blade and soul free to play restrictions

blade and soul free to play restrictions

EU player who plays in NA. So I have no queues when I play. My only complaint is that we have no wardrobe feature. But I can live with it. If I end up lvling my toon to end level and enjoy end game then I'll go premium. As it is I do not see much benefit besides the xp gain but then I like questing and grinding so I don't care about it.

Being oceanic I have to see what pvp is like end game, I went summoner since I don't think I get much else choice with ms ping. Personally I think I'd rather they have released BnS with a buy-to-play b2p model with a buillt-in cash shop similar to GW2. That way we step away from this whole I pay for the game vs I don't pay but I want to be treated better. I'm on board with the Wardrobe should be for everyone. With all the costumes being thrown at you, you basically will need the wardrobe.

Unless you just trash it all, I guess. I think they should have made a choice. Make getting the wardrobe a quest line and then having players pay for space if they wanted. Same way they pay for space for bank and personal inventory. Why they did it this way is obvious, though. They want people, "who care", to keep their wardrobe every month.

It's a business and if someone doesn't like it, they shouldn't support them. Good numbers are what keeps companies going. You have perfect exemple of game without restriction making tons of money just because of skins. But the issue here, is that they restrict somes part to "force" player to pay. But that's not what happened. It was a struggle and for the most part turned out to be an outright embarrassment. I don't think we've ever satisfied them.

And right now is probably a pretty low point too. But this, they cannot be mad at players about. Players are the ones without a doubt that scare away new players-that much is true. Newbies dont know what white orbs were, newbies dont know or care about the things that pss all of you off.

So if someone joins and quits, either they got bored of the story or one of you told them off while they were trying to learn. When it comes to the profits of BnS, this is not the playerbases fault. This is NC's. It's NC's fault because they arent providing things and services that make most of us want to spend. They arent encouraging it.

They try to use guilt and force tactics, but instead it turns people away. The secret to making a person part with their money is to make them happy. Give them something they want in exchange for that money. It can't be gear. That turns too many off. It can't be trove, that's gambling and again turns too many off. It was supposed to be through selling cosmetics, but they hide behind RNG for that. They've been shooting themselves in the foot for a solid 3 years now.

Sit down and think about what you like to buy and what makes you buy again. If they're at all in any type of panic about income then they need to actually think about what they're doing and try something new. What are you doing that for? Who cares if some costumes are rare or not, you could have that income of people buying costumes as soon as they join right off the bat but instead you cling on to this weirdo 'everything has to be rare' concept which just irritates people.

You're withholding looking like dumdums when that could be a steady flow of income all the time. I dont know, I could very well be wrong but if I'm right then I said what I said.

Actually, there's likely a reason behind this event being farmable, and this does create a minute problem. The highest tier gem we can now get without the aid of events is a hepta gem. Prior to the Legacy of the Hongmoon update, you could obtain the lowest tier, hexa gems, by doing daily challenge, and then salvage it to get gem powder.

Albeit a long route, it made upgrading gems possible. Now not only did they remove the ability to salvage hexas I find this fair as the cost was reduced, and they're given out for free, so kudos , but you can no longer salvage heptas either.

I feel this needed to be addressed at least before you go saying "who cares, it's just gems. Now since mostly everyone is saying the same thing, I believe it is time to address another topic. People hate. Hate hate hate the story to this game. They despise running through it, taking the time to complete it, it is something they can not stand. But yknow what? Story was arguably the second best thing about this game, prior to a certain update that god rid of every damn weapon and accessory to upgrade.

You don't sit there and assblast through the game itself to sit there contemplating how to get gold to upgrade your gear to meet the stupidly high standards people have now set for dungeons aransu 3 for HH and up, monkachrist.

The point of an mmo is to progressively play through the game and story, with this games concepts of raids being "side stories" which i DO like, whilst interacting with other players. Nowadays the only interaction you get is "whos 2? You're 2? Where tf was 2". Of course that doesn't apply to all people, I've had plenty of nice chit chats and memes during raids and dungeons, but usually that requires prior connections.

