best free web analytics tools 2018

best free web analytics tools 2018

The user-friendly interface is also highly customizable so that you can set GoSquared up the way you need it. The real-time analytics reporting also includes notifications and alerts for traffic spikes and social media trends, among others. This integrated feature creates a widget on your site that visitors can use to open a live chat portal. You can use it to offer live support for your ecommerce shop, your online features, or to help new visitors navigate your site.

It goes a long way to building long-lasting relationships with your clients, as it improves usability and the likelihood of a return visit. The simple interface takes into consideration how overwhelming Google Analytics can be and offers the basic statistics with a high level of accuracy.

On the other hand, if you want some of the advanced features but not certain others, you can add those you need. Because Grape Web Statistics is open source rather than merely another free-to-use tool, you can use it as a foundation on which to build the web analytics tool you want and need.

The essential features that are already present include tracking unique and total visits. Heap Analytics is a tool with a focus on user friendliness. Other than installing the tracking code onto your site, Heap works entirely on a point-and-click interface rather than using menus and settings tabs.

If you want to create custom events, you can just click directly on the buttons and forms on your site and tell Heap what it is you want the tool to track for those elements.

Heap also automatically tracks monitors activity on your website or websites if you have more than one! This flexibility allows you to label and classify the activity as you wish.

Heap will even do so retroactively—so if you decide to start tracking a new event, the tool will also give you statistics for that type of activity dating back to the moment the tracking code was installed. The web analytics tool is remarkably easy to setup and use, no matter your level of expertise. Heap has been designed in such a way as to actively encourage you to set up tracking and reports that will be genuinely useful based on your requirements. The Basic package is free to use and is an excellent way to start off if your site is still small and you want to test to the tool.

For larger sites or when your small site grows , you can upgrade to the Premium package. Pricing is customized according to your specific needs.

The Premium package also comes with a day free trial. Another fantastic web analytics tool that rivals Google Analytics is Histats. The tool can give you statistics on what pages are being visited, as well as the referral process that led them there—whether they found your site on a SERP or followed a backlink. All statistics are offered in real time, of course. Histats also provides logs, which webmasters and site owners can use in comparing campaign statistics. Unlike most other free and even some of the premium web analytics tools on the market, Histats allows you to retain your amalgamated data for an unlimited period.

Most tools have a limit set, usually for a year or two at best. Because Histats provides real time statistics, the tool promises to be fast and is built on a reliable network. The developers guarantee The analytics offered include a breakdown of recent visitors, your most active visitors, popular pages, referrers, and geolocations.

Histats also includes the browser your visitors are using to view your site, as well as what toolbars and hardware are being used. If your site is multilingual, Histats will even segregate the statistics according to the language of your visitors. For an online marketing analysis service with a focus on your social media and other marketing platforms, Hubspot is one of the best. The web analytics tool relates your marketing to leads, Return on Investment ROI , and search queries.

Hubspot allows you to use a drag and drop method for polishing your website pages and email templates, and all the templates provided are immediately responsive.

With a well-planned nod toward SEO tool integration, the analytics platform also allows you to monitor and adjust your optimization and sharing in real time, helping you get your content exposed to the right people at the right time. The design integration capabilities of Hubspot also allow you to polish your landing pages to maximize your traffic to sales conversion.

All this information is, of course, applicable for integration into your marketing schemes. The goal is to present this information in as simple a manner as possible.

Unica NetInsight is still considered a very advanced tool, however, and allows you to perform analysis on internal products behind your firewalls as well. The reporting interface has been very well developed. Unica NetInsight is incredibly flexible on this front, offering customizable options for reporting formats.

First, add in the experiment name. This will control how many people visiting your website will see one of your test pages as opposed to your original page. For quick results, you may want to include a high percentage of visitors in the experiment.

Enable this option to assign an equal amount of traffic to each variation for the life of the experiment. If this button is left disabled, content experiments will follow the default behavior by adjusting traffic dynamically based on variation performance.

Google Analytics also allows you to fix the confidence threshold for your content experiment to determine the minimum confidence level that must be achieved before a winner can be declared. The higher the threshold, the more confident you can be that the winning web page has competed well against the other design. Keep in mind that higher thresholds can make your content experiment considerably longer as Analytics waits to crown a champion.

The next step is to configure the experiment by adding in your original web page and your test pages. As you can see in the image below, you simply need to enter the URL of your current page and all variation web pages. If Google Analytics tracking codes are properly installed on your original and variation pages, an experiment code will be immediately visible in the box.

