cae gold plus exam maximiser with key free download

cae gold plus exam maximiser with key free download

Daciana Leahu. Ju Lie. Alexandra Chichirau. Christina Corbett. Sada Xhui. Eduard Ungureanu. Federico Correa. None of us Has job ike that 1: Sedo you think there 6 solution owl it just go on and MF: "Yes, ther 1s a serious debate now about ths.

But theres ro reason why pers could? Sporting Speaking p. Frnt aoe aqme [And what he? How do yousee it? Yeah, ag1ee. And team sprit. Fm not eure 07 th that so much But think fitness teal bereft at ays wath you in your onal Ke. Ard wt he? Shall wwe say fitness and concentration? So are we agreed then? M: Yeah, Grammar 2 p. Shines when as many as possible can participate and watch.

Both my murs sss fae married again so there's all the step-fenies as welt! My Me Misotee die recently and since then my dad and have been Shy close. Suppose we buy dod a present together? She waved untl the tain was out of sight. Of cours, come people 6. One woman told researchers she was worred Another fly said that they hhad had a lot of chikren because they were considered 3 benefit to the farm they lived on, Inthe city In addition, she is very rich so she could Uundectake Jot of tasks herself without much need to be funded.

Howes, the lal designs can more Romrnatch these torical busking, Races the sce nthe ray that poured to ther. You etl gone head for heights, but you can spend all your tne She watkrays between the ieteet ali, it wandering 6 wate cral ne enommetna nthe biden I roar a of igh and gscing out ot the teas. My parents woud let me 90 into town on Saturdays when was twee 3. Breathing slowly makes you feet calmer. Hes about to Blow the whistle!

Nothing eut ofthe ordinary ever happens 2 my town He was tacked on the grounds of his incompetence , Writing p. Funded by government money. F Yes, [quite enloyed it M:- Mumm, ta bit hit and miss. And rather strangely put together 2 it lated wth an niervew and worked backwards. Since being covered thas had an increasing number ofVitors and now the mayor i bulding a bridge over the carota ve. This means the Ste an not only be reached by train, 25 has been done fr years, int a by tod, thus vastly increasing vslor numbers.

Ai, a lay poor region ofthe word many of then depend on tourism for ther income, But wil the [idge ultimately destroy the ston whch they depend for ther income? However, the mayor r Claims that theye conservationists are being used, a they are heavy Supported by the fal cormpany which wants to protect its monopoly fon acces 1 the site.

A similar to being a therapist. B focused on fu ture possibilities. I've always tried to be a suppor tive friend, I've lied to But now I'm older I have A it involved something she enjoyed doing. Armed with own issues.

I came across research other interests. So I decided to 6 ahead. Some people people who seek her expertise' ha ted me, others were angry, bu t my real friends va lue d A They are open to informal advice. I wish I'd known that before! B ta ke positive action at all times. Listening C decide what really makes you really happy. There are six multi ple-choice q uestions, each with four of people options.

You hear the interview twice. C developing a relationship with another person Strategy: o watching another person develop Read the questions to get an idea of the topic. Ma ke sure the optio n you choose actually answers the questio n. You have agreed to write a report describing and evaluating the current programmes Strategy: and recommending improvements. Use headings for the different sections of your Write your report in words in an report.

This ma kes it easier for the target reader and appropria te styl e. Give cl ear examples of what you were taught and how Use an impersona l style. The use of the passive is quit e you profited from t his.

You have agreed to w rite a report describing th e problem s that new studen ts at the college often encounter 11 Read the sentences and put a cross X next to and recom mending ways to help them.

Write your report in words in an appropria te style. In this re port I am planning to describe what schools do at the moment to prepare their students for when th ey leave. Here are a few of them. Make for new students: finding their way around, who notes and write you r report.

Remember to to go to for information, socialising, etc. The answers come in the same order as the sentences. You must write the exact word s you hear in each gap, although the sentence itself may be a paraphrase. Strategy: Read the instructions so that you understand the context and who IS speaking.

