bubble bobble taito 1986 game free download

bubble bobble taito 1986 game free download

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Videogame Console:. Recommended Game Controllers:. Available online emulators:. The basic features of each emulator available for this game Bubble Bobble are summarized in the following table:. USB gamepad. Without ads. Depends on color of parasol, the jumped stages are different. Reviews Review Policy. Travel through stages, blowing and bursting bubbles, dodging enemies and collecting items.

Bubble Bobble offers the same looks, feel, and fun as the original NES game. Click here. There are hardly any "cute" games anymore. It seems that we're inundated with nothing but commandos, karate men and killer robots in video games these days. Just when I started worrying about the future of video games, a new Game Pak comes out for the NES called Bubble Bobble - the only video game I've seen that focuses on bubble-blowing dinosaurs. As with virtually all cute video games, the story line behind Bubble Bobble reads like an idea that was thought up by someone staring at a TV screen for too long.

I guess "weird" would be the best adjective to describe the premise of this one - but that doesn't mean that Bubble Bobble is a bad game. On the contrary, its weirdness is what makes it unique. The undeniably cute Bub and Bob - the bubble-blowing dinosaurs, you see - are out on a mission to save their brontosaur's babes from the clutches of the evil Baron von Blubba, a guy who looks like an albino whale on a bad day.

Bub and Bob have to go through two worlds, containing screens, and defeat von Blubba's motley crew of beastie buddies on every level. The dinosaur duo accomplish this by blowing bubbles at von Blubba's henchmen, trapping them and popping the bubbles by jumping or ramming into them before their enemies can escape.

Bursting the bubbles with a beastie inside changes it to a piece of fruit or other prize that Bub or Bob can eat for extra points. I don't expect any of the above to make much sense. But in the computer-generated world of video games, nothing has to - nor should it.

Video gaming is a surrealistic experience, and Bubble Bobble exploits this fact wonderfully. However, the bizarre nature of this game might turn off a number of NES addicts used to moving electronic Rambos on the television screen.

SC P. Atari Atari P J. Atari Lynx P. Atari P. Atari Jaguar P. Turbo Grafx CD P. PC-FX J. SuperGrafx P. One of the true classics. Bubble Bobble has gone from success to success on various computer system including the Amiga, Commodore 64 and regular arcade play machines and now in the regular PC's with this version from Novalogic.

Like seen in the other versions of the game you control a little dinosaur character and you have to collect different fruit and other things while you are capturing ghosts and other monsters with your bubbles.

Once they are captured you have to blow the bubbles and when you have captured all monsters you have completed the level. It does sound simple and so it is. To go further, you need to get rid of all the enemies in each level. Your bubbles are a powerful weapon which you can create and use them as a platform, or imprison enemies in them.

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