Field Bosses are avoided like the plague, there's no point in doing green dungeons, only achievement farmers do blue dungeons, and even many purple dungeons are now skipped over because they are useless, and that is a fact. And as a result? No more blue dungeons, no more field bosses, no more open world content. Is this an mmo or a dungeon crawler? While, yes, many changes that people are displeased with are unpreventable and perhaps necessary, albeit not the best, you have to ask yourself.

Is an mmo that removes it's own content then denies new content a good mmo? Say the dev teams are working hard as much as you want. Stupid is still stupid. Agree with many things you said but not about story Everyone else in the story seems to behave like a normal human being, but our MC is designed to act like a bumbling idiot who gets one shot even by children! In fact, most of the big bads have obtained their power or have done their evil deeds after the MC allowed it, caused it, or facilitated it.

So no, I can't fully enjoy the story of this game. Anyway, I'm derailing the thread but I had to explode on that one. Not as a second job. I love this game.. Last event was great for gems.. The mega whales will tire from being bored.. I chuckle at the GM's for not fixing this simple thing. The one thing that kills it for most people.. Matters not really where I spend money for my entertainment.

The day is coming when gaming oversight rules gaming companies. It's and it's just the 4th month and new upcomming mmos will probably get players from bns by their first impressions, if they don't do anything about the game and the status it is right now not to mention hackers?

What MMOs have become saddens me. Microtransactions are killing gaming. I never minded paying full price and monthly subscriptions and having to earn things in game.

By restrictions, I meant that the Legends Reborn event requires players to be at a high-level and have high-tier gear in order to participate in the event. Events for any videogame should be open and optional to everyone, not just high-leveled, top-geared players. It makes the "event" sound akin to end-game content, and there's nothing wrong with end-game content, but when such content is announced as an event, that's bad. Some events could be open-world events, and if players haven't unlocked a certain zone in which the event is taking place, then that's a restriction, but it's a fair one.

Events with these kinds of restrictions are fair because they're obtainable and not primarily determined by RNG or grinding time.

Gear requirement as an event restriction is problematic because not every player has the best gear, so when an event can only reward players for killing a very high-leveled, high-health boss within a very short time limit, and certain gear is required, that's a very restricted event, and it's fun for some, but not for everyone. I guess I shouldn't have phrased the term "meaningless updates" because every announcement, there's a long page of class and system updates, so it's my guess that lots of changes are being made.

Hongmoon Store updates aren't bad because they notify players of new items, but when that becomes a primary over other important news to announce, that's a problem. It's not a matter of relevance; it's a matter of what players can get in-game using real money.

Microtransactions continue tainting the gaming culture, but they are necessary for running a F2P game since that's the primary source of income for the industry that developed the game. Materials in this game are used to upgrade weapons, and all of them have to be farmed one way or another. Offering the option to buy materials with cash generates more income for the industry, but it turns the game into a P2W model because there will be those player "whales" that spend thousands to be at the top.

If it's just cosmetics, than it's paying for enjoyment, or paying for something a player wants that won't make them any stronger than other players. I didn't make this thread to insult the NCSOFT development team; I made it to raise a question as to whether it's worthwhile to continue playing this game seeing as what's being done to the game in its current state. In no means am I offending game developers in this thread; if you feel insulted, I'm not trying to insult you. If you work in a game industry, hats off to you; you know how it works.

If you don't, you could be in software development, but that's not the same as game development. I'm a game developer myself, and I've managed and worked with game dev teams during my time in college. I've coordinated with people and taught them source control, Unity, data management, task management, workflow with Git, and other topics of interest to game developers. That's being sensitive about something not even implied, and that's going along with the "YouTubers don't know how game dev works" argument that gets tossed around a lot in the industry when YouTubers whine about why a game is broken, or why something "simple" can't be fixed easily.

The argument made here is also a poor argument for this case because I'm not insulting NCSOFT's game dev team; I'm insulting their executive decisions made for this game. Their decisions are clearly meant to garner more cash cows, and they continue being made today. Yes, i'm a free player, BUT a potential customer. I'm willing to spend some money on the game i play IF i truly enjoy it, but i need time to decide that.