Read the sentences. Think about what kind of word you will need. Listen and complete the sentences. On the second listening, check your answers. Make sure your answers are grammatically correct and there are no spelling mistakes. For questions , complete the sentences. Business A motivating business Sally chose to study When Sally started her own business, it was her To her surprise, it was the production of a n Sally thinks that a motivational speaker should fill their audience with According to Sally, S Sally sometimes feels sorry when people she talks to find making Sally uses the word Sally feels that getting El Listen again and write the exact words used for the underlined phrases.

S We're not all suited for individual success. D Choose the incorrect verb in each sentence. But how often IS thiS their o own fault? One thing that we are all good at 1 procrastinating Shakespeare's Hamlet IS a prime example of someone.. IS 5 difficult situations. Good businessmen are able to who failed 2. But It'S not a good thing - we should force ourselves you're usually right!

Procrastmators are less wealthy, less healthy and regret their inability What IS It that prevents us from 6. Are from autobiographies I've read about we attempting The latter is untrue, as work done at the last minute contains more an argument. Our procrasti nating behaviour inconveniences others and leaves us 9 struggling Social SCientists are.

There are vartous suggestions they have the sentences with phrases A-F. Apparently, knOWing the reason means we can deal With It.

As for me, I'm off to have a rest and think about it all! There are mistakes in six of the sentences. S It's people who dare trying new things that inspire others to do the same. For each one, you complete a new 2 practice, not talent sentence that has a similar meaning. You use a word given in 3 head hunt high performers bold for each sentence, which you must not change.

You are given the beginning and end of each new sentence and you If Read the article again. For questions , can only write between three and six words in the gap. Strategy: 1 The writer is concerned that motivational speeches Read the sentence carefully and think about its exact meaning.

Don't change the key word. A carry conviction. B give useful advice. I Write between three and six words, including the word given. Contractions e. C interest the audience. D respect the listeners. You be developed. D the similarities between practices in business o It's impossible that you saw John last night - he's in the USA! A do not need to work hard. B have an innate talent. I am confident D can learn very quickly. A make readers consider their own experiences.

I meet th em. C emphasise his pOint. A encourage ambition in their employees. C record the development of each employee. A insufficient investment in personal development.

I was.. C an acceptance of poor performers at high levels. D chan ging the recruiting strategy of a company. Usually it is delivered by a former Olympian at a company conference and is all about the big M: motivation.

It is mistaken. Dozens of studIes have found that high flyers across all disciplines learn no faster than those who reach lower levels of attainment - hour after hour, they improve at almost identical performance. When this is allied with clearly identifiable pathways from shop floor to top floor, so that employees can see the route ahead, these results are strengthened further.

The difference is simply that Businesses that focus on recruiting often fun to hsten to but most people high achievers practise for more hours. A rank- help them back in the office. Nobody given extra tuition at home. But it is much cannot be developed. In short, an us understand where it comes froID. It influences the way we ethos constructed upon the potential Listening to a sportsperson speaking think and feel, and the way we engage for personal transformation is the about their own personal journey may with our world.

And it determines our underlying psychological principle be uplifting but how is it going to leave motivation. To see how, consider an driving high performance. It is an a lasting and usable legacy in terms of employee who believes success is all insight that is not merely deeply how you approach your job? It is almost about talent - this is known as the 'fixed relevant to business but to any insulting 10 think it could. Why would they bother to organisation interested in unlocking It is not anecdotes we need, so work hard?

If they have the right genes, human potential. It is a question with trumps talent - the 'growth minds et' ramifications not just for business but - they will persevere.

They will see for education. To grow. And if they are right, they will see how, we need to take a step back eventually excel. What we decide about and ask a deeper question: where does the nature of talent, then, could scarcely excellence come from? For a long time, it was thought that So, how to create a growth mindset the answer hinged, in large part, upon within an organisation?

Interventions talent. Hard work may be important which have presented participants but if you don't have the abihty, you are with the powerful evidence of how never going to become top class.

It is excellence derived from perseverance - the notion that high-level performers which explains the possibility of have excellence encoded in their DNA personal transformation - have had D Look at the phrases fixed mindset and growth Match the underlined words in the article with mindset in paragraph 4 of the article.

