devils blaze mc book 2 read online free

devils blaze mc book 2 read online free

Be Premium. Are you sure you want to continue? Cancel Accept. Now I'm hated for them Love isn't always pretty - especially not when you fall for a Beast. I ran like hell from the tragedy in my past. I didn't slow down, and I didn't look back. But I couldn't outrun the memories I came to North Carolina to be alone I had very mixed feeling on 'Captured' but I wanted to follow Skull and Beth and find out how their story ended.

But my real issue was that I couldn't enjoy this book, even though I liked Torch and some of his lines were brilliant I found his story a distraction and I started skimming, I While I liked Torch I wanted Skull and Beth. But my real issue was that I couldn't enjoy this book, even though I liked Torch and some of his lines were brilliant I found his story a distraction and I started skimming, I kept trying to stop but I wanted Skull and Beth not Torch and Katie and no matter how many times I tried to slow down I ended up skimming just about the whole book.

At one point I told myself I'd go back and re-read it but if I'm being honest I know that's not going to happen. It seemed a strange choice to write this book like this and it just didn't work for me. I'm actually disappointed, not that I didn't love Katie and Hunter, I did! However Captured is what made me fall in love with Skull and Beth and I was hoping there was going to be more of them..

I knew the story was going to focus on Katie and Hunter, but all they did was sit in the car, travel, and have sex..

Now the third book will be out in April, which focuses on Annie and her two boy toys, but I'm actually disappointed, not that I didn't love Katie and Hunter, I did! Now the third book will be out in April, which focuses on Annie and her two boy toys, but I won't be indulging since I figure I'll get a few more pages of Skull and Beth so I'll just come to my own HEA. The best in the series! But still a very shitty smut like book about being woman being treated like garbage!! Her sister was more hard ass then the first book but it was the hero that I liked and why I gave it two stars because he did not care if he looked stupid he wanted his girl and he took care of her!!!

I loved that unlike the hero in the other two books in this series. I am ssoooo freaking sorry I picked up this mess of a series. We know Katie is the initially presumed dead- actually alive- twin sister of Beth with a tragic past and Hunter is Torch, Skulls right hand. I'm gonna review the book before my rant. The story is two years after Craved and Captured. Beth and Katie are on a run with Gabby, when Katie has a one night stand with Torch under disguise.

What starts out as a hot one nig "Burned" is the story of Katie and Hunter. What starts out as a hot one nighter turns into a marathon when Torch discovers Katie's identity. Both have an hot- feelings involved- no boundaries sex while they fall for each other. Enjoyed their story. Now to my main issue, why not make this book three and honestly tell what every reader wanted to know since book 1 ended on a cliffhanger- about Beth and Skull?!

Even though I liked Katie and Torch, I held my breath every time the Beth and Skull were mentioned and eagerly waited for their snippets. This book doesn't reveal much about them but they completely overshadowed the story, and that's why, this gets the rating it does. I didn't deserve to read Skull with a hoe. Safe 3. Jun 29, Nazneen rated it it was ok. I also didn't like the years gap between them..

Some gap would have been acceptable.. I understand Skull's behaviour towards Beth, bcz comeon he blamed himslef for almost 2 years thinking he killed Beth. I don't know how Beth thought that Skull would not love het anymore or do that to her..

But again I understand her too.. I think nobody was right or wrong here. He was hurt from her. But, I didn't like him sleeping with other women. Everyone deserves to that.

But, I also liked how he never does that again the moment he finds about Beth. I just didn't like this cliffhanger. There happy times.. Jan 26, Glenna Maynard rated it it was amazing Shelves: biker , favorites , mc , romance , mindfuckery , mc-alphas-to-die-for.

Hordan Hordan Jordan! Woman you did it again. I still think cutting his balls off for a baby mobile would be a better option. No one said quite how my niece needed to have her father in her life. It seems like the perfect solution to me. I fell fast. I fell hard. I loved him intensely and I trusted him completely - until he ripped my heart to shreds. So when the Devils Blaze books started I knew they'd be good.

This book is the second in the series, Skulls book being the first. This book is Torchs Story, and what a force of nature he is I loved his Cocky attitude, boy can he pull it off. This book carries on from captured, Skull wants Torch to help him, he sends him on a job that will change his life forever When Torch meets a sexy lady whilst on his mission for Skull, he has no idea who she is.