That's why i didn't buy founder pack or Ncoin yet. I was already planning to buy some ncoin at least for a costume and weapon skin, but to be honest, this action set my intent back a bit. These are MY opinions about the case and although i would be glad for a change, i'm not here to rage. I would like only reasonable explanations about why this happened.

It should be free to send mails to your alts on the same accout, BUT the feature is bugged currently and they are "working" on it. Not everyone is affected by this bug, but majority of players at least on EU servers do. Can't send mail to alt character. In-game mail behind paywall. Why can't I send mail to other players? I too, agree with you. I will eventually purchase NCoin, but when I saw this I couldn't help it but be astonished.

I really can't think of any reason why you should spend money just to send mails to other players, so please, enlighten me. IMO this is just a bad way to drive players to spend some cash, but seriously, it's a really bad move. Although your case is even worser, because you already paid for it, but this forum is about the idea behind blocking the mails for free users, when they said, only cosmetic stuff and subscription will be cash-bond.

But tbh, hearing that even paying players gets this block, it makes me think twice if i want to spend money on ncoin yet. I try to understand but I think it's kind of way out of line.

That makes the game not fair and a little P2W. You should never be restricted from essential systems that are used socially, i can get behind a level restriction for sure.. And yeah, i agree with you Yamitri, they realy should make sure that the mail does unlock properly, if they decided to charge money to use it. You're right, Killeon. Well for your correction there are players that have reached ap without paying a dime to the game and are completely f2p.

You just need to main 1 character and know what to do if you really want gold. As long as you know what to do and don't have any problems with your parties then it should be quite easy.

Also, if you don't like what people are recruiting for then why not make your own parties? Just the one who pays must be really desperate if they really want to gear up quicker than others. Well you have to understand they need to make money somehow to pay their employees and to make profit, for us it may be just a game, to them its a business.

If you want the subscription benefits then pay for it. Its not that expensive anyways, it doesnt really give subbed players any real advantages especially before lvl 9 plus the costume wardrobe which will prob be made free later on as other regions.

But its just common sense, free players are always complaining about having to grind so hard or just about being free players I may not agree with some ways they use to get massive amounts of money from us like trove and those special boxes from time to time but its a business and if your customers are willing to pay wont you continue to provide that service?

Well only problems I have is how they are milking and the game is still not running properly for most players I got mine fixed. I mean they can milk us and then later make it so f2p can catch up it's a good way to call the game f2p and p2progress since whales always need the best stuff first.

If we look back everything that was unreachable once is now easily obtainable. I just hope for the next patch to not be complete garbage since the patch rumors sound too good to be true. First time the prices went down was all about the Trove event e tradable items in cash shop It went from to It's hard to think that players put those items there for goldsellers to profit and ruin cash exchange.

I understand that the main objective of the company is to make money, but how about promoting the game for it? For the Currency Exchange as well, it won't changed since it's based on how much people begin to panic sell their gold and lowering the prices themselves rather than putting it at a reasonable price and being patient.

It's mostly having to change how the community thinks but that's far off since people want to follow their own ways. There's your problem and majority of the community's problem.

Keywords here are "quick enough". Now I understand most people would love to be able to stay on top of the current max gear but that's obviously not possible unless you devote all of your time to the game and have battle-ready static parties for whatever new content is thrown at us to achieve the max gear in a short time. People, especially F2P players, have to understand that you have to go at your own pace; you do not need max gear to do every dungeon. Thinking your gear automatically becomes obsolete because 1 new dungeon comes out is a negative way of thinking.

You're still able to do the same dungeons you've been doing before that new dungeon was released. Also, I hope you don't take my replies as malicious. I do understand the plights you're presenting, I'm just simply trying to point out the brighter side I guess. I suggest you look at the Market. That's already a prime example of showing how players will ruin themselves for quick sales. People panic sell when a new costume comes into the Cash Shop, in turn they rush sell their gold at lower rates so they can quickly get the costume thinking it'll disappear within a day.

