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deliver pam godwin read online free

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Free Books,. Jacqueline Carey author of Kushiel's Lee Smith author of The Last Varian Krylov author of Abduction. Kresley Cole author of A Hunger Joey W. Hill author of Natural Law. Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference. Mar 22, AM. Jan 01, PM. Feel free and stop by my wall or drop me a message any time! Dec 25, PM. Hope you are enjoying your day. Dec 24, PM. Hope you have an amazing start to ! Jan 21, PM. I don't know how we are not friends but.

Dec 24, AM. Merry Christmas Pam! Nov 15, PM. Jul 11, AM. Hi, thank you for being my friend! I enjoyed " Beneath the Burn " so much. I liked your writing. I am looking forward to reading your other novels.

Jul 03, AM. Going through Goodreads this morning and came across Beneath the Burn again. May just have to do a re read soon. Looking so forward to Vanquish too!!

Feb 28, AM. Thanks for accepting my friendvite. I have a few of your books on my TBR pile, excited to get to em. Especially Deliver, looks delicious and the reviews have been great! Congrats to you!

Jan 04, AM. Manipulate - Deliver 6 Pam Godwin. Take - Deliver 5 Pam Godwin. Booted - Trails of Sin 3 Pam Godwin. Buckled - Trails of Sin 2 Pam Godwin. Incentive Pam Godwin. Most of our books are stored in elastic clouds, and traffic is expensive. So we have a limit on the number of downloads. If you want to increase this limit, your can make a donation :. Donate Now. Deliver by Pam Godwin by Pam Godwin. Table of Content 1. Chapter 1 2.

Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Lost in each moment, wondering what s going to happen next, Liv kept her cards tucked away, trusting no one but herself. Joshua had no choice but to trust in his strength to survive, adapting to his surroundings and welcoming the torment that was promised. When you do read this, don't read it when you know you can't devote time to it, I was pissed at myself starting this right before the holidays, making it drawn out, keeping me on edge all the more, having my imagination run wild.

Regardless, it was a crazy brilliant ride one I am so glad I took. I can't wait to read the Van's book because I honestly don't know what to expect from him, and I don't want to know, wanting him to tell me his story himself. View all 74 comments. Dec 07, T. Frazier rated it it was amazing. I don't know what I expected when I started this book. I knew Pam Godwin was uber talented after reading and totally getting addicted to Beneath the Burn, but this story was just so…unique.

Books to me are fabulous when the writing just drips and flows into amazing scenes and are different from what else is out there and DELIVER certainly delivers! Totally rocked my world and then some. I should have been writing last night but instead I stayed up until 2am to finish Deliver because I just HAD to know what happened!

One-click the fucking shit out of this, devour it, and beg Pam Godwin for more because I sure as shit am. View all 11 comments. Oct 04, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , romantic-suspense , dark-reads , i-love-my-friends , panty-dropping-hot , peeing-my-pants-scared , dark-taboo-forbidden-reads , new-adult-express , read-to-review , i-trust-my-friends.

This book has so much in it! From romance to action then to suspense, my brain and heart never got a chance to relax before something happened.

The book grabbed my attention and kept me fully engaged with the story. Dark scale : 5 Mindfuck scale : 2 No Stockholm syndrome; more like a survivor romance. You do what you need to do to stay alive. Alongside Van whose role in the book is still iffy at this point , they successfully maneuver the kind-hearted Josh into their trap and lock him up, preparing his training as a slave. I have to say here that this first part really tore me up. Except for me, there was no thrill anymore.

Josh is the sweetest, most innocent and good person, and to read his thoughts were heartbreaking: his first instinct is to worry about his parents, who rely on him with their farm. Then comes the part where the book went a little downhill for me. Another aspect that made me feel iffy for a good portion of the book was Liv herself. From the blurb and the first few chapters, Liv is expected to be this dominant, badass, hardcore Mistress who has no fears and is confident in all she does, but after finding out how she started into this whole business brought down her character in terms of an anti-heroine who later opens up to Josh, not having a weak spot for him from the beginning.

He was the source of some tension and conflict within the timeframe Liv trains Josh so it kept the book interesting. Aside from the things I mentioned before that prevented me from giving the book 5 stars, there was one more thing that made me go huh. E was killed and they got away…really?! Overall this was a pretty unique and suspenseful read. The numerous twists and turns in the book kept me on my toes and the erotic nature of the story should be commended.

ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review. View all 82 comments. My biggest problem I think with this book was that it just wasn't believable I didn't buy the connection between Josh and Liv. I really struggled with Josh's character. How he could go from a twenty-something virgin football star studying to be a minister "Fulfilling their promise. They'd made a deal with God. If He gave them a child, they vowed to raise their miracle to be a servant of His church in Baptist ministry.

I will say, the writing was good I was never bored. But I did roll my eyes at quite a few things throughout the book. It's hard to say much without giving anything away He is slave number eight that she is to kidnap and train for the latest buyer. They went from Mistress and boy to Liv and Josh almost overnight Because he was stubborn, disobedient and untrainable? Van and Liv are a team of sorts. Van's character was They had a weird relationship to say the least. Several things about Van didn't add up for me You did not just do that Liv If he wasn't dead, yet he tried to save Liv's mom That whole plot line was unresolved for me hide spoiler ] There were aspects I liked about this one, and aspects I didn't.

I think if you're a fan of captor type love stories you'll like this one. You, alive, with me. That's my freedom. View all 86 comments. Oct 06, Debra rated it it was amazing Shelves: dark-angsty , dual-pov , all-time-favorites , romance , unputdownable , standalone , release , arc-or-netgalley , emotional-rollercoaster.

What an amazing story I absolutely loved it! She captures young boys and girls, trains them to be the perfect sex slave and then sells them to the buyer who ordered them. For 7 years she's been doing her job without ever getting to attached to her "trainees" but when Josh becomes her newest pupil, he makes her feel things she never expected to feel. At first, I thought that I would hate Liv for what she does for a living but it was obvious early on that she's just as much a victim as the ones she trains.

She's ruled and controlled by her bosses and forced to detach herself and her feelings from her work. She's actually a broken woman who's been through some horrible, traumatic events in her past and Josh is the first person who's able to break through her numbness and the walls around her heart. He was so sweet, responsible, gentle and caring BUT at the same time he was also incredibly strong willed, determined and despite his harsh conditions he never broke down.

Whatever was thrown at him, he shouldered with all the ease in the world. Of course, I felt really bad for him whenever he had to go through another humiliating experience as part of his "training" but even then, he remained stoic. From the moment he met Liv, he was drawn to her and enamored by her beauty and unique personality and he takes it upon himself to save her from herself and bring out the caring and loving girl he knows is hiding behind her tough exterior. If I could free it once a day, it might make the next ten weeks bearable.

And well, there were scenes like that. Scenes that made kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading them Let me see you. All the songs the author mentioned in the story really fitted right in with the storyline and listening to them while reading the scenes they were mentioned in, made my reading experience even better. All in all, Deliver is a book that will definitely stay with me for a long time and it made me an even bigger fan of Pam Godwin than I already was.

The sequel will be about Van, a character that I had many conflicting feelings about, and I'm already anxiously looking forward to its release! No cliffhanger. He would say the hand of God was holding them up, delivering them. View all 50 comments. Feb 15, Brandi rated it really liked it. This unique story is dark, gritty, and emotionally charged - heart racing, mind spinning, stomach turning.

It was intense. I had no idea how to feel, what to expect or hope for. She and her partner, Van, abduct and train their victims to become sex slaves. Each client has a list of requirements that must be met in order for the Each client has a list of requirements that must be met in order for the sale to be complete.

These requirements lead her to her latest acquisition, the virginal Josh Carter. He represented purity, beauty, family, all of the things that had been taken from her.

Josh's innocence draws Liv in. Even in the darkest times of his captivity, Josh, remains strong and willful. But is he drawn to Liv and discovers things about himself he never really accepted before.

Her voice was an offering from God and a temptation from hell, a tone so potent it could corrupt a man, or save him. In this twisted game, Josh and Liv form a strong connection, finding freedom in each others arms. But Liv still has a deadline to make, the safety of those she holds dear depends on it. Will she be able to protect Josh and her loved ones? This book is dark and brutal. Slightly unrealistic but enthralling, with tons of twist and turns.

Side note : Van. You terrifying, hair pulling, intriguing man. I cannot wait to get my hands on your book. View all 53 comments. Oct 06, Jennifer Kyle rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-like-it-dark-and-twisted , favorites. As a trained sex slave, he would catch seven digits in an offshore account. I've tried everything I can think of. I relished in Joshua's faith, compassion and strength.

The ending was fantastic and the story unforgettable! View all 49 comments. Oct 02, Pam Godwin, Again you have delivered another great book. In Deliver we have Liv and Joshua. Liv, is the deliverer hired to kidnap and train Joshua to become a sex slave. One thing I know to expect from Pam's heroines is that they are strong women. I won't go into why I feel the way I do about Liv because I don't want to spoil the story Pam Godwin, Again you have delivered another great book.