Which their synonyms. Which is more candidates doing the first part of the task. Which two points do they discuss? Your class has attended a panel discussion on how Here are some areas of life where people want to be schools can help students develop skills important successful and a question for you to discuss.

You have made the notes below. Wri te an essay for your tutor discussing two of the Now you have about a minute to decide wh ich two areas suggestions in your notes. You should explain you think it is most rewarding to succeed in. You may, if you Wish, make use of the opinions expressed in t he discussion but you should use you r 1 That's very.. Write your essay in words in an I A giving an exa mple lelt sChool, I clicl You have 1heU1 for exaU1ivraTfOl1s.

I'd like that! You should explain which types of people have more influence, giving reasons to support your opin ion. You may, if you Wish, make use of the opinions expressed in the discussion but you shou ld use your own words as fa r as possible.

Write your essay in words in an appropriate style. One way 5choo! ThiS' can benefit mal Y S'tudentS'. There are mal Y WhO fai] al d are humiliated by their failure. Where is' the leHon in thiS'? What is' importal t is' for them to learn to work t0gether il al enjoyable way. There think of the word which best fits each gap.

Use is an example at the beginning 0. A success story - or is it? The unhappiness of phones Success, like beauty, lies in the How one person chooses to define Some people claim we would all feel much it can be very different from how others perceive it.

It's also relative Ironically, there may also be an underlying contradiction Thinking about Many young people are away. Some people say the art of forming real happy with short-term fame but The good news, however, is that much harder. And surely, it's long-term success that After all, o A eye B look C sight D view we all want to be happy! Use the Part 4 word given in capitals at the end of some of the For questions , complete the second lines to form a word that fits the gap in the same sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the line.

You must use between The route to perfection three and six words, including the word given. Can there be perfection without pain Here is an example O. However, The Maths teacher.!. In the past He is determined Their ultimate aim is perfection. For questions , think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word for each gap. Apparently, our level although or vocabulary e. The hypothesis is that happiness resembles a skill and can therefore be learned - if people are willing to put time Strategy: and effort Meditation seems Read the title and the whole text so that you understand what it is about.

MRI scans performed on people who meditated the gap occurs, to look for clues as regularly showed raised levels of positivity in the left-hand to what kind of word you need. At the same time, they managed to keep the each gap and look for grammatical more negative right side 5.

Does this collocations. Apparently Read the whole text through once This could sure you have not missed any indicate that tweaking the If true, isn't it worth putting in some effort? Look at the gapped words in the article and match them with descriptions A-F. A a negative D a verb that is part of a collocation B a modal verb E an adverb used to ask about a quantity C a possessive adjective F a fixed prepositional phrase IJ Read the article again.

Which sentence best summarises the writer's main point? Meditation is the only way to create a fee ling of happiness. Then listen aga in and check your o Look at the exam task and the pictures. Decide which two pictures you would choose to answers.

Then listen to a candidate doing t he IJ Read two follow-up questions fo r the task. Did she choose t he same pict ures? Which one is more likely to come up in t he exam? They show people experiencing very special moments. Compare two of the pictures and say Which person or people do you think have been why these moments might be special for the people and anticipating this moment for the longest time?

For q uestions , choose t he answer A, B, C or D wh ich fits best according to wh at you hea r. Janet's interest in stand-up comedy started because A she was dissatisfied With normal acting roles.

B she enjoyed wnting her own jokes and scripts. C she knew it would fulfil her desire for a challenge. D she feels it linked to her primary acting interest. El Read the candidate's answer.

Ignore t he gaps. Does t he candidate complete all parts of the task? A They hesitated about supporting her. B They wished she had been more studious. I'd like to talk abou t these two pictures. In my opinion C They were pleased she was doing something the people in both pictures are experiencing a feel- she loved. It's special for all of them but, obviously, D They were concerned about the insecurity.

The people are in contrasting 3 How does Ja net fee l during a performance? One looks as For the people in the first B privileged to be able to make people happy picture, the place The kids in the first picture are 4 Janet thin ks a successful comedian must I'd They certainly look pretty pleased with C be able to ignore any criticism.