Place this code immediately after the opening head tag at the top of your original web page. You can use the Google Content Experiments plugin to enter the code on your page. Google recommends skipped validation as only a last resort move. Instead, check your page for any errors that may have been introduced. After your experiment has run its course, Google Analytics will declare the winner based on your previously defined metrics and confidence threshold. It will take at least three weeks to reach this step.

You can then publish this as the page you want viewed by all website visitors. So clearly it does. Crazy Egg is the best and most affordable visual web analytics tools in the market. It has been around since , and the software widely respected and trusted by the digital marketing community. Read the Guide. Visit Crazyegg. Google Analytics Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

Visit Google Analytics. Clicky Clicky is a complete web analytics tool that lets you see just about everything you could ever want about your website traffic. Visit Clicky. It allows you to track the movements of individuals throughout your site. You can also see how behaviors change over time, identify patterns and see the most typical and recent referrers, among other stats.

However, a few features, that comes with Google Analytics, are missing in Kissmetrics. Last but not least, Open Web Analytics. SimilarWeb is a website data collection company that uses multiple data points to compile a comprehensive data set that can be used to gain actionable insights into your competitors. The eggheads, mathematicians, and data scientists employed by SimilarWeb have created a robust data platform that offers valuable insights for marketing, sales, and research.

Pricing is free for a basic limited plan. They ask that you call their sales department for the enterprise-level plans. Web analytics software is much more than looking at who is visiting your website. Screaming Frog SEO provides insightful data in the form of reports compiled by a friendly bot that scans your site for errors and other helpful data. Customer data is the lifeblood of any company. Woopra gives you the ability to parse and analyze that data which will provide you with a better understanding of what your customers are doing.

Having the ability to get a proverbial 90K foot view on what your customers are doing is essential to providing an excellent customer experience. In addition to looking at backlinks, you can also monitor your brand name, perform keyword gap analysis, and monitor your social media efforts.

An enterprise plan is also available. You can view backlinks, analyze the competition, and explore potential linking opportunities. It also gives you the ability to find new keywords and content ideas by looking at the websites of you and your competitors. When used in conjunction with Google Analytics, Moz Keyword Explorer can ultimately help you discover new search engine keyword opportunities that will drive both traffic and sales.

Cyfe acts as an all-in-one dashboard which enables you to pull data from multiple unrelated sources such as Salesforce, Paypal, and Google Adwords. No coding experience is required. There are pre-built widgets that will automatically connect with a wide range of online tools and services. Mint Analytics is one of my favorite new analytics tools, and it comes at a great price, since it is the only tool on the list that you only have to pay once for. Located at HaveAMint. Not only does it have this great price incentive, the actual product is excellent, it comes with a really fresh yes… pun intended layout, with clean and easy to understand charts that display the info that you need to know.

Mint is largely comparable to the other overall analytic tools on this list that cover a bit of a premium price, but is the only one that features a upfront cost with no recurring fees. Created by one of the original developers of the Standard Theme Framework which I use on my blog at Sophistefunk. With this, you can discover the best ways to optimize your site for increasing conversions.

This software solution has both free and paid plans and is fully hosted off-site. W3Counter provides you with easy-to-understand web stats reports to track your visitor activity. See who visited you, how they reach you, their location, the languages they know, and the devices they used to visit your site. You can further implement your findings to engage them, improve conversions, and drive greater sales.

If you want to see how visitors are using your website online, you should consider using Mouseflow. Their session recording and heatmaps features are an ideal solution for you. You can also view details like how users interact with your forms, and which fields are causing them to leave a form before completing it. This information can help you optimize your website interface for faster and improved conversions. GoingUp provides a range of effective off-site web analytics tools to help you improve your website performance.

It is a free online software solution that provides you live web stats including visitor location, traffic trends, visitor maps, actions, and referring keywords. It also includes SEO-related tools and page optimization features to help you attract, engage, and retain your website visitors.

Conclusion You should consider using these web analytics tools to get more granular details on your website performance, customer happiness, and improvement opportunities.

These insights can then help you make smart decisions to optimize your site and marketing strategies for better results. But I would love to hear about the tools you use. Please share them in the comments section below.

Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, content marketing, and SEO. He is the Co-Founder of Attrock , a digital marketing agency. He has consulted with Fortune companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

Another great guide. I took a bunch of notes into my checklist so that I can systematize the process when things are ready. Please let me know what more would you like to read about? Thanks for the post. Thanks again! You should definitely try these out and let me know which works best for you. Thank you so much!

Search engine optimization SEO is a multifaceted industry with dozens of techniques designed and developed to push your blog or website to the fore—or at least toward it. But how do you know whether your efforts are paying off? So how do you know just how visible your site is? Web best free web analytics tools 2018 is a process of analyzing how visitors on your site behave. Web analytics is designed to give website owners information on how visible their site is and what type of interaction is happening between the site and its visitors. Web analytics tools are designed to make website analysis easy. This data is most often used for customer relationship management CRMin several significant ways. Best free web analytics tools 2018 analytics tools will help you quickly discover how successful your SEO efforts have been. For example, a good focus on ielts new edition teachers book free download pdf analytics tool will tell you how many visitors your site has had over a specified period, whether all of these visitors have viewed your site before or if there are any new visitors. The goal of a web analytics tool is to make accessing this data without having to read through your online sales records, track down how many times a page has been shared, or count the number of comments on each post. More importantly, the web analytics tool will present you with this data in a far more accurate format than trying to go about it the manual way. By sources, we mean the way your visitors found a certain page. Was it one of your best free web analytics tools 2018 that led them to your site? Did the visitor punch in a query on Google and find your page that way? This is important information to have color index 2 pdf free download they can help you discover which SEO tools and methods are working best, and why. Concerning backlinks best free web analytics tools 2018 this case, specifically the incoming links from other sitesit can even help you accurately determine which affiliates are generating the most views best free web analytics tools 2018 sales for your business. This sentiment is especially important if you have an affiliate program whereby sites that refer clients to you are given compensation. The way best free web analytics tools 2018 use this data is entirely best free web analytics tools 2018 to you, but there are many practical ways in which it ought to be used. You can also see what type best free web analytics tools 2018 content—and this is particularly watch the charlotte show online free case of products sold online—is the most popular. The intent is, therefore, to be able to market your site and services and or products better, focusing your advertising and promotional activity on specific products toward specific customers based, in part, on geographical location. Web analytics best free web analytics tools 2018 are designed to make this decision-making process easier for you, so you can focus on applying your improved approach rather than trying to figure out which strategy will and does work best for you. best free web analytics tools 2018 Clicky. Keep an eye on your data in real time with Clicky. › /06/04 › the-toptools-for-g. Free Web Analytics Tools. Effective web analytics don't always have to cost money. There are a number of free and freemium web analytics tools. Google. Analytics. Last Updated on January 23, Do you want to learn about the best web analytics tools? There are several free options available of which the king. 33 of the best web analytics tools that are alternatives to Google Analytics. Last Edited January 25, by Garenne Bigby in Search Engine Optimization Still, considering that the software is available free of charge, AWStats remains a. List of 32 Best Web Analytics Tools You Must Use in While it's a paid software solution, you can get a free trial before deciding to buy. SEO in 4 Big Algo Updates Changing The Content Conversation. The analytic tool that most people start with, and for good reason: it's not a bad tool at all, it gives relevant information, and it's free! I'd like to add a disclaimer here. Monitoring your website's analytics with the best web analytics tools But since you can try it out for free, you can give it a test run to decide if. A detailed list of the most popular web analytics tools. These tools will help you gather the important data in order to understand the. VWO offers a free trial of its web analytics tool and asks you to contact them for pricing. 3. ClickMeter. best website analytics tools clickmeter. Determining the ROI. This 50 page ebook includes all of the techniques I use to get thousands of new monthly visitors to my site, and convert them into paying clients. GoingUp provides a range of effective off-site web analytics tools to help you improve your website performance. Cloudflare enhances the speed and security of your website and gives you access to unique analytics data, thanks to their large network of site servers. Contact The Right Software today to discuss the your next big idea. Finteza allows you to build funnels across all website pages, explore user behavior from different sources and find weak zones. Real Time Analytics Real Time Analytics analyzes multiple channels for past and real-time traffic to provide an accurate projection of traffic trends on your website. The data analysis tool also supports data blending among simple text files, databases, documents, images, networks and Hadoop-based data in a single visual workflow. Web Analytics Tool Parse. Trifacta Wrangler. Your Cpanel hosting should come with these free tools. The AWStats will make changes to Apache httpd. best free web analytics tools 2018