I won't go into why I feel the way I do about Liv because I don't want to spoil the story. I'll just say she's more than meets the eye.

Through the whole ordeal his strength and conviction never wavered. From the start he saw the real Liv and fought for her in every sense of the word. There were aspects of the story that were seriously fucked up. I thought to myself- Some as fucked as they were, my oh so dirty mind also enjoyed them. The second half of the book in typical Pam Godwin style takes you on a fast paced roller coaster. She manages to engage the reader and makes us believe we are there.

Some of my reactions while reading: and the ending- Perfection! This was simply an amazing story of survival. So do yourself a favor- buy this book, grab some wine, and take a deep breath! ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review View all 16 comments.

Jun 15, CC rated it it was amazing Shelves: dirty-f-in-talkers , favorites , thriller-suspense-mystery , mafia-underworld-assassins , oozing-sex-appeal , mistress-ccs-dungeon , darkish-to-depths-of-hell. The characters are resilient and yet vulnerable, making imperfect choices where the consequences can be grave.

Not while there are still slave traders preying on her city. She will stop at nothing to end them. Even if that means becoming a slave again. Returning to chains is her worst fear—and only option. Except him. The one who decimated her sixteen-year-old heart. Right now she hated Nirvana and everything musical expression had once meant to her.

To be fair, a number of them, with their athletic frames and juvenile energy, could have been her next delivery. A fucking holier-than-thou virgin boy. The tone of cheers exploded in volume and urgency, drawing her attention to the field.

He jogged to midfield in long-legged strides, the seams of his sleeves straining to contain his biceps. She leaned over the railing, eyes glued to his gait. Self-assured and powered by trained muscles, he covered the field like he owned it.

Given the whoops of his fans, he did. But she knew everything about the twenty-one year old.

Bennett Sharp is on the run. Wanted for piracy, she fears neither God nor death nor man. Except Priest Farrell. The unfaithful, stormy-eyed libertine hunts her with terrifying possessiveness. Nothing will stop him from coming for her. Not his unforgivab. Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign in with Facebook Deliver pam godwin read online free in options. Join Goodreads. Add New. Elizabeth Brown. Carl White. Deliver pam godwin read online free Tijan. Melissa Jones. Pam Godwin Goodreads Author. RomanceThrillerHorror. Learn more. To ask Pam Godwin questions, please sign up. What are you currently working on? Pam Godwin I'm working on a romantic suspense, separate from the books I've released to date. I'm not ready deliver pam godwin read online free reveal the title yet, but I'll share some keywords …more I'm working on a romantic suspense, separate from the books I've released to date. View all 5 comments. deliver pam godwin read online free And her stubborn slave thinks he can deliver her from herself. Book Details; Table of Content. File Deliver by Pam Godwin: Page Loading description: Deliver: Page 90 free online. Mr. E's pistol dropped. Red spouted from a hole in his canvas-wrapped. Enter Pam Godwin's library and read online all his/her books. One is a Promise - Tangled Lies #1 Free [email protected] Deliver - Deliver #1 Free [email protected] Series: Deliver Series by Pam Godwin. Good Books to read online free without epub pdf download:) ****. Deliver book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. His name was Joshua Carter. Now it's whatever she wants it to be. She i. Pam Godwin I'm working on a romantic suspense, separate from the books I've I'm currently writing a drug cartel / human trafficking book: Disclaim (book #3 in my Deliver series). Or start reading the series for FREE with Knotted. You can Also Join Us Online And Tune In To The Navigating INDIEWORLD Radio Show! DELIVER, book 1 in my dark romance series, is FREE. I'm currently writing DEVASTATE, book 4, which is expected to release early Three is a War. DELIVER (dark romance / antiheroes series). No cliffhangers. Each book is a different couple. Deliver #1 - FREE. Vanquish #2. Disclaim #3. Manipulate Read online Pam Godwin (Deliver #6). Author: Pam Godwin; Books in Series: Deliver Series by Pam Godwin; Genre: Action, Adult, Alpha Male. Heaviness settled over him, pooling down his arm and collapsing his chest. He wanted to slam his fist into her beautiful face. He could reach through any door with the threat he held over her. No talking. Van jerked, shoulders twitching, and groaned out a sigh. Their quarterback lay on his back, the football wobbling beside his grass-stained helmet. Over the past six years, he and Liv had become good friends, and he rarely dwelled on those dark hours of his life. If he died, what would become of her? His thick neck expanded into cut after cut of muscle down his torso. No, not Van. deliver pam godwin read online free