He just knows he wants her more than he wanted anyone in a long time She knows who he is as soon as she spots him, but she can't say no Let's just say neither one of them was prepared for the outcome.

This book was Hott, and Torch is definitely an Alpha Male xxx I can't wait for the next instalment to this amazing series. Jordan Marie is an awesome writer, she knows how to keep her readers on their Toes, and she's certainly done it again.

There is something going on all the time. The passion is on fire whether they are loving or hating. There is still the rest of the on going story too. It's soooo hard to put down Sue P. Not as good as book 1, but I've read worse. It's ok. A little disappointing after the first book in the series. I did like Katey and Torch was annoying in a funny, likable way, so they definitely work together.

However, nothing really happens here. There wasn't much of a story and what there was could easily have fitted into the two books telling Skull and Beth's story. This felt more like a filler, just for the author to have another book to sell. It isn't badly written, just a little boring in parts but I have read worse. We use this information to create a better experience for all users.

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I'm just a simple small town country girl, haunted by Alpha Men who talk in my head 24 hours a day. I knew I wanted to write when it became clear I couldn't be happy with just viewing other people's stories. I always wanted to rewrite them. Like why did Jack have to die? Why couldn't Rose move create your own signs online free butt over? Because that was a huge piece of wood she was on, people. Happy Endings should be fought devils blaze mc book 2 read online free, but they should always devils blaze mc book 2 read online free. Mine might take some curves and twists, but they eventually get there. Having published over fifty stories, it always feels surreal that this is my life. Hitting USA Today had me crying for days, but nothing is devils blaze mc book 2 read online free special than hearing from readers that they loved one of my books. Visit my website to join my newsletter, devils blaze mc book 2 read online free me a note, or check out my books! This isn't your everyday Beauty and the Beast story. Our love story was tragic, until it wasn't. Once upon a time I fell in love with a beast. I loved him intensely - until he ripped my heart to shreds There's an animal in me that I keep hidden. Beth calls to him. She tempts the monster and lures him to the surface. I'm obsessed with her. I can't stay away She has a body that makes men beg. devils blaze mc book 2 read online free no ratings. The Devil's Blaze MC in one collection. Book 1. Captured Book 2. Burned Torch was sent to locate the President's wife and to bring her back, using anything or anyone at his Read Online(Swipe version). Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features Additional gift options are available when buying one eBook at a time. Burned: Devil's Blaze MC Book 2 by [Jordan Marie, LJ Anderson, Daryl Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping. Read online: When you play with fire, you're bound to get is a very bad man. There is nothing good about him. Unless you count the things. Burned book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sometimes playing with fire is worth the burn. Katie: He is a very bad man. Captured (Devil's Blaze MC, #1), Craved (Devil's Blaze MC #), Burned (Devil's Blaze MC, #2), Released (Devil's Blaze MC, #3), Shafted (Devil's Blaze. Comments; Reading Challenge; Kindle Notes & Highlights; Quotes; Favorite Book 1. Captured. by Jordan Marie. · 5, Ratings · Reviews Want to Read. Listen Free to Beauty: Learning to Live (Devil's Blaze MC Duet Book 2) audiobook by Jordan Marie with a 30 Day Free Trial! Stream and download Blaze Duet. Book 1 Beast must be read first. By clicking "Notify Me" you consent to receiving electronic marketing communications from You will be able to. Devil's Blaze MC has 13 entries in the series. Devil's Blaze MC (Series). Book 2. Jordan Marie Author Zoe McKay Narrator (). cover image of Released. is more special than hearing from readers that they loved one of my books. Maxine Mitchell; Length: 6 hrs and 53 mins; Series: Devil's Blaze MC, Book 6. Series list: Devil's Blaze MC (7 Books) by Jordan Marie. A sortable list in reading order and chronological order with publication date, genre, and rating. Previous For nearly destroying me. With this cover model its excactly who i picture Torch to be. Torch and Katie are crazy good together! I want Beth found and back here. Arc gratefully received for honest review BBBf-sizzlereads-bestbookboyfriends. Error rating book. Processing Please Don't Refresh the Page. Quotes from Burned. His words make me sick. Other Editions 2. That work? devils blaze mc book 2 read online free