Something which I never understood about the community. Yes, because it's follows gw1 b2p model, I don't get , you get for free , KR was p2p for 6years? Something is regulated by community, don't blame NC here. I'm not sure what's your point thou. We often spend a lot more in f2p than p2p, and even less in b2p. What I meant was: if you're so sure players would do anything do ruin the market, the best thing to do is give them all the tools for it?

BnS let say pre-sales went well and they sold

I've been seeing a lot of stuff going on in the forums, with a lot of F2P people. A lot of you are expressing your opinions on what should and should not be. So as a question to those that are mad about the "Premiums get more than the F2P and we're mad because "X" reason" How would YOU set up a premium and how would you support Blade and Soul if it was your choice to direct what the people who are paying, get? People should be happy that there is no p2w but it's always the same they mistake f2p for charity and expect everything paying players get to get for free as well. Those complaints from f2p players are blade and soul free to play restrictions unreasonable. Premium members should get more in game stuff. I'm not mad about the money they get from just killing the mobs. I'm not even mad about the daily dash, but for gods sake, if you lock they very core of the game - inventory space. At the same time its in the best blade and soul free to play restrictions of the company,players, and the game that premium is there and not pay2win. Its not blade and soul free to play restrictions and certainly not a gigantic advantage over free players who wouldnt be able to play at all if it werent for blade and soul free to play restrictions who actually pay for things. The wardrobe i can kind of understand with low clothing space but at the same time its an incentive to buy premium that alot of players will bite onto and alot blade and soul free to play restrictions drop premium elite dangerous pc game free download. Wardrobe should be available for everyone though. Daily Spin is a joke, no matter premium or not, you will still finish it. The ones who cry about it are premium players themselves, cause they finished it too fast and don't know what to do. I know what they can do, go out and see the sunlight. Luckily that is all I saw that I didn't really like. Other than that, those small boosts barely make a difference, fancy running blade and soul free to play restrictions and some icons don't make it worth for me. I think not having it will prevent f2p players from starting to costume hoard, and so blade and soul free to play restrictions lose money. Even in the decription of the premium features this feature has a note on autocad 2013 for mac free download saying that the features for premium can change at any time, so I forsee them making the wardrobe free for all in the future. Personally, I don't care for Wardrobe stuff. It's nice for sure, but I'm here for the PVP. Outfits are meh, to me, personally but if something is bad ass, then I would be more than happy to keep it on me at all times. I love it when a F2P posts about turning premium blade and soul free to play restrictions the same as F2P. To blade and soul free to play restrictions the forums are not premium access only. You should get a few extra things from paying- Its how a f2p game earns money. blade and soul free to play restrictions i started playing this game a week ago and i've noticed that almost all end game your wife hates you because you spend all your free time grinding a video game, Blade & Soul is a Korean fantasy martial-arts massively multiplayer online. › English › General Discussion. We said it is free to play but what we meant is free to pay, so dont expect anything cheap or even gratis from us, we are just a pack of greedy. I don't intend for this to be a rage/whiny topic discussion. But a discussion to the obvious free player disadvantage in Blade and Soul. 1. Curr. Youre playing the game entirely free and arent entitled to anything You have perfect exemple of game without restriction making tons of. The only "restrictions" current event has is recoloured lycan wings, that they need to do something before CASUAL players and Free To Play. Well it seems the ability to send ingame mails is became a premium feature? Let's see what this restriction take away from the game for free. NCoin or Hongmoon Coin – Digital material NCSOFT may make each available under certain restrictions. l. NCSOFT - If You are located outside of the European​. Blade & Soul is a free-to-play, action combat MMORPG from NCSoft that initially fall under various race restrictions when choosing from one of the game's four. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. X-Legend Entertainment Co. Download now and start a grand adventure! Sign in here. Posted March 29, Join the Faction War with up to players for each server! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Sign In Now. Plus everything comes first to Korea version. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. If the period of use is not indicated, the period until the end of the service is considered as the period of use -Payment Amount and Method: Follows the payment amount and payment method declared for each product. blade and soul free to play restrictions