cash on delivery prestashop 1.6 free

cash on delivery prestashop 1.6 free

Bankwire module with carrier selection Bankwire module for Prestasho 1. Add to cart More. Czech Czech 2. Nederlands Dutch 2. Euskara Basque 1. Suomi Finnish 1. Magyar Hungarian 1. Svenska Swedish 1. See all See less. Options Zen Option 15 info. Developer Top Developers PrestaShop Partners 9. If the test was successfull, module is ready to work in live environment. If any problem occurred, check following first: default Cash on Delivery module - if is available, uninstall it module settings and hooks PrestaShop payment settings 3-rd party modules settings which can modify payment process Ship2pay, Payments2Carriers, etc.

If a problem still persist, contact module author. I tried to use some of free modules, but they didn't add fee to final price, so prices listed in back office were without fee. Learn more. Prestashop cash on delivery fee Ask Question. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Was it an unhandled exception like before?

I upgraded the module on a 1. Since it is working now with no errors or warnings, I wouldn't be worrying about it much Let me know if you have any more issues. I'll look into it and come back to you, but, just a guess, I don't see an easy way out of it when using COD product, unless overriding default PrestaShop files, which I'm not keen on doing.

I suggest for now to switch to 'Add to carrier's fee' integration option to hopefully use the module without problems. Hi Yama, no problem with not using this module, I hope someday it's useful to you someway. Regarding your question, this wasn't installed by my module, as far as I know, it's coming with the default Prestashop installation for the default cod module.

Hello, great module. I'm having some issues with real time showing the fee in cart summary when chosing the COD method. Am I missing something or? Any help appreciated. Hi Roych ,. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to test it, along with some fixes I need to make to fix some issues with some early versions of PS 1.

Right now I'm pretty sure it's working fine for PS 1. For any other version, expect some fixes soon. Great, until then I will disable the module on my site, so it wont confuse my clients. Can't wait for fixes. Awesome module. Geia sou Coloranti ,.

These were added to "disable" pagination of the condition list. This should fix the error above but I'm not sure if this module will work as expected in this version of Prestashop. Please report any problems to include some fixes for this version as well. Geia sou Saki, euxaristo gia thn amesh apantish. Yeah, I thought so I'll include testing in this version of Prestashop as well to see if I can make it work.

I testet this module on 1. In Validation Rules i have deselect that shipping and check "Match all grupes". Its posible to off COD for some shipping metod? Hi stoigniew ,. For your issue, you should add an additional condition to your list.

You can test it from the backoffice and see if the specific cart values that you enter provide the desired effects. Thanks sakgiok it's working. The products are shown on my website without taxes, and later, in the summary car, you can see all the taxes calculated and the total amount with that taxes. So, the problem is, this module show the COD fee with taxes in the summary cart. That produces confusion in my costumers because they see that if they add together the subtotales, the result is not the same I don't know if you know what I mean Hi crisrodreyes ,.

What are the selected preferences to have the total without taxes, because I did a quick search on Prestashop preferences and haven't found it. Hello sakgiok ,. Joseph Kata Module price. Articles Rich text editor and javascripts How to solve problem with javascript code that you want to save in rich text editor? Add new fields to PrestaShop 1. Download GeoLite2-City. Recently answered questions How to show specific nb of subcategory levels? Problem with cart block in navblock Change text of submit button in ajax dropdown module Question about cart module inside top menu I use custom theme without font awesome, can i add it?

Our website uses cookies. If you will use module file dedicated for prestashop 1. It can also generate some internal server errors.

Cash on delivery prestashop 1.6 free needed a COD with fee module and since I couldn't find what I was looking for for freeI decided to make one myself. Edit: v1. Some sanity checks added to make sure all condition values are present in Prestashop. Edit v1. Thanks sakgiok! Good contribution and it's nice to read well written code. At installation and uninstallation I had this error, I join capture. There is definitely a problem here and I'm not cash on delivery prestashop 1.6 free it's a conflict. I'll try to reproduce the error calling these hooks and see what it is looking for. I suppose the fsredirect module is a paid one, so I can't have access to the source to cash on delivery prestashop 1.6 free reproduce the error, correct? The issue should be fixed now. Unfortunately I can't reproduce the error. In my setup lana del rey get free espa?ol a new prestashop 1. The only way to display it is to enable it and set the visibility field in the Cash on delivery prestashop 1.6 free tab of the product, to anything else than "Nowhere". Cash on delivery prestashop 1.6 free, something else, another module or modification is displaying these entries to your new products page? Your module looks really helpfull, only one small issue. Would it be possible to add the fee to the final price, when the costumer chooses the COD payment method? It would be nice if the final price would be recounted before the customer does the final confirmation. Or maybe you can point me where I should change the code? cash on delivery prestashop 1.6 free lock % Secure payment. View results. Selected Filters. Cash On Delivery (​COD). PrestaShop Compatibility. Objective. Conversion rate (14). Accept cash on delivery payments in PrestaShop - PrestaShop/​cashondelivery. Cash on delivery module for Prestashop , and Please try the paid version with many crucial functions. Set the purchase amount on which the fee will not be applied which in turn encourages the customers to shop more to avail free delivery. Gain. The PrestaShop module allows your customers pay by Cash on Delivery method. By type of carrier the customer pay by cash to carrier. PrestaShop x. This is payment module for PrestaShop "Cash on delivery" with possibility to add Shop version x, x, x We are proud to announce that this is the first "cash on delivery with fee" module that allows to include "cod free" to order. I am using prestashop and I would like to add fee when costumer wants to pay with Cash on delivery. I tried to use some of free modules. › cash on dlivery › cod › codfee › fee › payment. On this blog you can find free and paid modules that works with new I just purchased and installed your module "Cash on delivery with fee" If you will use module file dedicated for prestashop in prestashop (and. Svenska Swedish 1. Allows you to apply the cash on delivery with and without surcharge, as you prefer. If you change the default currency after having configured some first products, you will have to reset the price of all these products. COD - Cashdelivery with fee ranks and restrictions. You can limit the choice of available payment methods depending on the available currencies: you may want customers to be able to pay with any currency when using PayPal, but those paying Moneybookers should only pay using dollars, for instance. Increase your sales allowing cash on delivery payment without losing the commission usually charged by carrier agencies! View results. Payment on Delivery. The modules you bought appear directly in your back-office. Developer Top Developers Developer Top Developers Display all pictures. Each method displays a pop-up window for choosing a delivery service. Jira links. cash on delivery prestashop 1.6 free