts used on the site. With Yola, you can manage your domains, hosting, email, online store, and more, all in one convenient place.

Get a custom domain name from Yola or use one you already own. Look professional, protect your brand, and be remembered. Add private registration to protect yourself from spammers and telemarketers. Expand your reach by publishing your website to mobile phones, Facebook, and the web. It was the platform our users were least likely to recommend after testing, and also came out last for ease of use with a score of just 3. GoDaddy has only recently started offering a free version of its website builder, and its trademark speedy setup makes it perfect for whipping up a free website in a rush.

This is a really generous free plan, with unlimited storage on offer, meaning no caps on content and pages. If you have an idea you want to get off the ground quickly, we think this is the best builder for the job.

This is the trade-off for a quick, design-assisted setup. The language and layout used in the editor means that editing is genuinely easy for anyone without tech experience. Although you can access many great features on the free plan, including adding a messaging system and pop-up in just a couple of clicks, much of what makes GoDaddy a great platform namely a ton of extra marketing features are kept under the lock and key of a premium subscription, which is fair enough.

An easy-to-use free builder which creates simple, stylish, one-page websites. Strikingly creates one-page websites with a pre-formed design of your choice. Unlike many other free website builders, you can change your template as many times as you wish once your site is live.

For example, for this site, our domain name was lucyssupersidehustle. Jimdo is a good choice of free website builder if you want to set up an online store and sell through your site at a later date. The team behind Jimdo are very passionate about helping you build a free website, and things are kept simple so you can jump right in.

The template selection is also much more limited. The prompts at the beginning do mean you can get a website set up really quickly, and avoid the problem of being overwhelmed with choice. There are also no banner or pop-up Jimdo ads with the free plan, just a tiny note in the footer.

The domain name format is fairly standard: your-site. For this site, for example, ours was lucy-bakes. SimpleSite is a mobile delight. It has a really impressive specialism — it gives you the ability to create a website to the same extent as on a desktop, but from your mobile device. However, there are some big downsides.

Webnode is a popular choice of free website maker with more than 30 million users around the world. You can move elements around, but they will conform to predetermined designs.

For example, if you move an image from the middle of the page to the right, the page design will change to accommodate this, rather than simply letting you drop the image where you want it. It lends itself really well to building simple, minimalist sites:.

We can see the appeal, and in the end, we liked the look of the website we created. Students, artists, NGOs and charities can apply to use the premium IM Creator software for free by filling in this form. The community enrichment team will then review your application, normally within 72 hours.

If approved, the license will then be added to the first site you publish, and will be ad-free. This saves you the job of having to build or design anything from scratch. If not, you might do better to look at builders featured higher on this list.

Mozello is a basic, easy to use website builder which allows you to create multilingual sites totally free. Mozello is an easy to use and basic website builder.

It has simple features such as blogging tools and even ecommerce functions. You can set up an online store on the free plan and sell up to 10 products. One of the best things about Mozello is you can create multilingual websites for free. This means you can reach a wider audience by making your content available in other languages.

This is a rare feature to be included in a free plan, so Mozello definitely deserves this shout out. The domain name format is www. For this site, ours is www. This is the encryption that lets users and search engines know your website is secure and trustworthy. That said, there are some elements that you should pay close attention to when deciding on which free website builder you choose — which is exactly what we do To create this ranking of the best free website builders, we drew upon our extensive research and user testing for each website builder as a whole, and combined this with a specific focus on their free plans, paying close attention to whether or not the builder ticked these boxes:.

Our screenshots should help you evaluate the ads of each website builder, and decide on the best compromise for you. Most free website builders have a cap on the amount of content you can upload to your site. If you need to sell through your free website builder, that limits your options a little.

The process and learning curve differ slightly from builder to builder, but here are the steps you can expect:. This process could take anything from 15 minutes to a few hours, depending on how much you switch up in steps three and four.

Again, yoursite. As your site grows and your traffic increases, you may find you simply outgrow your free plan. You may need to upgrade to have enough storage, and so that enough people can access your site at once. Many paid plans offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, so you can have total peace of mind.

The features and tools needed to take your business or hobby to the next level will often be waiting for you in that premium plan, so make sure you at least take a look! Our list of the top 11 free website builders ranks Wix as the best all-around builder, with tons of free features. Restaurant websites are a perfect example. They need to have the name, menu, hours, phone number, and location. No fancy SEO strategies, no lead funnels, no viral growth hacks. None of that stuff matters.

