best free instagram analytics app 2018

best free instagram analytics app 2018

How reachable are they? How authentic? This percentage will often dip as you gain more followers. Almost all analytics tools will calculate this number for your account, as well as by post. Because some experts think number of impressions is a better comparison than follower count, be aware that you might get a different percentage from different calculators. Yes, it has been said that follower count is a vanity metric. Whether you wish to increase your engagement , grow your follower count , or discover the top trending hashtags for likes , using these platforms will help you achieve your goal.

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Log in Get Started. Features Galleries Resources Video. Format Team 19 September Instagram Internal Analytics First, you should take a look at the Instagram analytics for business that are built right into Instagram. Some of the information you can glean from Instagram Insights includes: Profile visits: the number of times users clicked on your username to visit your Instagram profile. Reach: the number of Instagram users who viewed your posts.

Website clicks: the number of users who clicked on the links included in your profile description. This one is particularly important as it lets you see how many users you were able to attract to check out your other websites. Follower demographics: including age, gender, and location. There are plenty of Instagram analytics apps to help you keep track of your progress and discover areas for improvement.

Every travel blogger should have a business account on Instagram. The tool is also great at helping you monitor your account performance over time, and you can even see how using different filters affect your post performance. It really is different for everyone. Price: Squarelovin has free registration and offers a free demo — you need to contact their sales team for Premium pricing. Instagram giveaways and contests are a great way to boost engagement and generate user-generated content. ShortStack collects all of the photos posted to Instagram with your contest hashtag, then displays them for you.

Use it to determine what content drives your followers away or who you need to spend more time engaging with. Social Rank is a tool that lets you track, sort, and categorize your followers.

This lets you figure out:. You can also find followers based on bio keywords, the hashtags they use, and more. Klear is a great tool to vet potential Instagram influencers that your brand might want to work with. Pricing: Klear offers customer pricing models, including a startup plan for early-stage companies. Awario is a social media tool focused on identifying influencers and social listening.

With Awario, you can find Instagram influencers based on:. Awario then shows you a list of Instagram influencers in your niche. Union Metrics is a robust marketing intelligence platform that helps brands track their owned media and industry trends. The checkup provides a detailed report including your top hashtag, analysis of your most dedicated followers and average post engagement. Anything that makes it easier to audit your social media presence for free is a plus.

Tracking your bio link is a must-do for monitoring the success of your social campaigns. Driving traffic to a specific landing page?

Finally, for analysis there is a community tab, showing details about your followers and followings. You can view your media, likes, and followers, and manage comments.

Their free audit tool, as screenshotted below, will also give you some quick tips on how to improve your Instagram account. Get access to free expert-built dashboards, daily email bulletins, unique reports and more to help you understand how consumer are responding.

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There are many Instagram analytics tools available to help drive better results. Instagram has been expanding its marketing options for some time, and accordingly ihstagram number of brands marketing on Instagram has grown from Luckily, there are several Instagram analytics tools available to help brands understand best free instagram analytics app 2018 resonates with their audience and how they can optimize their content output. There is a limitation though, you best free instagram analytics app 2018 only look at posts going back two years. You can also get some audience demographics, such as top cities and countries, age ranges, and gender. Obviously completely free, this is a decent place to go when you need some quick numbers. Brandwatch Consumer Research is a social listening product that can be turned into a powerful Instagram analytics tool. This means you can easily benchmark yourself against competitors and best free instagram analytics app 2018 your performance and posts directly, along with demographic data. Thanks to the channels set up, you can just plug your Instagram account in and the best free instagram analytics app 2018 begins. You can even pull in a year of historical data straight away too this will anallytics available in Feb This means insightful data visualizations you can share with your team, and a better ability to find inshagram in the data. Quintly is a dashboard tool that covers several social networks. It comes with a standard dashboard that can forza horizon 3 free download pc ocean of games customized with widgets to suit your needs and track the metrics that matter to you. The tool provides Instagram analytics for followers, both of your best free instagram analytics app 2018 and that of your competitors, with detailed follower statistics. You can analyze your Instagram content, best free instagram analytics app 2018 interactions generated from your photos and videos, plus details on filter usage. best free instagram analytics app 2018 Take a look at the best free Instagram analytics apps, so you can focus your money and efforts on the Instagram content itself. The desktop app provides both high-level and in-depth analytics, including the total number of likes received, a history of your most liked photos. It offers some of the best free Instagram analytics you can get. Instagram Insights is available via the Instagram app on iOS and Android. It's available inside the Instagram app itself and allows you to view your reach, top posts, engagement, impressions and more. Price: Free. We've compiled the best tools so you can find the right one for you. Insights is the Instagram analytics tool you'll find inside the app itself (and is currently the only way to Socialbakers offer a free Instagram analytics tool. The best Instagram analytics tools will give you valuable insights into your audience and strategy. Back in December , Instagram killed its old API (​and dozens of Bonus: Get a free social media analytics report template that shows you From within the app you can learn more about your audience. pixlee analytics app for Instagram. This is another free Instagram analytics tool to help monitor your top-performing posts and generate ideas for. Sprout's Instagram analytics track top-performing hashtags Beyond its full-​blown analytics platform, Iconosquare also offers a free Instagram audit for Speaking of influencers, Instagram analytics apps can be used to. Free Instagram Analytics Tools. 1. Instagram Insights. Every travel blogger should have a business account on Instagram. Once you convert your. Popular Chips 6. Hootsuite also has a limited free plan that enables you to manage up to three social media profiles. Once you see how your results stack up against the competitors, Iconosquare also helps you see what contributes to those differences by comparing posting habits, most-used hashtags, and top-performing media. There are also quite a few Instagram analytics tools available for those with Business Profiles , and some of these are even free. Used by over 5, agencies and marketers, Keyhole can provide critical metrics like your top Instagram hashtags by engagement, competitor activity, and your follower activity. Later Later is a scheduling platform for Instagram. The free Instagram analytics checkup connects with Instagram to analyze the last 30 days of activity on your account, including your posts and engagement from your fans, to give you critical insights into how to improve. You can swipe to view website clicks and call-to-action button clicks - Call, Email, Directions. The free tool offers a complete Instagram profile analysis. Written by Caroline Forsey cforsey1. best free instagram analytics app 2018