And this is just a n In the A m ust be prepared for set-backs in her career. B mig ht accept other work for financial reasons. I can't be Use Reading t he cl ues in brackets to help you. Then listen aga in Multiple matching Part 8 and check your answers. In Reading and Use of English Part 8, you match had a good time questions or statements to sections of one text or 3 You have to understand that and not let it Strategy: were not appreciated Read the text s quickly to get a general idea of the topic.

Match the titles with the sections A-D. D Complete t he sentences w ith the correct form of , Keep it light. For questions good things in life. You may choose any of the 4 I w ish I J 7 I'd ra t her my brother J 8 It 's high time we There are mistakes in six of t he sentences. J the evenings. J 3 I w ish I wouldn't have to work so hard - I'm getting mention a special technique used to rea lly tired.

We had films about gUilt, Atonement about the all-American dream coming apart at the seams Revolutionary Road and even a very long account of a very long life lived backwards the deeply morbid The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttonl.

Deep-dish, feel-bad films have plenty to recommend them. If you're not a teenager and you don't just want to see the next summer tent- pole blockbuster, you'll welcome movies that pay attention to characterisation and dialogue and don't just rely on CGI or the posturing of comic book heroes. However, as film-make rs from Preston Sturges to Danny Boyle have discovered, there is no reason that a feel-good movie needs to be dumb. You can touch on social deprivation and political injustice: the trick is to do so lithely and, if possible, with a little leavening humour.

D Historically, the best feel-good movies have often been made at A the darkest times. The Brits were pioneers of the form. The Age of Austerity was also the. In the best of these films like Passport To baby, was an early example of feel-good film-making. Pimlico or Whisky Galore, a community of eccentric and mildly What distinguished it was the tempo. The film-makers anarchic characters would invariably come together to thwart used cross-cutting to crank up the tension, which is only finally the big, bad, interfering bureaucrats.

Stories about hiding away released when the baby is found. The film 'marks a key stage a hoard of whisky or setting up a nation state in centrallondon in the medium's development from an amusing novelty to the were lapped up by audiences.

To really work, feel-good movies "seventh art," able to hold its own alongside literature, theatre, must have energy and spontaneity - a reckless quality that no painting, music and other more traditional forms: claims the amount of script tinkering from studio development executives British Film Institute's Screenonline website. Film historians can guarantee. The best take you by surprise. What makes the today continue to study Hepworth's storytelling abilities but that perfect feel-good movie?

That remains as hard to quantify as wasn't what interested the audiences who flocked to see it. B There has long been a tendency to sneer at feel-good films.

Vocabulary Serious, self-conscious auteurs are often too busy trying to working out meaning from context express their innermost feelings about art and politics to worry about keeping audiences happy. Sullivan's Travels is about John L Sullivan, a glib and successful young Hollywood director of comedies, who marked somethi ng out as special Section A yearns to be taken seriously.

Sullivan dresses up as a hobo and 2 increase Section A sets off across America to learn more about the plight of the common man. He ends up sentenced to six years in prison. One 3 keep its position against others Section A of the prisoners' few escapes from drudgery is watching cartoons.

Use the prefix mis-. Search behave fortune interpret lead trust understand That young boy is always behaving bad ly - More than just a pet 2 he needs to be taught some manners. She's had a lot of bad luck recently - she Two of my friends recently adopted a dog. By 1 adopting deserves better. One research study tra cked peo ple S Some advertising doesn't tell the working in stressful jobs who adopted a cat or dog; caring for whole truth - in fact, it quite often 3 their new cat or dog lowered the person's blood pressure deceives people.

People who own dogs tend 6 It's often possible to not understand to get more exercise than people without 4 a dog, and 5 exercise is a guaranteed way of boosting your health the co rrect meaning of a person's and happiness. Having said 6 exercise is a guaranteed way to boost health and happiness. But families can still benefit from the love of animals happily hopefully by adopting lower-maintenance pets such as fish or by helping out with other people's animal s. B There is one word missing in each conversation.

Add it in B: No, I can't afford at the moment. B: I expect because it's always busy on a Friday. B: Do you think' I hadn't noticed' S B: Really? So I' Maybe we'll be there at the same time. All rights reserved. Remember me on this computer.

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