A basic, informational site is more than enough for a restaurant. You can skip a ton of the extra stuff that I always have to do and get yourself a super easy site.

It does come with extra features that help you build traffic though. If you sell physical goods, you only have one option for creating your website: Wix. Yes, there are technically other options that you could consider.

Get all the details from our review of Wix here. If I was building a website to sell physical goods, I would sign up for Wiximmediately. Wix Editor Total Design Freedom. Co rv id by Wix Open Dev Platform. Get Professional Features for Your Website. Beautiful Blog.

Create a Free Blog. Learn How. Logo Maker. Try Wix Logo Maker. Online Store. Create an Online Store. The Best SEO. Find Out More. Custom Domains. Get Custom Domain Names. Manage and Grow Your Business Online. How to Create a Free Website. Learn How to Create a Website. Design that makes you stand out Choose from more than a hundred of carefully prepared and easy to customize templates. Discover more templates. Start selling online Open a brand new store using one of our templates or add the store feature to your existing website on Webnode in just a few clicks.

Boost your position with the perfect domain A domain name is your internet address. Communicate with your customers like a pro Mailbox created on your domain will help build up and unify your brand. Local and friendly support Our experienced in-house customer support team will help you start up your business.

Trusted by more than 40 million people.

By registering and creating your website you agree to our Terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy. Free download google play store for android mobile phone logging in you agree to our Terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy. Creating your site is like playing with building blocks. Add all types of content in just a few clicks, move it around easy way to make a website for free change it up anytime. Have fun easyy it. Open a brand new store using one of our templates or add the store feature to your existing website on Webnode in just a few clicks. A domain name is your internet address. Make sure you are staying on a ezsy one. Choose from our wide selection of local and special domains or easily connect your own to your Webnode project. Mailbox created on your domain easu help build up and unify your brand. You can create up to unique mailboxes and receive your mail via Outlook, Gmail or other email clients. Our experienced in-house customer support team will help you start up your business. We are here for you 5 days a week and we speak your language. Create your website 1. Enter the easy way to make a website for free of your website. Continue with Facebook Facebook. Continue with Google Google. Email address. The name will be used for creating your website's address on easy way to make a website for free Webnode subdomain. If the same name has been already used for a different project, your website's address will contain a numerical suffix. Login Continue with Facebook Facebook. Forgot your password? Easy way to make a website for free Online store Domains Mailboxes Support. Create your own website for free! easy way to make a website for free Drag and drop s of design features. Get ready for business. Drive traffic to your site. You can create and own your website for free for an unlimited time. Make a website at Webnode in a matter of minutes! Want to create a free website but don't know which website builder to use? Wix has a very generous free plan, which is super easy to use – it combines creative freedom with How do these builders match up side by side? Learn how to make a website and set it up. This site contains different tutorials on how to build a website using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & HTML. All you need is hours of your free time to complete the guide and set up a website. Setting up your WordPress website is easy, and your web host. Create a professional website for free with the elmarkinninger.biz website builder. Domain names, web hosting, website templates, and ecommerce solutions. This site teaches you how to make a website in just 3 easy to follow steps. There's also lots of really useful resources to help you build traffic in Google My Business can automatically generate a free website for you using info We'll help you create a beautiful website to impress and engage new customers – and establish your business online. It's easy to put your best foot forward. Make a free website with our free website builder. We offer free hosting and a free website address. Create a professional, free website in minutes Advanced users can easily edit images online, as well as add HTML, Javascript, and See how many people are coming to your site and watch your business grow! Where you share a server with multiple other websites. Does the site load quickly? If you want something super quick and easy though, then you're better off with a website builder. For example, these should work great on a services page:. Sometimes you just want an easy, side-by-side look at your choices rather than flipping between tons of tabs online. At the very least you will need to populate a chosen template with content specific to you. Decide if WordPress is right for you. There, just like the App Store, you can see how much an app will cost although many are free , what it does, and its user rating. There are systems, which work better for your particular web design tasks and enjoy the worldwide popularity due to their features, tools and tasks covered. I am extremely satisfied with how Mozello works. When it comes to picking the right pictures for your site, quality is key. easy way to make a website for free